Pick a Post Friday

Several gardening related topics are swirling around in the compost bin of my mind. I could go in many directions, so I'm designating this as "Pick a Post Friday" also known as "Carol tries out the new polling feature of Blogger".

To the right, over there, you should find a "Pick a Post" poll with suggestions for the topic of my next post. I really am thinking about all those topics. Feel free to vote, or not, and later I'll see what the results are and that will be my post topic for "Pick a Post Friday".

Don't delay, you only have a few hours to vote.


  1. Hey! I think someone is stuffing the ballot box about turnips. What's that about?

    --Robin (Bumblebee)

  2. Enjoying these last few hours before you turn another year older?

  3. Yeah, what's that about turnips? Should we look for dangling chads, or whatever they're called?

  4. Although the turnips intrigued me I am a tool time girl and I want to hear about your hoe quote.

  5. They all sound so good. I picked GADS Indoors.

  6. Robin(Bumblebee), Stuffing the ballot box for turnips? How? The darn poll thing only let me vote once!

    Sherry, You are confused. I have DAYS before my birthday.

    Jodi, they are called 'hanging chad' but I assure you this voting is on the up and up. I am not attempting to influene it, I promise!

    Lisa at Greenbow, I will in time post about the new hoe quote.

    Curtis, GADS is the next post after turnips.

    Thanks all for voting!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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