You Might Be A Gardening Geek: Valentine's Day Edition

You might be a gardening geek on Valentine’s Day if…

Your co-workers call you over to their desks to help identify the flowers and plants they got on Valentine’s Day. Bonus points if you know what those flowers and plants are.

You wonder if the flowers you got for Valentine’s Day count as blooms for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th. Bonus points if you count them for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

You start to worry because it is already Valentine’s Day and you haven’t purchased all your seeds yet. Bonus points if you have purchased all your seeds.

You specify “no candy, please” because you are worried you are showing symptoms of GRTH and it will keep you from being the gardener you want to be in the spring. Subtract points if you hold to that.

When your Valentine suggests shopping for a gift at a jewelry store, you steer them toward the local garden center instead. Bonus points if you got a Valentine’s Day gift from a garden center. Triple bonus points if the staff at your local garden center was able to tell your Valentine what you wanted.

The only red thing you want for Valentine’s Day is a pair of red-handled Felco pruners. Bonus points if you also hint that you want the matching holster.

In other words, when Cupid shot an arrow at you, were you standing just a little bit too close to some plants?

Happy Valentine’s Day from the gardener at May Dreams Gardens


  1. I'm afraid I'm not much of a gardening geek when it comes to Valentine's Day. If my valentine even remembers what day it is tomorrow, I'll be very surprised. I might buy myself some cut flowers after the price goes back down.

  2. Funny! I'm pretty close, although I continue to struggle with the identification of all sorts of plants. I think am memory challenged. I have always been really, really rain man good at tests that require short term memory. Long term memory is another matter...

    Robin at Bumblebee

  3. Do I get points if I specified my DH order me 5 diffrent fruit trees and some asiatic lillies?

    Plants turn me on. They get my motor running.....especially heirlooms....

  4. I love all of your garden geek posts. I've told my husband to please not buy me roses unless it's some I can plant. I'm too practical for him to spend that kind of money on throw away roses this time of year, (anytime really). He knows better than to bring candy home, since I've been having high blood sugar lately.

    My dream gift would be some of those Felco pruners. I'd much rather shop at a garden center than a jewelry store.

    I have my seeds purchased and some even started.

  5. My DB never buys me candy, thank goodness. I enjoy your Geek quizes. Too funny.

  6. Brilliant, Carol...only, what about if your Valentine's day post is about chocolate plants???? What does that make me?
    Fed up with storms (first snow, then another snow, now rain!) No wonder I want chocolate and bright flower photos--and humour like this.

  7. Ha, the first one got me - I'm like Robin (Bumblebee) in often being at a loss to remember a flower's name. It never fails that I wake up in the middle of the night with it on the tip of my tongue. Often, though, I come through with the usual flower suspects.

    I just wrote a comment on Genie's blog about not having ordered any seeds yet. If I get them, I want to start them. Then I end up with leggy plants.

    Oh a Felco pruner with matching holster ... now maybe that would be a good reason to have a Valentine. Hmmm... that might make me reconsider being single. I'd also like chocolate too though - GRTH has taken hold with a vengeance this year. All those brownies ... it was worth it though.

    This was a fun post, Carol. Thanks for the before sleep laugh!

  8. Always a treat to read the gardening geek stories. I want to add that I have the felco holster, but have never used it. Who wears a belt, females anyway, to garden? Not I! All gifts that come to Faire Garden are of the gardening sort, whatever the occasion, thanks to my better half catching on long ago. Here's to him! Happy Valentine's Day, hon!
    Frances at Faire Garden

  9. Carol: Happy Valentine's Day! Well, all of the above but I do like cut flowers (they do count for bloom day), love sparkle, love plants...not necessarily in that order. Oh, love chocolate but GRTH is a constant problem and I like 'Wolf Garten' shears better than Felco. Not easy to find though. Love the 'geek' posts! Hope you receive all of the above!

  10. Loved the quiz! My family knows that all I want for valentine's day is flowers (a plant will do) and chocolate. I'll worry about the GRTH later. Hopefully all the spring cleaning in the yard will help with that. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Thanks for the amusing valentine's day posting, Carol. Am I the only one who wears a holster with my felco pruners at the ready?

  12. HA! I agree. Who needs gold, silver, or even diamonds for that matter? Take me to the bird store for a new feeder and I'm happy :o)

    Happy Valentines Day, Carol!

  13. Happy Valentines Day! Great post - made me smile. I didn't put any of that on my V-wish list -- but I do have a lot of that on my Birthday wish list, which is coming up later this month. My husband looked like a deer in the headlights when he asked what I want and I said, "oh, they have so many lovely things at the nursery - take our daughter and go pick out something pretty!" (He wants a catalog page with an item # and URL circled!!!) So, not many V points for me, we'll see how he does in a few weeks...

  14. Guess I'm pretty geeky - I want what I already have (all sorts of pretty flowers in the greenhouse) plus chocolate! I put up my bloom day post a day early - blooms and V day just go together... Thanks for hosting!

  15. I always enjoy your special editions. My DH is contemplating getting me a gift cert for a seed company for Valentine's Day. I'll see what he comes up with!

  16. Kathy, Yes, cut flowers are probably a bargain on the 15th after Valentine's Day. And the florists will be so tired they will probably beg you to just take the flowers.

    Robin(Bumbleebee), I know what you mean about memory. I used to know a lot more botanical plant names, but now I find myself pausing to try to remember. Couldn't be an age thing, could it?

    Nickie, Yes you get all kinds of points for getting fruit trees for Valentine's Day.

    Robin's Nesting Place, You need to tell your DH about those pruners and get some!

    Lisa at Greenbow, Thanks, did you recognize yourself in any of these "gardening geek" traits?

    Jodi, I enjoyed your post about chocolate plants. A garden like that should be mulched with cocoa hull mulch!

    Kate, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Chocolate is the on thing that makes GRTH worth fighting. Gotta have the chocolate.

    Frances, You need to get the CLIP ON holster, not the belt one. Then you just clip it on your side pocket and you'll always have your pruners when you need them.

    Layanee, Loved your comment and did I mention I'm looking forward to meeting you at the spring fling. I'm intrigued that there are pruners that you think are better than Felco's. Hmmmm, I must investigate!

    Susan, Yes, actually working in the garden does help to control GRTH. It's good exercise and you aren't eating while gardening (unless you have a vegetable garden and do a little snacking in it, but that's 'good' eating!)

    Carolyn Gail, No, you aren't the only one who uses the holster. I wear one clipped on to my side pocket when I garden.

    Mary, Gardeners and birders... our needs are simple, aren't they? I hope you got a nice feeder from your valentine.

    Diana, Too funny. To be sure you get what you want, maybe you should provide a little more "instruction"?

    Kris at Blithewold... Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. I checked out your bloom day post, very pretty flowers!

    Muum, If you get a gift certificate for a seed company, you are definitely a gardening geek like the rest of us!

    Thanks all for the comments, and Happy Valentine's Day.
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  17. How about this one. You Might Be A Gardening Geek if you ask your husband to give you a reciprocating saw for Valentine's Day so you can prune the roses.

  18. I put my Felco holster in the driveway and drove over it a few times so it looked used (on the day I bought it). So I could have instant garden geek status. How's that for nuts?

  19. Funny and sweet you are. I asked for no flowers for V Day. He did buy me a ring. He wanted the expensive red one, but I chose the inexpensive green stone. You know how much I love green you fellow GG.~~Dee


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