View From The End of The Rope

View of the raised bed vegetable garden today, March 8th. Also known as the view from the end of the rope.

Another Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is in just a week away on March 15th. What could possibly be blooming in my garden in another week with all of this snow right now?

And to think that I hope to plant peas and lettuce in this same garden by St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. I'm either insane... or a gardener.


  1. I was out in the freezing rain and rain and (well being at the end of my rope I want to say it but I won't) and found some aconites just about to open and cyclamens in full bud. If I'd gotten down and moved some slush around, I probably would have found more.

    So don't give up hope.

  2. Don't give up hope is right Carol. Let's just hope the snow melts and blogger does not go whacky on the fifteenth like it has today. Finally able to view the blogger blogs after hours of trying. Hooray!

    Frances at Faire Garden

  3. Why can't you be both? Insane and a gardener. I don't think one displaces the other. Oh, and I planted a bunch of stuff and it managed to snow yesterday in East Texas of all places.

  4. It always amazes me to see snow still must be so frustrating. Aren't all gardeners slightly insane, the things we endure and put up with are beyond the normal person. Love your raised beds, what I can see of them.

  5. We're supposed to be getting 1-3" lake-effect snow but so far it's just flurries.

    and oh yes, you can be insane and be a gardener. I can vouch for that.

  6. I'm with Brenda and Linda. And my frost free date is May 31st. So there.

  7. Tie a knot and hang on. Winter cannot last forever.

  8. I'm whining right along with you, Carol! (Okay, maybe just a tiny bit harder, because I had to actually drive home in this junk, as I couldn't get out of work today.) Spring really ought to be a knock-down, bang-up riot of color when it finally comes, don't you think? Ma Nature owes us one here!

  9. In Illinois I remember trudging through the snow to push those peas into the ground on St Patrick's was a little nuts but in some years they sprouted and grew.

    Although we had a light frost last night, it was pretty nice today. I planted a row of radishes, Carol...maybe they'll be big enough to nibble on by the time you arrive for Spring Fling.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Ellis Hollows, Thank you, I won't give up hope. I know you have longer to wait for spring than I do.

    Frances, Yes, what was going on with Blogger? That would be a disaster on the 15th!

    Brenda Kula, I think some people would say looking at some of us gardeners, that yes, you can be insane and garden. Snow in east Texas?

    Cheryl, Snow in March isn't that unusual, but it has been awhile since we've had this much of it.

    Lintys, Hope your spring snow melts quickly!

    Kathy, So there, indeed. You can have the bragging rights for the latest frost free date! LOL

    Aunt Debbi/Kurts Mom, So I've been told and that has been my experience, so I should believe that.

    Blackswamp_Girl, I agree, this Spring needs to be spectacular, becuase of this winter and because last year it really wasn't.

    Annie in Austin, You give me hope. No matter what, I am planting peas on St. Patrick's Day. And, I would enjoy eating one or two of your radishes, if they are ready.

    Thanks all for the comments,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  11. Hi Carol,

    I've been wanting to post something for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for quite some time now. So far I've avoided a post on the artificial gerbera daisy that's ever-blooming in my bathroom, but its time may be drawing near as there's absolutely no hope of spotting something in my garden yet. My fingers are crossed that you'll have better luck!


  12. At least you can see where you garden is. Up in my garden all you can see is undulating white hills. I have a feeling I won't have anything for GBBD for March. Gardeners are all a little insane, that is what makes us interesting.

  13. Gardeners insane??? Just because we buy too many seeds to plant, too many garden ornaments for the space we have to display them properly, so many pots we can't get them all filled for the summer. Insane you say...tee hee ha ha to the garden I go.


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