Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - January

Just in time for January's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, winter has returned to central Indiana. Would anyone like to go out there and see what's blooming? It's cold, snowy, cold, gray, cold, and cold.

But we aren't complaining because this is what we expect in January, not those unseasonably warm days we had ten days or so ago. We don't start really complaining about the weather until at least Valentine's day.

January is one of the reasons we have indoor plants, especially those that flower. It just lifts your spirits to come in from the cold, take off those shackles of a winter coat and find something blooming indoors.

In my sunroom, I have paperwhites and poinsettias still blooming, along with this Jewel Orchid, Ludisia discolor. This isn't a big splashy orchid bloom but it has always bloomed in January for me, with very little care.

Elsewhere, I have an orchid still in bud (Stenosarcos ‘Vanguard’) and a Christmas cactus with just a few blooms hanging on.

Did I mention how cold January can be? This picture is from Sunday.
When I walked out to the mailbox to get the newspaper, it was lightly raining. Within 30 minutes, we had snow showers and a light coating of snow on everything.

With the light snow and cold, I don't believe I'll find anything blooming outside, in fact I'm certain I won't.

But I'd love to see who does have plants blooming outside this fine January day.

Please join us for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day by posting on your own blog about whatever is blooming in your garden, whether indoors or outdoors, and then leave a comment here to let us know you've posted something so we can 'visit' and see for ourselves.

And should you have nothing blooming today outdoors or indoors, post about that. It's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and you don't want to be left out!

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

For many of us, this is our twelfth Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post, bringing us full circle through an entire year in our gardens. I'd like to offer special thanks to those who have posted about their blooms every month. Thank you! It's been a pleasure to visit all your blogs and see your gardens throughout the year.

Yes, I'm going to continue Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day through this coming year, because I want to compare last year to this year, month by month. I hope many of you will join me!


Christine said…
I would love to join your bloggers bloom day, but I just posted a picture the other day of my favorite blooming plant. You'll have to scroll down and look at that one for this month, and I will post a picture on the right day next month. That's legal, isn't it? I hope I don't get a ticket or anything.
jodi said…
Congratulations on a year's worth of Bloom Days, Carol! I've got my post going up, and it's a little different from yours...quite a bit different. Tee hee.
I too plan to carry on doing this, because I think it's fun. And thanks again for having created it, and here's to many more months of bloomin' great fun.
Ellis Hollow said…
Not much blooming. But the bloom day thing got me motivated to take some shots Sunday. They're here:
Annie in Austin said…
Your sunroom sounds like a very pleasant place to be, Carol!

Thank you for taking us through one whole year, and why stop? Gardens change and weather is so unpredictable that we'll never get bored!

My post is up a little early - click my name to visit my blog.

Now Philo and a DVD are waiting for me - Happy Blooming January!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
rusty in miami said…
Hi Carol, I posted my pictures a day early. I kind of feel guilty about what is blooming outside my garden, but don’t worry spring is around the corner.
PS Congrat on the 1st anniversary of bloom day.
Rachel said…
Hi Carol,

I've posted my Bloom Day photos a bit early this month. You can find them here.
Blackswamp_Girl said…
I scrounged up a new bloom, too! You can see it here.
Thanks for hosting GBBD, Carol. :)
Gloria said…
Carol, a whole year already. It has been fun seeing the changes everyones garden goes through. Every season, every year the garden matures, developing layers of complexity. I look forward to another year.
We have no blooming flowers just yet but the garden gate is open to those wishing to see its winter state.
Pam/Digging said…
Mine is up too, Carol. A whole year of Bloom Day already! It was fun. I'm willing to keep going.
chuck b. said…
I thought Bloom Day started in February. Ah, well. Maybe I missed the first one. :(

I'll have my post up *tomorrow*. In the meantime, I found an excellent blog recently, and look what it has...
Frances said…
Faire Garden has the bloom day post up. We have orchids and pansies only but are happy and thankful for those.
Well Carol, we have done it. One year of GBBD! Congratulations!!!!

Love that very pretty orchid of yours, its flowers are so delicate. It is nice to come in from the cold and be greeted with pretty little flowers like that.
Brrrrr, it really looks very cold in your neck of the woods. The climate I garden in is milder thanks to the nearby sea.

The Bliss garden has managed to come up with outdoor blooms in every month of the year, so I'm chuffed to bits as you can well imagine.

My outdoor and indoor blooms are up at

Happy GBBD!
Carol said…
All, thanks for those who have posted so far, I'll be around to check out your blooms soon.

Chuck B., special thanks for the cereus link, which lead to another. I'll have to spend some time looking through those sites.

And, you are correct, Bloom Day started in February, so when I wrote we've come full circle, I mean we've post a full 12 months with our January posts. Then in February, it will be the one year anniversary.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
gintoino said…
Carol, this is my second time at GBBD, so I'm far from a full circle ;-)
Hopefully in a year's time I'll be hable to say that I've done it!
I just posted my GBBD post and still have a lot to show. I'm thankfull I leave in a mild winter area because I'm just not that good with house plants...
Crafty Gardener said…
Yeah, a year of Garden Bloggers Blooms ... I've loved every minute of it. As to be expected, nothing is blooming outside in my garden in January. But I do have a dilemma with a cactus ... maybe you can help.
Dirty Knees said…
Hi Carol,
My best blooms are definitely indoors right now! See them at Weeder's Digest

Wow! A whole year! I've only been blogging since August. Sure glad I found you and Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.
Congrats on a year of blooms Carol. I have my blooms posted now. I will be scrounging for a bloom next month tho. Maybe something outside will surprise me. I can only hope. Anyway it will be fun to everyone elses blooms. All of the southern readers will have to pick up the slack.
Carolyn gail said…
A whole year of bloom days. That's great ! Thanks for starting this. And, thanks to you, I have an indoor garden this year.
Salix Tree said…
Has it been a whole year of Bloomdays already? I know I've missed a month or two, I'll try to get every month this coming year.
My post is up, with a few flowers blooming in my garden.
Christa said…
Carol, congratulations on the first anniversary of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! It's been so enjoyable to participate, and I love seeing what's blooming in everyone else's garden.

I've been thinking about getting an orchid or two for my "indoor garden". How nice that you have one that blooms reliably each January.

My Bloom Day post is up now, too.
Entangled said…
Carol, thanks again for this great idea and for planning to keep it going! I just posted my snowdrops.
I considered impulse-buying a flowering plant at the grocery store yesterday, but resisted. When did they start selling Campanulas as indoor plants?
Ki said…
Hi Carol,
I just posted my small offering for January's Bloom Day. Didn't think there would be much for this month but was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for hosting GBBD.

I'm still having problems getting Internet Explorer to view the complete blog so folks using that instead of FireFox unfortunately won't be able to see the blooms. I may have to redo the whole blog using a new format which is really frustrating.

I have never seen a Jewel orchid before. Is it a native orchid?
Green thumb said…
Hi Carol,
Time goes past fast. It has been a wonderful journey in this gardening blog world, with so much to see and learn from everyone.
Well my GBBD list is up too and fortunately we have few blooms up our sleeve, infact, quite paradoxically, this is the only time when I don't complain about the weather in India.
Meems said…
Hi Carol, Congratulations on a year of bloom day! I only wish I would have discovered it sooner but this is my third happy time to join in. My Florida garden is pretty happy this time of year- except for the one freeze we had Jan 2 we are enjoying our mild weather.

Don't worry I'll be whining about the extreme heat and humidity when all the snow-covered gardens right now are in full bloom during the summer and wishing I could live up north. LOL

Anyway, I hope you all stop by - my bloom day post is up. I'm off to work but I'll visit around later.
Susan Harris said…
wow, what a gang you have here - good work (and I can't wait to meet you and all the others in Austin!)
Both GardenRant and Takoma Gardener are doing their best to participate, but it ain't easy in January. I LOVE how it gets focussed on what's beautiful throughout the winter!
This is the closest I have. It's winter again for the second time this winter.
Molly said…
It snowed last night but under all that snow I have three things blooming. Look here
Tracy said…
Carol: I'm back to semi-regular posting again and posted my Bloom Day post here. Of course, living in Minnesota means my bloom day post isn't really about what's blooming right now . . . .
Carol - my comment didn't take, so I'm trying again. My Bloom Day post is up & I actually have something blooming outside. If there are blooms in Chicagoland, there's probably something in bloom in your garden under the snow. Go out & take a look, but be sure to bundle up!
Nicole said…
Carol-that's quite an accomplishment to get the bloggers together for a year of blooms day. Mine are up, happily I have lots of blooms-November to May is our prime bloom time.
Congratulations on your one year Garden Blogger Bloom Day anniversary, Carol. My GBBD post is up now.

I was wondering if you have seen birds at your feeder now that we've had a bit of snow?
Sarah said…
I finally remembered to join in and post some blooms! Congrats on 1 year.
My pictures are at
Dave said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave said…
I actually have something to show for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day in January! It's not much but it is blooming!

Berries and Blooms

The link in my last post didn't work right so I deleted it. Sorry and congrats on a year of blooms!
Dave said…
Sorry the link still didn't work right!
chuck b. said…
Mostly buds and flowers on small plants in My Back 40.
Muum said…
I do enjoy this mid-month 'look-see' at everyone's gardens. I am very much looking forward to spring, we have two feet of snow and 28 degrees F. today. My GBday is up, for what it is worth!
Mine is up on time this month :-)
Indiana is one of those places you can often say - if you don't like the weather now, just wait a few hours and see if you like that better. Here in DC area we can say much the same - Sunday was spring-like and balmy - today not so much.
I have a flower related post for Bloom Day.
Kathy said…
I agree with Jim: it's winter again for the second time this winter. But I cheated and took my pictures earlier this month.
Melinda said…
Hi Carol, better late than never - my post is up at:

And psst: We have wild daffodils blooming... OUTSIDE!! Plus a few other things. It's bright and sunny here after a bout of gloomy rain and floods.

Your garden looks... cold. Come over and warm up for a bit ; ).
Hi Carol, There was a party at Blithewold today and I posted just a few blooms for GBBD (it's slim pickin's even here this time of year!) Thanks as always for being such a wonderful host - happy anniversary!
Kylee said…
Hey Carol ... I'VE GOT BLOOMS!!! OUTSIDE!!! :-O

It's a miracle!
lisa said…
Happy 12th! My post was devoid of flowers, intead focusing on blooming friendships that blogging has brought about. Maybe by next Jan. I'll have more blooming houseplants. :)
Leslie said…
It took me two posts since I forgot a couple things, but I've got my blooms up now! And I'm happy you're continuing Bloom Day...I didn't even think about it I'm really glad it's not! Thanks for all you do to cultivate our garden community.
RuthieJ said…
Hi Carol,
I learned about your Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at Lisa's Greenbow Gardens blog. I guess I'm more of a birder than a gardener, but it's nice to read the blogs of gardeners also to keep me inspired as I try to improve my yard and gardens for birds butterflies. Thanks for the inspiration.
shirl said…
Hi again, Carol :-)

Congrats on a year of GBBD :-D

My post has just made in time! I am surprised that I've actually still some flowers in my garden. I too intend to keep posting although I only began last May :-D

Best wishes for another successful year, Carol!
joey said…
Congratulaions on your fine site, Carol. I visit often and can see why you win blogging awards. I post often but forget how to connect ... dah!
Jean said…
Today's best blooms in my garden are camellias and Taiwan cherries.
Seed Scatterer's Bloom Day
kate said…
Hi Carol,

Your orchid has beautiful blooms... and from the look of it, your hyacinths will be blooming soon.

I will be late posting my blooms. Not that I have many, but I wanted to participate this month, so hope it's okay if I'm a day late. I was out the day and now it's dark. The pictures I took look pretty horrid. My Salvia has a new bloom which should still be there tomorrow.
Diana said…
Ah - we were in Central Indiana for the holidays and it looked just like your picture - snow blowing and bitter winds. I must say, for a very short period of time, we loved it -- especially our 5 year old daughter who made mini snow balls for about 15 minutes before it got too cold! I posted my blooms here in Austin today where we're starting to garden and to plan for our Spring Fling for Garden Bloggers.
Pam said…
Congratulations on a year! I need to go back and see when I first joined in - I do like the ritual of this, and the geek in me loves the documentation - perhaps, in years to come, someone will look at these posts and look at changes in what and when things bloomed. I like that thought.

So, I just posted mine:
52 comments, I'm 53 - wow! I intended to post my alternative blooms early today, but will get them there now. Glad you will be continuing this. I wish I would have looked more outside this weekend to see if I could find anything, but I doubt it.
Happy blog movement birthday! Paula
janie said…
I thought I never would find this place! LOL!

Not much blooming right now. I left off the aloe vera because it is raining straight down by the time I thought about it, but that is o.k.

We are thankful for the rain.
I finally got my post written for Zanthan Gardens. There's a few things blooming, although probably less this month than any other. Hey, just like you I've got paperwhites flowering...except mine are outdoors.

In the 50s here today and I'm so glad there's no snow.
OldRoses said…
I'm late as usual. And I had to "cheat" to have flowers to post about.
Diane said…
Congratulations Carol on the first year! Living in northern Alberta I had to get creative in sharing blooms for Bloom Day. I hope you enjoy ...

Diane at Sand to Glass
Bonnie said…
Thanks for continuing this tradition Carol. My sore throat kept me in bed yesterday, but Ive put up my tardy post today at Kiss of Sun
Susan said…
Hi Carol...Congrats on your one year anniversary. I look forward to participating for the next year. I was able to find a pretty bloom in my freeze-dried yard. We got hit hard by a recent freeze here in sunny Florida, so blooms are not as plentiful as usual.
Jan said…
I just started blogging, so this was my first pictures for Bloom Day. I have enjoyed your blog, and congratulations on a year of Bloom Day
LisaBee said…
I posted blooms today--
totally cheating,
they're indoors at a Conservatory of Flowers!

My garden looks pretty dismal, even for California.
Bring on the second year of Blooming Posts!
Kerri said…
I'm a day late with my very first Bloom Day post! Sorry, but yesterday was too busy to fit it in.
I've enjoyed seeing what's in bloom throughout various parts of the world in the middle of each month. Hard to believe it's been a year already!
I've never tried an orchid but I'd like to. Yours is very pretty.
Thanks for the inspiration of Bloom Day :)
Carol said…
Thank you to everyone who joined us for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day in the middle of January. We gardeners are rarely without flowers, even if it means we have to buy some in the winter or have indoor plants.

I believe I have visited everyone's blog who posted and left a comment here, and a few that didn't leave a comment but showed up in my Google Reader. If I visited your blog, I left a comment, so if you have no comment from me, I didn't intend to slight you and your blog, it's an oversight. Give me a little nudge and I'll come visit.

Thank you all again for making January such a successful bloom day month!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Kylee said…
Thank YOU for hosting this, Carol!
Wow, 64 comments.
My arm is tired from scrolling.
Sorry I'm late:(
Thank you for creating GBBD.
Miranda Bell said…
The idea of posting pics from your garden on the 15th of every month sounds great... I have a garden blog and would love to join in the fun next month! Can you tell me how this works... many thanks Miranda
Shady Gardener said…
Wow! Look at your comments!

I actually put a little link on my blog sidebar for Gardeners' Bloom Day. :-)
Pat Leuchtman said…
As a new blogger at this was my first Bloom Day. It is great fun to post, and to check the other blogs for their posts and pix. Thanks for inventing such a generous event.
Debbie said…
Carol, I am a bit late, but did post this month. I'm going to commit to posting everyone in 2008. Thanks for the hosting.

Following the Narrow Path
Sue Swift said…
Late again ... but I have posted.
Ewa said…
I am also late joining, but this month I just did my first post on GBBD.