You're Invited to A Hoe Down!

You're invited to participate in the first ever and probably the only ever...

Garden Bloggers Hoe Down!!

When: Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where: May Dreams Gardens

How: Post pictures of your hoes on your blog on Saturday, May 3, 2008 and then leave a comment on my hoe down post so everyone can come and see your hoes, all dressed up and out in the garden ready for the season.

Yep, get your hoes out, and clean 'em up, dress 'em up, pose 'em up and then take their pictures, outside in your garden, for this one-time hoe down event.

If you don't own a hoe, buy one, borrow one, or rent one! Do whatever you have to do to have a hoe for the hoe down. You absolutely don't want to be without a hoe in your garden for this special event.

Even I might buy a new hoe for this party!

Many thanks to Cabs at Terra Nova Design, whose comment on my last hoe post gave me the idea to host a Garden Bloggers Hoe Down.

Now go mark your calendars for May 3rd. You will not want to miss out on this major garden blogging social event!


  1. It'd be a hard row to hoe to beat that kind of fun, Carol. The Hoe Down will be a fun follow-up to the Spring Fling.

  2. Oh, what a fun idea, Carol! We all need a hoedown, now and again! I'll be there, so to speak!

  3. I'm so glad I actually bought two hoes last year, otherwise I'd be left out of the fun. May 3, seems so far away right now.

  4. carol - i'm so there! are you gonna pick the "best in show, hoe?"

  5. Oh Carol, you'll find any excuse to buy another hoe! And here I have a brand new one that I'm going to sell on eBay! (the putter one like you have)

    I'm going to play though, since my mom gave me a hoe for Christmas that I think I might actually use!

  6. You bet! This will be a hoot. I'll be in my new home and you have given me plenty of time to think about it. I'm not sure if it will be a one hoer or two hoer.

  7. Although they've never appeared in public before, my hoes will be happy to attend your hoedown, Carol. They don't get out much and will love anything that gets them out of the shed.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Carol, your not going to try to talk us out of our hoes are you? ;)
    Sounds like a ball, I mean hoedown!

  9. Maybe even a coveted antique hoe might show up for your hoedown?

  10. LOL You and your hoe's! ;-) But it's a fun idea Carol. Is it a cunning plan to get me to finally buy a hoe? :-D

  11. Now the hoes are getting excited at the thought of getting dressed up! Like Annie's hoes, they don't get out of the shed much, since a lot of hoeing isn't on the to do list here. I just like to buy and have them. Hoe-p you'll remind us again, May 3 is a long time to remember something for some of us ;->

    Frances at Faire Garden

  12. Gosh Ive missed allot since I haven't been able to come and visit your blog and comment.

    I will have to put this date in my calendar and cell. I cant wait for the hoe down!

  13. Cool. I just love an exuse to spend money. I was just thinking, "We don't have enough hoes around here." Woo Hoo. Yes, please do remind us, like maybe on earth day. Smooch.

  14. I bought something today for our hoe down photo challenge--not telling!!

  15. All, Thanks for the comments and positive response. I am really looking forward to the hoe down now, knowing that I won't be the only one posting about hoes on that day!

    I think I need a new hoe for the occasion, too!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens (home of the world's largest hoe collection)

  16. Carol, In this day in age asking people to send in photos of hoes is an invitation to disaster. :)
    I just love a risk taker.

  17. Carol, will you NEVER run out of cool ideas? Honestly!
    I'm really writing to ask about the photo I just posted on GardenRant - I'm happy to take it down or crop you out if you'd like. Susan

  18. Oh no! Am I too late to join? I was just gifted a really nifty hoe in honor of my garden plot... of course, I only have one. Is it against the rules to let it be escorted to the hoe-down by an antique garden fork? Just for propriety's sake... :)

  19. Couldn't find a presentable hoe to bring to the hoe down. I have been using a hori hori knife. My apologies to all you hoe lovers out there. Know I am with ya in spirit as you do the hoed-dee-doe.


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