Slowly, Signs Of Spring Emerge

What are the early signs of spring in your garden?

Here at May Dreams Gardens, the crocuses bloom first and signal that spring is coming. Is there a flower more resilient than the crocus?

On Saturday, the crocuses were covered with snow.

On Sunday and today they were fully open, basking in the bright sunshine.

Is there any gardener more resilient than a gardener in the midwestern part of the United States?

Though I love gardening in Indianapolis, I still find the transition from winter to spring to be at times slow and occasionally maddening. It's a long slow walk with Nature taking one step forward then two steps backwards toward warmer weather.

Fortunately, more flowers are taking a step forward now and will soon join the crocus in bloom.

This rabbit's eye view shows sprouts for dwarf irises and daffodils, which hopefully the rabbits aren't actually viewing as "dinner".

Will any of these be in bloom for the next Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on March 15th? It's quite possible! Will any garden centers have pansies and violas for sale by the end of the week? Maybe!

I hope you'll have something blooming in your garden at the end of the week and will join us for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. It's easy to participate. Just post on your blog about what is blooming in your garden on the 15th and then leave a comment here at May Dreams Gardens on my bloom day post so we can find your blog and pay a visit. That's all there is to it, everyone is welcome to participate.

Now, back to the questions...

What is the first sign of spring in your garden?

Is there a more resilient flower than the crocus or a more resilient gardener than a midwestern gardener?


  1. Well, the first signs of spring are very early daffodils and crocus...they are wonderful....then spring is here before you know it and everything blooms at once.

    I am a resilient Midwestern living in Tennessee.

    clay and limestone

  2. Snowdrops! They come earlier than crocus here...and dandelions, which I'm aching to see, quite frankly (good bee food).
    I'll arm wrassle you for most resilient gardening bunch, Carol! While there are probably crocus up in some parts of Nova Scotia, my heart will be wrenched back-and-forth for weeks yet by maybe-it's-finally spring behaviour. We've had two days of lovely sunlight but cold Fundy winds here--I thought about going out to do a bit of cleaning up in the parts where the snow is gone, but a blast of that wind discouraged me and sent me inside to read blogs and pout.

    me pouting in Nova Scotia. :-3

  3. My crocus are not even up yet, really, and I only live 20-25 minutes north of you. Not fair. The first sign of spring so far is the dogs tracking in mud when the snow melts.

  4. I don't have crocuses, so the first flowers are the purple violets. I just posted a picture of them today. I am always happy to see them!

  5. Crocus were first here, now we also have snow drops, witch hazel and big fat buds on the Hellebores. Although the Hellebores aren't first, I think I look forward to them the most and then it's truly spring.

  6. The first sign of spring in my garden is ... a few rocks on the path showing up amid the snow. It means the snow is starting its slow melt.

    A more resilient gardener has to be Gardenista from Northern Exposure Gardening in northern Saskatchewan. Whenever I think our weather is not great, I remember that it could be worse.

  7. Your white crocus is just gorgeous CArol. Snowdrops are my first harbinger of spring. Crocus are not far behind. The yellow crocus first then the purple ones come in. I hope they are blooming for

  8. Although the first flowers of the year to begin blooming in my garden are the paperwhites, I count the redbuds as the official first sign of spring in Austin. The redbuds, which start budding around Valentine's Day, are often a week or so behind the Mexican plums, but they just seem more "springy" to me.

  9. With no crocus or snowdrops I guess I could use the redbuds as MSS does, but my three redbud trees are in three different stages of bud and bloom.

    Carol, I noticed Bradford pears were in bloom wherever I went today, so even though I don't particularly like them, they may be the sign it's truly spring in Austin.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Carolina jessamine's yellow flowers are the first sign of spring I think of for Austin. They start budding in late January or early February.

    I know nothing about either crocuses or Midwestern gardeners, but I'll take your word for it.

  11. I still don't have crocuses. Hopefully they will come up with the weather warming up a bit.

  12. Snowdrops and Arabis purpurea are the first to appear - foloowed by crocuses. Crocuses are fantastic - a pure joy!
    /Katarina at Roses and stuff

  13. You won't believe this but my knock out rose bush bloomed before my bulbs. That is the craziest rose bush. I would love to do bloom day but I'm moving. I will start it after I get moved. Somebody on here please remind me!!

  14. Almond trees. They are the first to bloom in my garden. However the official spring flowers, for me, are the cistus. They are starting to bloom now and they are gorgeous.

  15. Snowdrops & Witchhazel, both of which will be ready for Bloom Day - yay! (Of course some years the Snowdrops are strictly winter flowers.) My Crocuses are just sprouting.

  16. The azaleas were out very early this year.

  17. Middle of the summer here!
    I hope you get some blooming beauties by March 15th!!!

  18. What a beautiful sight after a Midwestern winter:) I am jealous! I keep peeking outside to see if anything is breaking through the snow...not yet, so I will live vicariously through others for a little while longer!

  19. You know, I've forgotten what the heck comes up. I know I have some crocuses and scilla and chinodoxa, and the forsythia blooms really early, but there. Ain't. Nothing. Yet. The sad thing is that I have it easy: relatives to the west and north still have multiple inches of snow and ice on the ground. Here in Chicago, at least the snow has retreated to the north side of buildings.

  20. HI Carol, happy to see your crocus blooming. I’ll be there on bloom day.

  21. Surely spring is rearing its pretty head. I love the idea of African violets cuttings in ziploc bags.

  22. No snowdrops... no species tulips... yet. Maybe my first sign of spring will be the snow finally melting from my yard?!

  23. What a beauiful garden we would have if we had all our first signs of spring blooming in it at once. It will be fun to see how blooms spread from south to north through the spring. Thanks all for the comments, and I hope to see posts from you all for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the 15th!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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