Bloom Day List and A New Bloom

The laughter heard at May Dreams Gardens today came not from these crocuses but from a new bloom that showed up this afternoon.

This picture of the crocuses is just a "decoy picture", something for you to look at for a minute while I build up your anticipation for seeing what bloom showed up in my garden today.

Are you ready?

Oh, wait, before you look at my new bloom, I have another surprise.

While viewing all the bloom day posts, I compiled a list of all the posts with links to make it easier to get to them.

So far there are 86 blogs on the list. If you posted for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and you do not see your blog listed below, it is an oversight on my part. Please let me know and I'll add you as soon as I read your comment or email letting me know. Likewise, if you find your link doesn't work, let me know.

And if you are posting about your blooms later, as I get your comment, I'll add you to this list.

Now, back to my new bloom...

The garden laughted today with a new blue bloom. This is Iris reticulata 'Clairette'.

All those green sprouts around her will be more of the same.

This view looking straight down shows a hint of gold on the petals.

I'm very happy to see these flowers.

And now...

The list of all who joined us for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day this month. Thank you all for sharing about your March blooms!

Frances at Faire Garden, Tennesee

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter at Mr. McGregor’s Daughter, Illinois

Melanie at Old Country Garden, New York

Ricki at Banners By Ricki, Oregon

Sherry at Sherry at the Zoo, Indiana

SuzyQ at Squirrel Chatter, Indiana

Rusty at Dragonfly Garden, Florida

Lisa at Greenbow, Indiana

Annie at The Transplantable Rose, Texas

Rose at Prairie Rose’s Garden, Illinois

Gail at Clay and Limestone, Tennessee

Muum at Muum’s Musings, Utah

Leslie at Growing a Garden in Davis, California

Yolanda Elizabet at Bliss, The Netherlands

Katarina at Roses and Stuff, Sweden

Gintoino at Jardim com Gatos, Portugal

Susan at Garden Rant, Maryland

Jan at Always Growing, Louisiana

Carolyn Gail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, Illinois

Nan Ondra at Hayefield, Pennsylvania

Entangled at Tangled Branches Cultivated, Virginia

Ki at MuckNMire, New Jersey

KJohnson at Musings of a Garden Historian, New York

Kay at Acorn Alley, Arkansas

Shady Gardener at Does Everything Grow Better in My Neighbor’s Yard, Iowa

Dave at The Home Garden, Tennessee

Karen at An Artist’s Garden, Wales

Chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous, California

Tina at In The Garden (The Leaf Chronicles), Tennessee

Curtis at Growing Thumbs, Oklahoma

Robin at Robin’s Nesting Place, Indiana

Lyntis at Garden Girl, Illinois

Doug at Doug Green’s Blog, Canada

Jean at Secrets of a Seed Scatterer, Georgia

Salix Tree at Windywillow, Ireland

Kate at Kate Smudges in Earth, Paint, and Life, Canada

Ewa at Ewa in the Garden, Poland

Green Thumb at India Garden, India

Kethry at Urbania to Stoneheads, Great Britain

Crafty Gardener at The Gardener Side of Crafty Gardener, Canada

Phillip at Dirt Therapy, Alabama

Weed Whackin’ Wenches at Weed Whackin’ Adventures, United States

Bonnie at Kiss of Sun, Texas

Meems at Hoe and Shovel, Florida

Chuck B. at My Back 40 (Feet), California

Vivé at Something About Blooming and Butterflies, Texas

Vanillalotus at New Sprouts, Texas

Pam from Tales from the Microbial Laboratory, South Carolina

Christopher C. at Outside Clyde, North Carolina

Rachel at In Bloom, Texas

Materfamilias at Materfamilias Writes, Canada

Cake at Rake Shovel Hoe, Indiana

Les at A Tidewater Garden, Virginia

Vertie at Vert, Texas

Jodi at Bloomingwriter, Canada

Aunt Debbi/Kurt’s Mom at Aunt Debbi’s Garden, Texas

Craig at Ellis Hollow, New York

Bill at Prairie Point, Texas

Sue at The Balcony Garden, Italy

MSS at Zanthan Gardens, Texas

Amy at Garden Rant, California

Jenn at Garden Djinn, Arizona

Gloria at Pollinators-Welcome, Illinois

Blackswamp_Girl (Kim) at A Study in Contrasts, Ohio

Kerri at Colors of the Garden, New York

Daniel at Daniel Mount's Garden Journal, Washington

Layanee at Ledge and Gardens, Rhode Island

Kylee at Our Little Acre, Ohio

Rosemarie at Rosemarie's Garden, Illinois

Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening, New York

Ether at Sweet Vitriol, Pennsylvania

Beckie at Dragon Fly Corner, Illinois

Arythrina at Metaphyta, Indiana

Pentunia's Gardener at Petunia's Garden, Washington

Corinna at Paradise Found, Germany

Lori at The Gardener of Good and Evil, Texas

Shirl at Shirl's Gardenwatch, Scotland

Diana at Sharing Nature's Garden, Texas

Mary Beth at Cultivating Paradise, Texas

Pat at CommonWeeder, Massachutsetts

Kathy at WashingtonGardener, DC and Maryland

Cindy at My Corner of Katy, Texas

Pam at Digging, Texas

Lisa at Millertime, Wisconsin

Lisa at A Shower Fresh Garden, Mississippi

Sarah at Sarah Laurence, England

OldRoses at A Gardening Year, New Jersey

Tamara at Can You Dig It, Texas

Indeed, Emerson was right, "earth laughs with flowers"!

Update 03/19 - Thank you to all who participated. It is a nearly overwhelming response. I hope you all will come back and post about your blooms again on April 15th!


  1. I must say that Iris is very interesting. Ok, I have to say it. Contact! I would love to have one in my garden.

    The bloggers participating in the bloom day is getting longer, with the addition of my blog making its first appearance. I also met a newbie GBBD blogger today as well.

  2. Hi, I'm a late entry - just put mine up a few minutes ago. Thanks for hosting this. I don't know if I will be a regular contributer, but this month? Here I am!

  3. You missed me... but that's because I was late! My story--and I'm sticking to it--is that I was waiting to hear some flowers laughing outside like they are doing all over May Dreams Gardens... but I haven't heard any.

    So I finally went and posted anyway. Here it is:

  4. I was late with my post too......but got it in at 11:58 pm on the 15th of March!!


  5. Lucky you to have an Iris reticulata! I would've laughed too :) Your pretty little crocus are so sweet. I'm still waiting for mine!
    My post is up...a little late but we were out to dinner at a friend's house and the rest of the day was busy too. Do I need a note for being tardy teach?

  6. Carol, thanks for giving us more blooms to view. That iris retic is wonderful. Must plant more of those, the list keeps getting longer, the bulb sellers are smiling! Thanks also for this list, it must have been a lot of work, the numbers increase so each month, with new contributors, new bloggers and people with something to show after a long winter, wonderful.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  7. Oh Carol, your blue iris was worth waiting for. It is gorgeous.

    I really appreciate the way you have listed the GBBD blogs. It will be easier to see them all. I know I missed several and I want to see them all. I also like how you put where they are located. A lot of work on your part but much appreciated on my and I know everyone elses part.

  8. Curtis, I found several new blogs in this process, and I have a very good idea of what is blooming where.

    Jenn, You are the only contributor from Arizona so I hope you'll participate again. (Your profile still says Michigan, but you did move, right?)

    Blackswamp_Girl, I hope you hear some of that flower laughter in your garden very soon.

    Nancy, Thanks, that was a nice trip to a garden center, but where are your blooms? We would love to know what is blooming where you are.

    Kerri, No note needed, your post is beautiful with those forced flowers. They must really brighten up your church.

    Frances, You're welcome. I put the list together as I viewed each posting, so it did add time to that process.

    Lisa at Greenbow, Thanks for the kind words, I don't promise to this every month!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  9. Love your iris! Glad to see this round up. Please add me to the list: Sandy Cove 365+1

  10. What a sweet little iris!

    Wow Carol, it must have a been a lot of work putting that list together! Thank you so much. I can see I have quite a few more gardens to visit!

  11. I know from doing the GBGP just how much work it is to compile a list of links this way, Carol. So thank you for your enthusiasm and your hard work, as always. I know what I'll spend this sunny Sunday doing (too cold to work outside, but at least the snowstorm missed US for a change....)

  12. Hi Carol! I am officially "posted" for bloom day!

  13. Hi Carol - love all the giggles from your garden! I noticed how much more spring-like it seemed in Indy on Tuesday than here.
    I have been having fits with my internet connection as well as uploading pictures to Blogger, so I finally got my bloom day post up.

    It took me HOURS and I'm so frustrated! I'm also so very behind with reading and commenting on others' blogs. Hopefully, things will go better with the connection today and I can get caught up a little bit.

  14. Wow Carol, that must have taken you hours. Thank you! I was just looking at my stats and was curious to see why today I'd got so many referrals from MDG. Now I know.
    Hope you saved yourself enough time to do some gardening too :)

  15. I'll try to laugh along but I'm not feeling very cheerful with two feet of snow still on the ground. But that is a nice surprise and I can't help but smile

  16. I got in a little late... and I don't know if it counts... but I hope to really be joining you next month!

  17. You & Stuart are duking it out for the James Brown garden bloggers' award (hardest working woman/man in gardening blogging). The list is a great idea - so much more convinient that having to open the comment box first. Thanks!

  18. Carol, thanks so much for taking the time to put this very convenient list together! It's wonderful to see so many participating.

  19. I've jumped on board for my first GBBD! What an excellent idea!

  20. That was a great idea! I would have posted a bloom day picture, but since there are no blooms to be seen under all of my snow I had to take a pass at it this time. I enjoyed all of the posts that the rest of you made though!

  21. Carol, I apologise for being late with my Bloom day entry. I was so excited though to have something to post this month.
    The iris is beautiful. I am going to look for some of these early spring bloomers!

  22. Carol, that Iris is strikingly beautiful. I love it.

    Thanks for your invitation to participate on my blog the other day. I don't have much to report yet but maybe I will on April 15! I read your blog often so I won't forget.


  23. I love that Iris! I'm seeing so many plants I've never seen before.

  24. I completely forgot about Bloom Day until it was dark outside, so here I am a day late!

  25. Thanks again, Carol for doing this! I have posted TWO whopping days late. But there are many lovely blooms to see at
    I LOVE Clairette - she is so delicate - just like her name.

  26. A little late but here's my March post!
    I spent the weekend admiring the beautiful azaleas in Houston. How I'd love to grow them!
    Thanks, Carol, for GBBD

  27. Add to me to the list - tardy, but present -

  28. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all and I hope wherever you are, your garden is all green or turning back to green today. I've been adding new bloom day posts to the list as I've gotten comments or found them through my feed reader.

    We are up to 79 gardeners showing us what is blooming in their gardens in mid-March.

    But the Internet world is BIG so there is room for more. If you are just know posting or have posted for bloom day about your blooms and don't see yourself on the list, let me know, and I'll add you.

    Thank you to everyone who participated this month!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  29. Hey, Carol, it's the first time I've done a Bloom Day post; due to unexpected surgery last week, I didn't get the post done until this morning. The Sharing of the Green should occur in a timely manner in months to come. I look forward to meeting you and many of the other bloggers at GBSF.


  30. Better late than never, I hope, Carol! Here's my Bloom Day post---and it's chock full of flowers.

  31. What a great idea and terrific images, all! I hope I’m not too late to join Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. My photos of Regent’s Park in London were taken on March 15, but I only post weekly. I can’t take any credit for the blooms but do enjoy them. Please add me to your list or click on the direct link below:

  32. holy smokes! that is a huge list and a lot of WORK for you! thank you for compiling it in one place so i can look at all the lovely blooms.

  33. Nice iris! Thanks again for hosting Bloom Day!

  34. I got in a little late as well...hope to have my act together better next month!
    Can You Dig It?

  35. May Dreams Gardens,

    I never seem to get my post together on time, so I'm submitting my first post on my early spring bulbs (New Jersey, zone 6b) a week late:

    Hopefully, I'll get my post in on the fifteenth of next month.

    -Heirloom Gardener

  36. Carol, I am woefully late this month, but had really hoped for something outside.

    Anyway...this is the best I could manage for March.


  37. Ohhh...I wanna I just need to figure out how to do it...sorta new to this linky-bloggie thing. What a fun idea!


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