Easing Back Into Gardening Activities

Oh, yes! Kick off those snow boots and pull the mittens off your hands. Today was a great day to be living in central Indiana with sunny skies and temperatures in the high 40’s.

As soon as I got home, I rushed out and took some pictures of blooming crocuses in the lawn. Now there are three of them!

While taking this picture, I ended up kneeling on the ground, and realized it was very wet. Ha! I wasn’t wearing my gardening jeans, so I attempted to quickly get up and ended up sitting on the wet ground. How did that happen? Were any of the neighbors watching out their windows or walking by? I meant to do that! Yes, I did. I meant to sit on the wet ground in my clean jeans!

Just goes to show, we northern gardeners are going to need some time to ease back into action. We’ve got to get our kneeling balance back and get our hands dirty again, slowly.

I did take some steps today to ease back into some gardening on this sunny day.

I picked up my mower from the hardware store today. It's all tuned up for spring. I am way ahead of the game on this one, and there will be no mowing debacle like last year. My mower is purring like a kitten and ready to mow.

I cleaned up some of the spent indoor blooms.
I tossed the indoor forced hyacinths unceremoniously into the compost bin and I’m thinking of composting some of the poinsettias as well. We’ll see. I might spare the poinsettias and pot them up in one big pot in the spring, whack them way back, and throw them outside to see what they do.

I unpacked my new compost tumbler and looked at the instructions. I am going to try to put it together tomorrow, as long as the temperatures are still above freezing.

All in all, it wasn’t as bad a winter day as some, so maybe I’ll hold off on the plans to petition to change Leap Day to a better day for gardeners. We’ll see. I’ve got four years to think about it.


  1. Nice warm days we have been having in Oklahoma is also easing me into gardening and cleaning up the beds more.

  2. Oh yes, you meant to do that :) I've knelt on wet grass often when trying to get a certain angle for a photo. Sometimes I remember to carry a kneeling cushion with me if I'm on the ball. Lucky you to have a nice 40ºF day. We started out at 4º! Not sure where we ended up but we had beautiful sunshine. Still too much snow for kneeling though. I have hyacinths just opening their blooms indoors - lovely! :)

  3. I've lost my balance before, I've also slid right off my gardening scooter too. It is funny how the first thing you do is glance quickly to see if anyone was looking.

    Almost all of the snow melted today! YEA! I filled the bird feeders and walked quickly around the yard, it was still too cold for me. I still haven't spotted a crocus.

  4. No Fair! I'm in zone 5 and no crocus here yet! But maybe after Subday with the WARM weather taht is expected! At least you got to a kneeling position... I haven't worked up to that yet!

  5. No crocus here either, just lots of very cold weather and more snow. I think next week I'm going to shovel out the area where I know those poor little crocus' must be and see if they are blooming under the snow!

    Thanks for sharing your warm late winter day with us.

  6. I'm glad the last day of February was kind to you. Yea for crocuses! Yea for green grass! (Yours looks very spring-y.) Have fun easing back into gardening.

  7. I could just see you plopping down and then that cool damp feeling. eeewwww. Ha... I found that I wandered back and forth a lot yesterday. Ha... Just wonderful to be out without feeling like something might freeze if you sat still for a moment.

  8. Too funny! But I still want to know why you have crocuses peaking up and I have none :-(

  9. I am so jealous of your weather. We had snaow again last night, 4 inches!!! and here's the weird thing. At about 10:00 p.m. it started to thunder and lightening for about 5 minutes. No rain. Weird. Anyway, it's another snowblower day and no gardening yet. Boo Hoo.

  10. The weather's much the same her. had to work today but can't wait for tomorrow when I can get started on some spring jobs!

  11. "Indianapolis", as we call the honchos in the DNR, called the site and asked for pictures of the grade of the new handicap-accessible walks. The response was that we could show them 9 inches of snow on top of the walks. They were shocked. So I have no crocus blooms or buds to admire, so I will enjoy your pictures and "dream'.


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