Bloom Day, Book Club and Seeds

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is just around the corner. If you are thinking that you’ll skip it because after all, it’s January, here are five reasons to join in.

5. If you live someplace where you actually have flowers blooming in your garden in January, this is your chance to flaunt your blooms to all of us living through real winter.

4. It gives you a perfect excuse, as if you need one, to buy yourself a couple of flowering houseplants, maybe some orchids, if you don’t have any blooms outdoors.

3. This could be your easiest post ever if you have no blooms outdoors, none indoors and don’t plan to buy any flowering house plants.

2. It gives you a chance to show everyone you meant it when you made a New Years resolution to stop procrastinating and post on your blog more regularly.

1. If you are new to garden blogging, Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is a great way to introduce yourself and share about what’s in your garden, even in January.

So pick a reason, any reason, and join me for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on January 15th by posting on your blog what is blooming in your garden, outdoors or indoors, and then leave a comment on my Bloom Day post so we can find you. It is that easy.

Garden Bloggers’ Book Club

Before the holidays it seemed like I had a lot of time to read the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club December-January selection, Dear Friend and Gardener by Beth Chatto and Chrisopher Lloyd, but now I’m going to have to pedal fast to finish the book and post a review by January 31, when I’ll post the ‘virtual meeting’ post with links to all the reviews written.

If you are feeling crunched for time or decided earlier not to read this book, you can still join in by posting a review of any book by Chatto or Lloyd or post on the topic ‘what I’ve learned by corresponding with other gardeners’. And yes, reading and commenting on other gardeners' blogs counts as correspondence.

When you’ve posted your review or something on the topic suggested, let me know so I can find you and add a link to your post to the virtual meeting post.

In a few weeks, it will also be time to announce the February-March selection. If you have suggestions on books to read for this virtual book club, let me know via a comment or email note.

Where does the time go?

Seed Update

I ordered my first batch of seeds tonight. It was so easy and so fun and now I can relax because I’ve ordered some seeds.

These were mostly the ‘tried and true’ vegetable varieties that I like and plant each year, plus a few new varieties to try and some annual, direct sow flowers.

I was a little confused because there was a French green bean variety marked in my catalog that I don’t remember marking. But, nonetheless, I ordered it.


  1. I understand this perfectly--where DID the time go? In my case, I've had some books to read for reviewing for one of my markets, and I haven't touched DFAG--which is embarassing because I'm one of the ones who wanted to do it. I may end up instead writing a post about Exotic Gardening for Adventurous Gardeners by Christopher Lloyd and friends--I 'gave' it to myself as a late Christmas present and it's my bedside reading this week. A great way to chase away the winter blahs, with all that exotic colour and of course Christo's irreverent humour.

  2. So....are you going to fill us in on what you ordered?? It would make my ordering so much easier - LOL!

  3. The Exotic Garden arrived at Faire Garden just yesterday so there is not enough time to read and review. I will be watching to see what others say about it. Maybe the next book can get read and posted about, or the next, or the next.

  4. Carol: All good reasons to join and participate in 'bloom day'! I need to go buy a bouquet of flowers for the event! I second the motion on the seed order! It can be so overwhelming. I must say you inspired me to actually organize my seed packets. They are strewn everywhere but now till have their own little bin! Thanks!

  5. Carol I love reason #4 to post on bloom day. One of my drunken sailors is obliging me with a bloom right now. I hope it lasts until bloom day. :)

    I started reading DFAG but got side tracked with the holidays and another book loaned to me. I really like DFAG so I will try to get back to it soon. The days are quickly zipping by.

  6. Excellent reasons to join for Bloom Day for those who haven't done so already. How very remiss of them. ;-)

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!

  7. I know the pleasure of expectation you feel in the seed order-and its always like a treat when the seeds arrive in the mail.
    January blooms day is a time we tropical garden bloggers look forward to showing off!

  8. Jodi, gardening books are indeed a good way to chase away the winter blahs. Any review you do will be great to have.

    Sherry, Yes, I will share a list of what I ordered and I might even share some seeds with you!

    Frances, You can always do a post on the alternative topic. We would love to have you join us.

    Layanee, Is it a "little" bin or a big bin, I'd love to see a picture of it. And I never though about buying a bouquet of flowers for bloom day.

    Lisa at Greenbow, The days ARE zipping by but thankfully are getting a little longer again. I'm looking forward to your post about the book.

    Yolanda Elizabet, Excellent reasons, yes, so will YOU be joining us this time??

    Nicole, I can't wait to see your blooms, blasts of color against a clear blue sky, no doubt. My seeds should arrive next week!

    Thanks all for the comments!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  9. I'm working on the book. It was a little hard to get into at first, but now, I'm really liking it. Thanks for the opportunity. I'll try to come up with something for bloom day.

  10. Hi Carol,

    I'm mostly finished with the book--just a few pages left to read. I keep getting distracted by work and life.

    I keep thinking, "What have I learned from their exchange?" I mean, aside from the fact that I don't know many plant names!!!!

    --Robin (Bumblebee)


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