Diary of the First Crocus

February 4th, the first shoots of the first crocus appear in the garden.

February 6th, a tiny little bloom makes an appearance. Rejoice, Spring is coming!

February 9th, the sun is shining and we all turn our faces to the sun.

February 12th, Winter reminds us that it is still February.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, February 15th, and the little crocus adds two more buds.

February 17th, a day nice enough to go outside and do some gardening.

February 20th, the little crocus is still there, but has experienced a little "wintry mix".

Today, February 23rd, a whole lot of wintry mix in the last few days, but this crocus continues, somehow. Here it is at 10:00 AM.

And here it is around 4:00 PM.

Gardeners living in these 'snow zones' learn to be like the little crocus. Bloom when the sun is shining and hang on for dear life through the wintry mix and snow and cold because we know Spring is coming, eventually!


  1. This is a great post !
    I love seeing the growing appearance every few days .. I'm afraid we are still locked up in snow and ice here .. rather discouraging .. but like that crocus, I am hanging on too ! LOL
    Joy : )

  2. Nice to see the "progression" all on one post. That crocus is showig more resilience than I have. I went outside an looked along the house foundation where the snow has melted only to find some common daylily shoots frozen and yellowed. Hate to say it but they represent my feelings more than the crocus right now.

  3. I can see you're having up an down weather too. We've been from 14°C last Saturday, to 0° on Sunday, and back up to 15° today. the poor plants don't know if they're coming or going ...

  4. My crocus are having the same problem, even down here in Kansas. We have had three ice storms this year, a very rare occurance.

  5. Man...I've yet to see the first sign of a crocus and I'm south of you....

  6. Isn't it fun, being a gardener, having our hearts yanked in all directions by weather and plants? This is a fun post, and you can take comfort (I hope) in the fact that we're back in lots of snow and the only crocus I have are yours!

  7. What a tenacious crocus! I'm impressed by how much your snow has melted in such a short time.

  8. I never thought crocus were so hardy and tough until this series. Thanks for showing me. BTW, do we have to have read the Garden Bloggers Book Club entry by the end of next week?~~Dee

  9. I enjoy the lesson from the crocus. I'm trying to hang on until spring too. I still have so much snow, but I doubt very seriously that there are any crocuses coming up yet. Soon though, real soon.

  10. Neat time lapse! I like to see photos of spring bulbs in snow - you know the bulbs are going to win eventually.

  11. The Crocus knows. It's time! Smell the Spring in the air? I opened the windows for a while today. The nights are very cold but the days feel a bit balmy - there's little patches of green sprouting here and there...

    Snow be gone, right?

  12. Gardenjoy4me, Yes, hang on! We all have to support each other through these final weeks of winter!

    Wiseacre, You know there will be a nice sunny day for you soon, and then your spirits will be back up.

    Sue Swift, Yes, when the weather is all over the place, who knows how those plants "feel".

    Christine, I think of Kansas as having about the same kind of weather we get. I'll have to look at a zone map to see if you are a bit warmer, usually.

    Sherry at the Zoo, Oh, yes, way south about five miles, right? It is all about having a little microclimate in your garden, finding a little spot that just seems to warm up earlier.

    Jodi, Sorry to read that the only crocus you have is mine, at least for now. Surely spring will come to your garden, too!

    Kate smudges, The temperatures got just above freezing and that crocus was in full sun all day.

    Dee/reddirtramblings, We moved to a two month cycle for the books so you don't have to finish and post about Second Nature until March 31st. Isn't that good news? I'm happy that you are joining in!

    Robin's Nesting Place, Hang in there! The other lesson from the crocus is that none of the others have made an appearance, maybe they are the "smart" ones.

    Entangled, That's true, I've never had a spring where the bulbs lost. Somehow, they always bloom.

    Mary, Snow be gone, yes. Though there are rumors of more snow coming later this week and it was still too cold to open any windows up here in these parts.

    Thanks all for the comments!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  13. Aren't crocus just the most resilient little plants. To look so delicate they are troopers. Mine still aren't appearing. I am worried about them. I would think I could see some green by now. I will just have to be patient.

  14. Nice pictures! I love the timeline, the 're-birth' of such beautiful flower. Thanks for such a nice post!


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