Garden All Out and Get Everything Done

It's time to finish all the spring planting!

This weekend I'm going to be busy in the garden, hoeing, planting, weeding, and generally finishing up anything that should be done in the spring.

The garden blitz begins at dawn.

This year, I promised myself that there would be no half flats of flowers not planted, left to languish on the patio for the summer. This year, I'm planting every single plant I bought.

And I'm even going to plant the old fashioned rose that I started from cuttings from my aunt's garden, that has been living in a four inch pot on the patio for almost two years.

It's time, it's Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial beginning of summer. The big weekend in Indianapolis.

My goal is to garden all out and get everything done so that on Sunday I can be ready to sit, relax, and reflect on my spring at May Dream Gardens by the time Jim Nabors steps up to the microphone to Sing 'Back Home Again in Indiana' at the Indianapolis 500 race. And then I'l listen to the version Annie in Austin wrote for May Dreams Gardens.

I'll also take care of that bunny's nest in my strawberry patch. I checked it last night and it appears that the Mama may have moved the baby bunnies to another location as the nest is empty, except for two babies that did not appear to survive. I'll give them a nice burial, unless some other critter has come along and taken care of them for me.

That's life in the garden, it sometimes doesn't turn out the way we would like it to.

And just between us, when I first found the nest with what I thought were countless baby rabbits in it, I could have easily taken care of the matter right then, if you know what I mean, but I didn't have the heart to do it. DON'T tell anyone what a 'softie' I am, or the rabbits will come from miles around to live here. And I don't need that!

What I need is for the weathermen to come through on their promises of sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70's this weekend. Then I can finish my spring planting!

Happy Gardening!


  1. I hope the weather holds out for us this weekend - enough of the rain already! I have planting to do! :)

    Love the blog - your garden is such an inspiration!

  2. I have big plans for a gardening day tomorrow too...not one other commitment! Hopefully the wind will back off and there will be no more rain! Not so sure about the dawn part though...!

  3. Carol it sounds like you are going to have a perfect weekend for gardening. Good luck on your efforts to get all finished. I too hope to finish with planting and the dreaded mulching. We have the Uncle factor going on here. My Dearly Beloveds Uncle and wife are coming to visit so my DB wants the garden to be perfect. WEll, as perfect as can be of course. So we are working our tails off trying to tweak all that can be with mulch being the frosting on the cake so to speak.

    I am glad to see I am not the only one that buys flowers only to have them languish in the pots. I am better at not doing this but it happens from time to time. Mostly during fall when the bulbs need to be planted. That is when I stall out.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you have your feet propped up and a mint julip in your hand by the time Jim starts singing.

  4. Have fun on your planting weekend. I found a baby bunny nest one year too. I left it because I didn't have the heart either. We're leaving town on Sunday for Washington, D.C. and places in between.~~Dee

  5. You're hurrying to put your garden in and I'm hurrying to take mine out. I like reading about your beginnings. It's a relief to see the flowers and restful greens of summers up north.

  6. Carol, everyone who visits here or met you at Spring Fling knows you are a softie! But we all pinkie swear not to tell the Bunnies! I am glad Momma Bunny took care of that little problem for you!

    Yes, there isn't much time left before it gets too hot to plant anymore....but at C&L I still buy plants and put them in the holding area where they use up valuable energy and resources until fall.

    The planting time seems like such a short period of time...either it is too cold or the nurseries don't have the plants in yet. Which is why I have a holding area. Do you?

  7. May all your May Dreams come true, Carol and all your plants be in the ground instead of in pots.

    We'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you welcome summer to Indianapolis!

    We have a little too much summer here- day after day of rainless days in the nineties... sure is not my idea of what May should be like, even in Texas.

    Hugs from Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Hi Carol, I will certainly be thinking of you when Jim sings that song this year, after meeting you in Austin. And I won't be chiding the offspring, one in particular, for letting flats of plants dry up on the deck without being planted, since a very good gardener I know has been known to do such a thing, maybe not let them dry up, but not planting them in the ground. Have a relaxing and fun time watching the race.

  9. I hope you enjoyed your day in the garden. I actually got a bit done this evening after work myself. I still have so much to plant though.

  10. HA! I knew you were a softie... somehow, I just knew. Those gnomes, they don't lie to us when they tell us your secrets! ;)

    By the way, I thought about you on Friday. When I got to the garden center, one of my coworkers asked if I had seen "the new wildlife." I said, "Yup, I saw the duck and her nest on Sunday..." and then was surprised to learn that the duck's nest was OLD news, as we now have a nest of baby bunnies in the creeping phlox, too! (The mama still comes and feeds them, because they are getting fat... and they're so cute. We'll OBVIOUSLY have to relocate them when they grow up a bit, though. lol.)

    Anyway, I thought of you first. And then Mr. McGregor's Daughter. :)

  11. SuzyQ, Thank you and it looks like we are getting our wish for the weather.

    Leslie, Well, I'll admit that at dawn it was still pretty chilly, so I waited a bit to get started.

    Lisa at Greenbow, When Jim Nabors starts singing, I'll probably still be gardening!

    Dee/Reddirtramblings, I hope you enjoy your trip and that bunnies don't take over your garden while you are gone.

    MSS @ Zanthan Gardens, Yes we are just beginning our gardens here. It's odd to think that you are shutting down fo the summer.

    Gail, I don't really have a holding area, but I think i should!

    Annie in Austin, I've been reading about your weather, it sounds so... hot. I hope you get some rain and some relief.

    Frances, Thanks, and remember I won't be watching the race, since it is blacked out on TV here, but I will be listening to it on the radio.

    Robin's Nesting Place, I still have a lot to plant, too. Spent time mowing the lawn instead of planting.

    Blackswamp_Girl, Yes, me and the bunnies, we are trying to co-exist. Is it possible to do so?

    Thanks all for the comments and good wishes,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  12. Carol,

    I've been looking for a Ro-Ho Gardener for years. You are very lucky. However, I suspect that you may not fully apppreciate its ability. The tines are great for initially preparing the soil, but there is a bar mounted above and in front of the roller. I said bar, but it is more like a knife blade that is beveled on both edges. Just flip the Ro-Ho upside down and now you have a device that slices off the weeds about an inch or two below the surface. It still takes some effort, but it's a LOT easier than forcing the tines through the soil. If your rows are spaced about 16-20 inches, the Ro-Ho almost makes a garden that takes care of itself - almost. Well you know what I mean.


  13. We tried to get everything done by Monday even, but that was unrealistic. I always have new projects on the go, and this spring was no exception. We worked like crazy people (as we have been doing for the last few weeks) and it's still not done. But I think I can see a little sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

    The word is out in the bunny world there just as it is in the kitty world here. They just magically appear out of nowhere... God love 'em! (And so do we.) Kitties, that is!


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