Let's Invite The Rakes

I believe that each gardener should find their own way in gardening, using whatever tools work for them to create and tend their garden.

And I know that some gardeners rarely use or even own any hoes. I respect that and understand it.

But not owning a hoe shouldn't exclude those gardeners from being a part of the Garden Bloggers Hoe Down!

After reading about MSS's new rake at Zanthan Gardens, I'd like to extend the invitation to also post about your rakes for the Garden Bloggers Hoe Down on May 3rd.

After all, rakes are closely related to hoes, as you can see on this video.


  1. Oh Carol, you just made my day! I was having hoe anxiety. I think I left my hoes behind when I moved in with my husband. I haven't had any need for the hoes here, now that I'm not single anymore. I've missed my hoes, but sometimes these sacrifices must be made, you understand, I'm sure.

    On the other hand, I DO have rakes! So that means I get to play too! Hurray for hoe diversity! Rakes are invited to the hoe down! Yee Haw!

  2. I certainly own a hoe, but rarely use it. I do recall my grandmothers using theirs almost daily. There's nothing like the Oklahoma red dirt (where I grew up), and that's just what I think of whenever someone mentions hoes(of the garden variety!)

  3. Carol, it's good to know you're not prejudiced.

  4. What a hoot! If "hoes" are female, then "rakes" must be the male variety.

  5. I will never think of rakes the same again.

  6. I received a $50 hoe for my birthday one time. My brothers have still not gotten over it.

  7. that was a funny video and so appropriate!

  8. Garden Girl, Yes post about your rakes or really any good gardening tool that you have!

    Brenda Kula, There are hoes that aren't the garden variety?

    Kathy, I welcome all garden tools to the spring fling!

    Jane Marie, I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

    Lisa at Greenbow, That video does change your perception, doesn't it?

    Aunt Debbi/Kurts Mom, I know what you mean, so many don't realize that there are $50 hoes out there!

    Tina, Thanks, I thought it fit the bill. I actually originally posted it in November 2006. My SIL sent it to me.

    Looking forward to seeing all your posts for the hoe down in May!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  9. My favorite hoe is one we call a scuffle hoe. It looks like a stirrup and is terrific at cutting weeds below the surface. It is not much good as a cultivator, for that I use a long handled claw cultivator. This converstion could be added to your "you know your a garden geek when..." list!

    Happy hoeing!

  10. Too funny. too funny. Should I by the rakes and hoes some bows or something? Is this a formal gathering, or informal?

  11. That's hilarious. I think other players might have contested the point but Ken Jennings was so far ahead it hardly mattered. From his expression I take infer that he guessed wrong on purpose just to make he pun.

    Thanks for opening up the hoedown and for the shout-out.

  12. I'm gathering and cleaning my hoes .. and now I'll do my rakes.
    I usually shy away from You Tube videos on blogs but this one was perfect for your post.

  13. Carol: I'm still laughing and I think he should have been given credit for that answer! Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!

  14. My DH and I are still laughing about that YouTube clip. He says he'll never think about hoes the same way again.

  15. Kjohnson, I love the scuffle hoe, too. I have one that is smaller than what you see in the hardware stores around here, which makes it nice for getting around tightly packed raised beds.

    Sherry at the Zoo, I think we'll do this "semi-casual" so you can dress your hoes and rakes with what you have around the house. No need to buy new bows for them.

    MSS@ZanthanGardens, I think Ken's reaction was instinctive. I wonder if he gardens?

    Crafty Gardener, I'm glad you watched this video...

    Layanee, I don't if he should have been given credit... I'll leave that up to the judges!

    Pam/digging, I like that. Hoes make gardening fun, I think.

    The hoe down ought to be a fun time,
    Carol May Dreams Gardens

  16. By simply reading the title of this post I knew it would be another good one.

    Thanks for a Saturday afternoon laugh!

  17. That was hilarious, Carol. Where DO you find this stuff?~~Dee


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