Mid Winter Garden Bloggers' Book Club Newsletter

Welcome to the mid winter edition of the Garden Bloggers Book Club Newsletter!

December-January Selection, Time to Post

The time is near to finish up your post for the January-December book selection, Dear Friend and Gardener by Beth Chatto and Chrisopher Lloyd. I'll post the 'virtual meeting' post on January 31st, so your deadline is 'anytime before then'.

If you are feeling crunched for time or decided earlier not to read this book, you can still join in the book club by posting a review of any book by Chatto or Lloyd or post on the topic ‘what I’ve learned by corresponding with other gardeners’.

I'm pretty liberal about what I'll accept for 'correspondence', going so far as to suggest that even reading and commenting on other gardeners' blogs counts, to remove every last excuse anyone might have for not joining in the book club with a post.

When you’ve posted your review or something on the topic suggested, let me know so I can find you and add a link to your post to the virtual meeting post.

Thank you to those who have posted reviews so far.

February-March Book Club Selection

I've been reminded that it's time to announce the February-March book selection. After much thought I've decided that...

I can't decide without polling 'club members'.

Are you a club member? Yes, you are if you have ever posted for the Garden Bloggers' Book Club, haven't posted before but made it your New Years' resolution to join us this year, or you are reading this post and think it sounds like fun to participate.

I've narrowed down the choices to:

Mrs. Greenthumbs by Cassandra Danz

Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart

Second Nature: A Gardener's Education by Michael Pollan

Or if none of these books appeal to you, leave a comment and tell me what you are reading right now that think every gardener should read.

Cast your vote before Saturday night on the poll on the right hand sidebar to let us know your choice for the February-March selection.

By doing it with a poll instead of a survey via a link, you can see which book is leading the way, and do some lobbying for your choice if it isn't winning.

Ready, set, take the poll.

Then go finish up your post for the December-January selection.

Happy Garden Book Reading!


  1. Hello Carol,

    A copy of Dear Friend and Gardener was ordered from Amazon but hasn't arrived yet - it's pretty short, right? Maybe my post will just be a little late.


  2. Hey Carol, I read Dear Friend and Gardener a couple of years ago but had planned on picking it up to refresh my memory. Let's hope the library has a copy handy tomorrow.I will post something this next week even if it must be from memory. With the freezing weather keeping me home so,there is no excuse (except brain freeze, sometimes the words just will not escape).
    All three of the choices you have proposed sound like good reading. Maybe I can be swayed to one or the other by comments?

  3. Hi Carol,

    I just published my post. Thanks. Dee


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