A Garden of Miscellany

Tonight I’m posting a “garden of miscellany”, some gardening related thoughts that aren’t quite enough for a full blog post and are too much for a twitter.


Does anyone else think this orchid bloom looks like a chicken’s foot? I posted about this for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, but didn’t include a picture, just a link, so I think a lot of people didn’t see what I was talking about. Often flowers and plants look like something else from a distance, or even up close. I can’t think of any good examples right off, but I know once I post this, I’ll think of some.


I am on top of it this year as far as getting my lawn mower into the shop and tuned up for spring. Last year, I took it in too late and then I was desperate to get it back because the grass really, really needed to be cut. This year, I took it in last week. Last week! It should be ready by next week, and I’ll be ready to mow as soon as winter moves on out of here and the grass starts to grow again. Fresh air, exercise, that’s what mowing the grass is really all about!


I’m never sure if anyone notices my “twitters” on the sidebar. I’m microblogging to provide brief updates, usually at the beginning and end of the day or if something happens on the weekend during the day. I try not to twitter too much about the weather, but as a gardener, I think I pay more attention to the weather than others do. Once spring arrives and I’m gardening outside again, more of the twitters will be about what I am doing in the garden. Who else is microblogging?


I've been posting about the different vegetables I grow in my garden. So far I’ve posted about green beans, early spring vegetables, zucchini, corn, peppers, and eggplant. I’m still planning to post about flowers in the vegetable garden, a few minor crops, and of course, tomatoes. I’m flattered to have gotten a few emails and comments with more questions about planting vegetables in raised beds; I’ll try to answer those questions in upcoming posts. I'm always excited to find "kindred spirits" who like to grow vegetables in addition to flowers!


Orchids, lawn mowing, microblogging, and vegetable gardens. That's enough "garden of miscellany” for one post. Have a good one.


  1. Yup! A chicken foot! How very interesting! Glad the boiler is up and an orchid that looks like a chicken foot is better than no orchid at all!

  2. I find it interesting to balance between Twitter and the blog. I tend to Twitter what I'd write in my "Book of Days" (little notes that outline events) and blog what I'd write in my garden journal (my ruminations over those same events). I'm not sure how many more systems I can keep up with though.

  3. I do check your twitters on occasion...but since I read posts when they show up on my Google Reader I don't always see them in a timely manner. Your posting about it a while ago made me go sign up too...although I'm not good about taking advantage of it. Haven't got a system down yet I guess.

  4. Ooooops, I'm outta the loop--what's a Twitter? (this from a writer who didn't know what Facebook was til some months back. What can I say...don't get out much. Your miscellany is delightful, as always, though!

  5. You are an optimist, getting the mower ready in February. I don't even want to be in the garage right now, it's too cold!

  6. Yes!, it does look like a chicken foot. I will take my lawn mower in to get a tune up. And, I pay attention to the weather too---cause my work depends on it.

    We do sometimes just have a thimble full of thoughts scattered about. I do pay attention to those twitters most times. Maybe cause I'm nosey :)

  7. Chicken foot, yes it does.

    Carol, I can tell your ready to jump into spring with both feet!


  8. Hi Carol, I know only of one other blog that twitters. I didn't realise that you called it that but I do look at it most of the time. I read your blog posts regularly though.

    As I said before...definitely a chicken foot.

  9. As you know, I am microblogging here and hope to get the module up on my blog in the near future. I agree with MSS that it is hard to keep maintaining all these networks. Katesmudges, eliz from Gardening While Intoxicated and Curtis at Growing Thumbs also have Twitter accounts.

  10. I LOVE THE TWITTERS! I've never noticed them on anyone's blog. I'll remember them when I change the look of mine.

    Yes, Carol. It looks like a chicken foot. :o)

  11. I always read your blog posts but had not even noticed your Twitters until you mentioned it. The snow took me by surprise this morning too.

  12. Microblogging? As if this rambling, verbose girl could microblog, even if she wanted to!

    (In my next life, I swear, I will be more concise. lol.)

  13. Blackswamp girl, I am pretty verbose myself. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, which imposes a discipline on me that I otherwise lack. I "microblog" things that I wouldn't normally post on my "real" blog.

  14. Layanee, I agree, any orchid flower is better than no flowers at all. Some orchids bloom regularly for me and some just sit and taunt me with foliate.

    MSS@Zanthan Gardens, I haven't figured out a focus for my Twitter yet. I try not to make every entry about the weather. You are more organized about your journaling than I am!

    Leslie, I'll have to find you and sign up as a follower so I can see your twitters.

    Jodi, A "twitter" is like a micro post, less than 140 characters, and you can put it on your sidebar. Let me know if you sign up for it.

    Mr. McGregor's Daugher, What? Don't you think it will eventually warm up? Sure you do!

    Anna-flowergardengirl, So you make a living gardening? I wish I could!

    Mad Man Bamboo (Sean), Is it that obvious that I'm ready for spring? I think everyone around here is.

    Lisa at Greenbow, I call it that because that's the website I use, "Twitter".

    Kathy, Add Leslie at a Garden in Davis to the list.

    Mary, I would think a birder like you would love to tweet a bit with some twitters!

    Robin's Nesting Place, I'm glad I wasn't the only one surprised by the snow!

    Blackswamp_Girl, You ought to try it!

    Kathy, Twittering does make you think about your words. I think a lot of younger twitters probably use all those short cut words that we "older" writers don't know.

    Thanks all for the comments, and for agreeing that my orchid looks like a chicken foot.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  15. Carol, I've never twittered. Sounds a little naughty doesn't it? Or is that just my mind? Anyway, I'm going to try to notice them more. Goodness, I don't have enough to say to twitter.~~Dee


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