Weekend Wrap Up

What a difference a year can make in a garden and in a life.

Last year, this crabapple, Malus
'Guinevere' got frozen out and bloomed rather pathetically, almost painfully.

This year, she is back to her full glory and then some.

According to my records, she (it is okay to refer to a tree called Guinevere as a 'she') is blooming about a week later than normal, but that seems to be the case with other flowering trees and shrubs around here.

I took a lot of pictures of this crabapple today, but I'll spare you seeing all of them and just show you one more. Temperatures are supposed to drop over the next several days, but hopefully not to the point that we see heavy frost and a quick end to these flowers.


The Carolina Silverbell (Halesia carolina 'Arnold Pink') was also in full bloom today. This is one of the trees I said I would include on a Gardener's Life List of plants I want to have bloom in my garden. This tree, which I planted last fall, had more blooms than I expected, and I can just imagine it will get prettier every year as it continues to grow.

But there might be a problem.

Do you think it clashes with this Redbud (Cercis canadensis) planted about 20 feet away and blooming at the same time?No? Good, because I am keeping both of these trees for as long as they live.


This weekend almost felt like a "bonus" weekend, with several nice surprises.

Forecasts called for a cold, rainy weekend, or at least rain on Sunday. The forecasts seemed to be all wrong and so, since I believed what the weathermen said, the weather turned out to be a nice surprise. We didn't get any rain and the high temperature each day was in the 60's, so it was wonderful weather to work in the garden. I did some weeding, some trimming, and some mowing and cleaned up the garage in preparation for some time off in May to work in the garden.

The other nice surprise this weekend was to see my name in an article in the Austin Statesman about the Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling earlier this month. The article mentions that I live in rural Indiana, which isn't exactly right, though there is a pasture with horses grazing in it at the end of my street where it dead ends.
And I was also referred to as a 'rock star' in the article.
Hey, is it okay to add stuff to your Gardener's Life List that has already happened just so you can cross it off? "Get called a rock star at the spring fling". If it is, then, "check and done"! (Who else adds stuff to their lists after the fact so they can cross them off?)

Seriously, as I noted in a comment on Digging... Rock star? No, I'm just a lucky gardener who loves to garden and write about it and found some kindred spirits on the Internet who love the same things, and then I got to meet some of them in person.

And I am grateful for all the garden bloggers and readers who come back here every day or every week or whenever to read and comment and join in for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, the virtual book club, and soon the Garden Bloggers' Hoe Down.

Thank you all!


  1. The redbuds are spectacular this year too, and yours is quite lovely. Spring was definitely worth the wait.

  2. I love all your flowering trees. Good choices!

    I'm glad you added "get called a rock star" to your life list. That's a keeper. ;-)

  3. Beautiful trees, Carol.

    I had to chuckle at your "writing something on the list so you can check it off" comment...I do that all the time on my daily todo list...makes me feel like I accomplish more.

  4. Carol, the article on Spring Fling was fun and I'm glad you were included(even if it was as a rock star!) Chicago for the next one? When and where?!! So we can plan ahead. Your trees are lovely and no they don't clash. Thanks for an entertaining post.

  5. Carol, Your trees definitely don't clash. Thanks for your help this weekend, btw, both with Grandma and with the yard tour for the new neighbors - I"m sure they appreciated getting to know their new yard a little better.

    And you were kind of a rock star in high school - remember? Jazz Band?

  6. So you really are a Rock Star. Who would have thunk it. Congrats Carol, I always knew you were a star.

    Love the trees together. The bell tree makes me think of it as a Bleeding Heart on steroids. I think it looks just fine with the Redbud.

    I think it is funny that many people think that Indiana is "in the country."

  7. carol - the redbut is beautiful and it looks just beautiful with the other tree. The garden center by my house was giving away the seedlings (it's actually about 4 feet tall) from the same redbud you have pictured so it was nice to see it blooming. I think i'm going to plant it in the front of my house near the street. it's suppose to be 30 degrees tonight. does that mean i can't plant the tree today?

    ps i forced myself to weed a small area yesterday (about 3 feet by 3 feet) but despite your motivational "embrace weeding" post, It still sucked! i have bindweed which if I remember correctly means i need to move...

  8. Carol: Love that silverbell! I have just the species which is lovely but that pink is divine. As to your 'Rock Star' moniker, I think we need a picture of you in black leather with spiked hair surrounded by your hoes! Play it up! It is a great new nickname.

  9. Carol, most of us think all of Indiana is rural. In fact, I'm guilty of thinking most of the middle of the country is completely rural. When you're living on top of eachother in the "suburbs" of northeastern cities, not being able to see in your neighbor's windows seems country in comparison.

    You are a rock star -- I'd say anyone who garden blogs has heard of you.

  10. Hi Rock Star Carol! I heard rumors that you demanded bowls of M & M's for your hotel room - only the Green ones, of course!

    The trees don't clash - they're beautiful. I'd like to see both the species and the 'Arnold's Pink" side by side for comparison.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  11. Blooming trees couldn't clash in my book. Now that you're a rock star, can we all be part of the entourage? Take the Spring Fling on tour?~~Dee

  12. I have a rain dy so have a chance at catching up on making the rounds.

    Flowers clash? Never in my opinion. Even the most garish combinations look good to me. I can never have enough in bloom.

    And embrace weeding? I like to take the zen approach and use the time for quiet reflection. But most often it's a chore that has to be done.

  13. Carol, do you get manure from those lovely horses down the road? That Halesia is stunning and can't possibly clash with the Cercis.

  14. Thank you for giving the botanical name of Redbud (Cercis canadensis) I had been wondering what they are for a while. Cercis, commonly called Judas tree here, are rarely seen in the UK. A variety called "Forest Pansy" grown for its leaves is easier to buy. I enjoyed your lovely photos and I make lists, just like yours!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  15. Robin's Nesting Place, I think the redbuds are blooming later this year and stand out more against the greener background of later spring.

    Pam/digging, Thanks, I think the flowering trees really add a big WOW factor to spring.

    Debbie, We do accomplish more that way, don't we?

    Beckie, Thanks for the kind words. I don't know the when and where for Chicago, though I have heard Fall 2009.

    Sherry at the Zoo, Your welcome!

    Lisa at Greenbow, Yes, Indiana has a lot of country, but some city, too. Thanks for the nice comment.

    Gina, I am very sorry about your bindweed. Keep pulling it! And yes, you can plant trees now, even if it dips below freezing.

    Layanee, Don't hold your breath waiting for that picture! LOL

    Heather's Garden, Thanks, that's a very nice comment. I can see my neighbor's windows, by the way.

    Annie in Austin, We need to get Layanee to post her white silverbell blooms and then maybe we can get that side by side comparison. (I wasn't too demanding in Austin, was I?)

    Dee/reddirtrambling, Sure, I'll go on Spring Fling tour with you, anytime.

    Wiseacre, I can never get enough bloom either.

    Melanie, Unfortunately, I don't know the owners of the horses, so haven't asked for any manure.

    Sylvia (England), Thanks for the nice comment. Do you have a blog? Your profile is private so I can't find you!

    Thanks all for the nice comments!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  16. Carol, no I don't have a blog but I do enjoy reading yours. I try to leave a comment occasionally to express my appreciation of your hard work. Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  17. If I didn't add things to my to do list that I'd already done, I'd have nothing crossed off.

  18. Oh WOW, your crab apple looks devine and so does the redbud. Blossom is magic, don't you think? I just love those Carolina silverbells, how pretty they are.

    Rock On! ;-)

  19. Sorry but I don't have a blog, though I do have a garden! I have a "plot" on Blotanical. I do try to show my appreciation for all the hard work that goes into the garden blogs by leaving a comment occasionally. I really like your blog the writing and pictures are excellent - thank you.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  20. Your flowering trees all look magnificent! My Redbud wants to look like yours when it grows up. Lots of buds on my Crabapple, but no where near blooming yet. Things are running a bit behind.

  21. I think my crabapples have the opposite problem. Lastyr like now they were covered in flowers, and today I checked and I have some buds but no where near the amount! Gardening is a mystery.

  22. Congrats on being called a "rock star", and I admire your photos of trees in bloom.
    Hey, I was referred to in my local paper today as "tea-grower", which is true. My article on growing tea is in Country Woman magazine, and I am so happy they used my husband's photos with the article.
    I love to be a team member.


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