Easter Time Break

Spring did not skip over my garden today! She arrived with sunny skies and seasonable temperatures and brought with her more crocus blooms.

The days of the first crocus, just a month or so past, are fast disappearing in the rear view mirror.

Anticipated events of spring are now more clearly in focus before us.

Everyday, there is a new bloom in the garden and a new task to be done.

Within a matter of days, I will be mowing the lawn again, picking daffodils to bring indoors, and marveling at how yellow a forsythia bloom really is.

I already have this bright yellow in the garden. My first lone little Iris danfordiae has plenty of company now.

And nearby is the color blue.I smile every day when I see these Iris reticulata 'Clairette' blooming in my front garden.

Now it's time to buy violas and pansies to put in some containers on my front porch. It's time to celebrate spring in the garden with a full-fledged GADS attack before I get down to some serious spring garden renovations.

And with the observance of the Easter Triduum from Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday, it's a good time to take a break from daily blogging. I'll return on Monday morning with a special guest post.

See the land, her Easter keeping,
Rises as her Maker rose.
Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping,
Burst at last from winter snows.
Earth with heaven above rejoices...

~Charles Kingsley

Have a Happy Spring and a Happy Easter!


  1. Ok, Carol, now I need to get some Iris too. Being a garden blogger is getting to be very expensive! Dave has me making cuttings all over my garden, you have me planting vegetables, and now iris too!

    Happy Spring :-)

  2. Happy spring and a very happy Easter to you too Carol.
    You were lucky to have spring arrive with sunny skies and seasonable temps. It felt most unspringy here with a wintery mix of sleet, snow showers and a cold wind. Ugh!
    Nevermind...we'll see those blooms before long...surely!

  3. The little iris are even more charming in groups! Happy Easter to you, Carol! And I hope the only Rabbit you see over the weekend is the Easter Bunny.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Your garden is just about laughing out loud now! Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter celebration.

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours, Carol. Your garden looks to be in full swing and the first mowing of the year means the page has turned. The iris dandies are on my list for the bulb order.

  6. Melanie, Yes, we use free tools on the Internet to blog, but then we get all these good ideas from each other and spend more in our gardens!

    Kerri, I feel for you, snow in the spring is no fun. We may see some snow flurries here later tonight or tomorrow, but it shouldn't amount to anything.

    Annie in Austin, Thanks and I hope I only see the Easter bunny, too. He's always welcome at May Dreams Gardens. My nieces and nephews count on him to leave a lot of goodies in the backyard for a big egg hunt.

    Leslie, Thank you!

    Frances, You will love those little "iris dandies" more in person in your own garden.

    Thanks all for the kind comments!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. Ummm..are you REALLY going to stay away from cyberspace until MONDAY??? REALLY?? TRULY??? I just can't imagine not having a new post to read each morning! I'm curious who your guest blogger is...the fairies? The rabbits? Did you get a kitten finally? Is it from the beautiful Victoria?
    Inquiring minds would like to know....

  8. You leave us with colorful thoughts of spring Carol. Enjoy your Easter Holiday. We will look forward to reports of all the excitement of Spring.

    Happy Easter and Spring to you too.

  9. Carol, You are right the iris you post for Spring is much different than the iris I featured. Both beautiful... well they have to be... they are flowers! I admit I'm partial to the purple though.

    Have a VERY happy and blessed Easter - will look forward to your guest blogger.
    Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

  10. Sherry, she already told you who her guest blogger is: Susan Wittig Albert. May I whine with Kerri? All the lovely patches of sodden brown lawn are now buried under snow again here, too. Waaaah, waaaah. Okay, I'm not whining, I'm crying like a baby! Those photos of crocus and iris are what it should look like at Easter.

  11. There are sprinkles of Spring all over your garden, Carol, what a lovely sight. The irises are so beautiful -- thanks for sharing and have a restful holiday. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  12. Carol, With no blooms here in Illinois yet, I am enjoying yours. Yesterday's post with the video from Jeopardy was hilarious, and then I clicked on the link to today to GADS--I wasn't into blogging in January, so this was a new one to me. I enjoy all your posts, but especially the humorous ones.
    A blessed Easter to you, too.

  13. Happy Easter! It's snowing so hard & heavy here that for the 1st time ever I couldn't get to Good Friday services. I hope this misses you & you can still get to mowing your lawn this week.

  14. Your garden looks lovely in it's pastel holiday outfit. Did you get a new dress when you were little..Purples, pinks, yellows and light blues.

    Have a good weekend, see you on Monday.


  15. Your garden looks very very spring :)
    Happy Easter Carol!

  16. Lawn mowers have been humming for two weeks now :o)

    Have a wonderful Easter holiday, Carol.

  17. Man... every time I see your delightful little Dutch iris, I kick myself for not buying some in the fall. Remind me to remedy that in October, will you?! :)

    Happy Spring, and Happy Easter!

  18. Carol, looking at your blooms makes me feel that I must be living WAY farther north than you. Still nothing here but the two crocuses. I can't believe the difference.

    Happy Easter!

  19. Your garden looks very spring-like and pretty now - the irises are lovely!
    Up here, we have snow for the first time - my plants aren't too h appy...
    Happy Easter! /Katarina

  20. Yea spring! I'm glad you have a good showing of cheery flowers. But not too many! I wouldn't want you to have any regrets about what you'll miss when you come to the Spring Fling. ;-)

  21. Happy Easter, Carol! What a happy grouping of Iris danfordiae. Spring is definitely here. I love the poem your shared at the end of your entry.

  22. Happy easter Carol! I love those yellow iris.... so cheery.
    "See" you Monday.

  23. Happy Easter, Carol! Have a very special weekend. I've posted my GBS blog. :-)

  24. I really enjoyed this post. Nice photographs with your post today.

    Easter greetings from Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

  25. I tried planting Iris reticulata a couple of falls ago. The (expletive deleted) squirrels got every single bulb!

    My GBBC post is now up. I'm early for the virtual meeting for once.

  26. Carol. Yes. I posted on GBBD on the 15th, as I was supposed to do! I meant my latest post (Easter) to be for Green Thumb Sunday! (Can you tell I was up way toooooo late last night? Sorry. But, thanks for your visit, and your patience! ;-)

  27. I'm longing to do all of the spring tasks you've mentioned and of course to see my own crocus' and iris. Unfortunately, Spring hasn't truly arrived in my area yet. My garden is buried under a couple feet of snow still!

    Enjoy your spring flowers and tasks. Happy Easter too!

  28. Is that a winter mulch? Do you have to put that down every year?

  29. Hi Carol,

    Happy Easter and Holy Week. We had a lovely service yesterday, and Bill's family descended upon me too. Hope your Easter was full of peace.~~Dee

  30. Oh Carol, how do you do it? I've just perused a bunch of your posts trying to get caught up and your enthusiasm and unbounded energy just make me tired! But somebody has to nag and scold or I'd never get started in the garden. Maybe tomorrow after work.

    Happy Easter!


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