Even The Crocus is Happier When It Is Sunny

Even the crocus, the first flower of spring and the only flower blooming outside in my garden today, is happier in the sun. It's currently 44 F, but feels like 33 F because it is windy.

But the sun is shining, and a flower is blooming, so I'll take this kind of day any day in February.

After all, last year at this time, we had snow on the ground, a lot of snow on the ground.


  1. I was happier today too. It was wonderful to get out and about in the sunshine and warmer weather.

    My little snowdrops are open too. I don't even see the greenery of my crocus. I am a little worried about that. We had a drought here last year. I wonder if they dried up. :/ Maybe I am too anxious after seeing your little beauty.

  2. I can't believe you already have flowers blooming, Carol! We still have a ton of snow on the ground here. I can't wait to see my Crocus!

  3. Hi there, Carol :-)

    Funnily enough I've a small clump of crocus in flower very close to the colour of yours. They catch my eye being lit up with sunshine too. I should get a photo too as the winds have been knocking them about a bit.

    My main clumps in my lawn are not ready to flower yet(they get less sunshine) I never thought about it before but maybe the crocus loves to sunbathe :-D

  4. You make me sick!!!!!

    how dare you have bloomers in the garden while its 0* here with a -30 windchill here in NW indiana! LOL

  5. Yay, your first crocus in flower and what a lovely sight it is. Much better than last year with all that snow!


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