Those Austin Garden Bloggers!

Once upon a time, a garden blogger in Australia, Stuart, set up a garden blog directory called Blotanical. Included in the directory is “My Plot” where gardeners can tell others a little about themselves.

One day I decided that I should update My Plot.

My Favorite Plant? I like all the plants of the kingdom Plantae. Are you familiar with that kingdom? It’s pretty much all the flowering plants, so it was just another way for a gardening geek to say “all of them” or undecided, though I am most partial to the subkingdom Tracheobionta, the vascular plants.

I proceeded to fill in the rest of the information.

Tools in my garden shed? Hoes, lots of hoes.

I live for this season? May! Spring! That was too easy.

Garden to see before I die? I had to think about that one. I’ve seen pictures of lovely English gardens and if it weren’t for the 'flying over the ocean' part that is necessary to get to them, I’d love to see some of them someday.

But I'm not into flying over the ocean, so instead I chose some gardens closer to home, at least on the same continent. I wrote…

“All those gardens of the Austin garden bloggers.”

Shortly thereafter, Pam/Digging, who is one of those Austin garden bloggers, read my plot answers and sent me an email note. “Girl, you’ve got to come for a visit. We’d show you a good time.”

I reply that if life events or work reasons ever take me near Austin, I’ll be sure and call ahead.

Then Pam started to plan a second get together for the Austin garden bloggers for this spring and came up with a big idea, an idea as big as Texas.

Why not plan a garden bloggers get together and invite everyone?

A few emails bounced around amongst some garden bloggers near and far and excitement grew. Yes, it’s a great idea, Pam!

So Pam, with help from Melissa at Zanthan Gardens, Diana of Sharing Nature’s Garden and Bonnie of Kiss of Sun planned out the first ever Garden Bloggers Spring Fling, taking place the first weekend in April in Austin, Texas.

And now I’m planning to do one of my least favorite things, fly, to do one of my most favorite things, meet with other gardeners to see gardens and talk gardening all day long.

The list of garden bloggers planning to attend the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling is growing. Are you on the list yet?


  1. Isn't it interesting how these friendly connections are made via the Internet and ideas take shape. I hope even more of that will occur when the garden bloggers meet up in April. I'm glad you're coming, Carol!

  2. To think that l'il ol' Blotanical aided in some way - be it immensely small - the starting of this conversation between bloggers has made my day Carol. I'm glad to see that conversations are happening from this site.

    I would love to join y'all but won't be able to this year. But it's got me thinking for future 'Spring (our Autumn) Flings.' Kudos to Pam, Melissa, Diana and Bonnie for setting out to get this happening.

  3. The Spring Fling is most tempting. I will have to think about it. See if those frequtent flyer miles would take me there. Hmmmmm....

  4. Just make sure you all post lots and lots of pictures! I'm not going to be able to make it this year..grumble, grumble, grumble.....

  5. I'm so bummed that I won't be able to be there -- it sounds like so much fun, and I agree -- the fact that there is this offline component to our online experience is one of the very best side effects of blogging!

  6. I'm on the list, and since it's about eight hours away, I think I'll fly. Thanks to everyone who planned, and I love Blotanical. Stuart, I got the button up on my site.

  7. Carol, glad to hear you are going to put on your wings & fly away. It should be a great vacation. You gardners ought to get together & stay at the same hotel. Have fun

  8. What a neat, wonderful thing to do! Flying over land doesn't bother you so much, Carol??
    You could always take a bus! We will eagerly await lots of pictures. It should be perfect weather down there then. Of course, you could always fly up here and see the snow on the daffodils that haven't popped through the soil yet. :<) Much more fun!

  9. I think that would be so much fun. I'd love to meet many of my favorite bloggers and see the gardens in Austin. My husband has a business meeting there soon, but I checked today and it's in February.

    I'm terrified of flying, whether it's over land or ocean. Right now, with so many bus wreaks happening, I don't think I'd be inclined to do that either.

    I'm sure you'll be counting the days until April.

  10. I don't have a passport yet, and I despise flying now--and I'm the daughter of a pilot! But one of these days, I'm going to endure the bureaucracy to get a passport, and then...I'll simply drive, I think! I'd like to visit so many of my garden blogging friends across North America (hey, I'd like to go to the Netherlands, to Warsaw, to Western Australia too, but one continent at a time....)

  11. Pam/digging... I'm looking forward to it, after the plane lands, that is.

    Stuart... True enough, we never know where the spark comes from that ignites an idea. Thanks again for Blotanical.

    Lisa at Greenbow... Cash in those frequent flier miles. It will still be early spring in Indiana, so we won't miss too much in our own gardens.

    Colleen... We know you'd come if you could. We'll take notes.

    Genie... Keep the date in case your other plans change, you never know.

    Dee/Reddirtrambling... Happy to see you on the list, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Eleanor... Thanks, it should be fun.

    Nan... I think I'll pass on going north in the spring, no offense. Actually flying over land seems better though I know it is all the same. A bus would take two days!

    Robin's Nesting Place... You could always drive...

    Jodi... Drive down all the way from Canada? You'd have to plan a few weeks off to do that!

    Thanks all for the comments and well-wishes,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  12. A sympathetic postscript from this Austin blogger who'd love to meet you distant garden bloggers:

    Remember, it's much safer, statistically, to fly than to drive. I'm not a huge fan of flying either, but think of the opportunities you miss when you let a little thing like an airport security line or an irrational fear of flying stand in your way. It's only a couple or three hours of flying, and then you're here and having fun!

  13. So fun- I can't wait to meet you in person and all of these other incredible people. As long as I don't have to converse in scientific names of plants. I'm horrible at remembering all that Latin stuff.

  14. Pam/Digging, Love the little pep talk. I'll refer to it often to remind myself.

    Bonnie, No scientific names required, I hope, as y'all have some plants in Texas that I've never seen or heard of!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  15. Carol: Seriously considering this trip! Meeting blogger friends and talking all day about gardening? What could be better than that!

  16. Layanee, I agree, what could be better than this opportunity to meet fellow garden bloggers in person.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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