Keep Your Seeds in a Cool, Dry Place

There is a whole ritual that most of us gardeners follow when we acquire seeds. You know the routine.

First, we get the seed catalogs. We look through them, read the descriptions, and dream of a garden at least ten times bigger than what we have.

Next, we make lists of the seeds we want to get.

Then we cut back the lists when we realize that we really shouldn't spend that much on seeds. For that kind of money, we could buy something like a new car or at least pay for a trip to Austin.

Finally we make our real selections and go online and order up our seeds.

I ordered my first batch of seeds a few weeks ago and they arrived last week.

Until I actually start sowing the seeds, I'll keep them in a cool, dry place.

And what's more cool than a new garden trug?

That's my new Sussex garden trug ordered from Walt Nicke's Garden Talk pictured above. It is one of two gifts that I bestowed upon myself for my recent birthday. It's handmade, and the craftsman even signed the bottom of it.
It's beautifully crafted and fits my criteria of a gift I'll have forever, to commemorate entering "my late forties".

Right now it holds my seeds, and has been put in a cool, dry place. But before I know it, it will hold my garden harvest. Tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers, corn and more. I can hardly wait.


  1. That is an attractive wooden container and perfect for storing seeds. I have used a small wicker case to hold my seeds. It has worked perfectly for years.

  2. Talk about trug envy, and what better way to save those seed packets until they can be planted. I have started some of the cool weather seeds indoors and will end up running out of space, as usual, for the babies. It still helps bring spring a little closer just to germinate something.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  3. I love your trug. Your seeds are snug as a bug in a rug in your trug. Sorry I couldn't resist a little rhyme. And your trug is signed. Wow almost too nice to use in the garden. Not... Can't wait to see how the seeds come to life.

  4. Its as though you were sitting with me two nights ago when I was ordering my spring seeds from Thompson and Morgan. That 'add to cart' button is the worst concept ever. When my significant other looked over my shoulder and saw that my cart was $367 he nearly had a heart attack. I did manage to drop that order to $36 dollars. Far more manageable.

    As for storing my seeds, that trug is beautiful! The cardboard shoe box I store my seeds in just doesn't compare.

  5. That was a very nice present you gave yourself! I've never had much at all to harvest, so I've not needed a trug. I'd sure love to change that sometime in the future.

    I store my seeds in a small basket, which is getting less and less cramped as I continue to sow a little at a time.

  6. You have very good taste in gift-giving. My seeds sit in a basket in my kitchen pantry - not that I have so many as to buy a car, like you do :o)

    I might try some veggies for the first time in a few years.

  7. Beautiful trug Carol! And thanks for reminding us about taking care of the seeds. My first seed order is on the way and I appreciated your comments about ordering way more than you need. How true!

  8. Trug envy. Appropriate term.

    The handle on my trug keeps popping out of place :-( It's very sad, very sad.

    I wonder if we can get the oldest sister's DH to make some trugs like yours?

  9. I have a few extra steps:

    - put seeds in a "safe" place
    - complete forget where "safe" place is
    - forget seeds ever existed and get busy with other spring duties
    - find seeds in mid-summer and wonder if any of them will germinate

  10. I just discovered several packs of unplanted seeds from last year yesterday. And sighed. I'm not going to send off for any seeds I should have ordered a month ago when I have all these seeds right here unplanted.

    They haven't been cool and dry though. My house over the summer is hot and humid.

  11. Kate, I think every gardener has a special place or basket to keep their seeds in until they need them.

    Frances, I agree, we could all use more space for seed sowing indoors.

    Lisa at Greenbow, Thanks for the little rhyme!

    Crazyorangeturtle, That sounds like it was going to be a big seed order!

    Robin's Nesting Place, You could get a trug to take with you to the farmer's market.

    Mary, The car comment might have been a slight exaggeration. Though, how much I really spend on seeds and gardening is a well guarded secret.

    Bev, I do always end up with a packet or two of seeds that don't get sow. Don't we all?

    Sherry, I emailed about your trug to try to get you a new one.

    Nikkipolani, Those are steps I've followed before, but of course, I hate when that happens.

    MSS@Zanthan Gardens, You could try a germination test to see if the seeds are still good.

    Thanks all for the comments!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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