Seeking Spring and Comment Notifications

Experienced gardener seeks signs of Spring. Prefers sunny days, warm afternoons, gentle nighttime rains. Enjoys all spring flowers, seed sowing, and just spending time in the garden. Not afraid of mowing the lawn or digging new beds. Please no weeds, slugs or frosty nights! Only serious spring weather need apply!


Unfortunately, I am not getting email notification for new comments so until I’ve figured out why I am changing my settings so that comments have to be approved. “Management here at May Dreams Gardens regrets any inconvenience this may cause and appreciates your patience and continued support during this time.” Update: I believe the problem was with my email provider. Comment approval has been turned off again! Thanks for your patience!


  1. I have being trying to post to a few of you blogger users for two days and I get a page that says--blogger is down for repairs. Some sites take me there and some don't. I have had long replies disappear into thin air.

  2. Anna-flowergardengirl, Oh, that's not good. Sometimes when I type up a long comment, I highlight it, and use "ctrl-C" to copy it, then hit publish. If it doesn't publish and it appears to be lost, I can then try again and paste the copied comment (ctrl-V) in so I don't have to retype it. Hope this helps.

    Carol, May Dreams GArdens

  3. I hope you get a reply soon for your spring ad.

    I've not had any comment or Blogger problems. There was a period of time tonight when it was down, but they scheduled it and let us know. Tt's back up now.

  4. I'm on wordpress. I do try and save my long comments--but you know me..I get so caught up in what I'm saying that I'm lost in thought and forget. Thanks for your reminder to save:)

  5. Love technology/Hate technology/Love technology/Hate Technology.........

    Spring needs to hurry just a bit, but you know the high school tourneys are rolling around, that's why the weather stinks. Isn't it a tradition?

  6. I'm with Sherry, a definite love/hate relationship with blogger and the computer in general. Your ad makes a lot of sense, come on spring!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  7. Let me know if your spring ad gets any traction...I'm still under 3 feet of snow here, with more coming! Much as I like it, the bloggers with spring blooms are starting to make me feel restless.

  8. I'll be interested to know how that ad pulls too. If it works there, maybe I'll try one here as well. Sigh. . . at least it's sunny here today. sort of.

  9. Oh so seeking spring. Spring, gotta go and order my tomato seeds online Now!


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