Gardening WOO

Do you have enough Gardening WOO's?

It’s hard to come by sometimes, this WOO, so it's important to take advantage of it when you get it.

What is Gardening WOO?

Gardening WOO, or Window of Opportunity, is a time when all the forces around you are aligned so that you can spend some quality time working in your garden, without interruption.

When you have a good WOO, you must be ready, with tools sharpened and supplies and plants purchased, so that you can take full advantage of the WOO presented to you by the universe.

Some people make it more complicated to find good WOO’s for gardening because not only do they need to have all other obligations satisfied plus good weather, but it also has to be the right phase of the moon for planting.

Do you plant by the phases of the moon? I don’t usually. It seems too complicated and so far it doesn’t seem to make much difference, as far as I can tell. However, I did have some radishes that didn’t really form good, round radishes, so maybe the moon phase was the problem?

Checking my almanac, it appears that the 16th of March of this year when I sowed the spring crops, including radishes, was good for ABOVE ground crops, and the 24th and 25th would have been better for planting BELOW ground crops.

I really did have a whole bunch of ‘German Giant’ radishes, sown on March 16th, that didn't form a single nice round, globe shaped root and now they are flowering. I guess I planted them on the wrong day, based on the moon phases. Drats!

However, the lettuce and spinach that I sowed on that same day did great! It's one of my best ever lettuce and spinach crops, due in part to the cool spring we’ve had, but also maybe because I planted them, accidently, on a good day to plant above ground crops, based on the phase of the moon.

But now I don’t hold out much hope for my other root crops like turnips and beets, also sown on March 16th.


I did have a WOO today for gardening, but didn’t quite finish planting everything, which was my plan. But the garden is weeded, hoed, raked and ready for me to plant, when I get another WOO.

So if there is a WOO tomorrow before it rains, I’ll commence planting. If not, well, it looks like the 27th – 29th of May 5th and 6th of June are better days to plant above ground plants, according to the almanac, and I should have some WOO’s in the evenings on those days, after work. But I don't want to wait that long.

And I should have some WOO's to enjoy the peonies which are just now starting to open as the 'Miss Kim' lilacs are fading.
I guess the peonies know this is their WOO to take center stage in the garden.

My wish for you is that you have all the Gardening WOO’s that you’ll need to plant all your plants this spring, and that they occur in the right phase of the moon for whatever you want to do.

By the way, the only activity the almanac lists as good to do tomorrow, the 26th, is “castrate animals”. I’ll pass on that, and just take my chances planting above ground plants...


  1. Granted I haven't been growing radishes very long but as I understand it they HATE being crowded, unlike some carrots which actually do better when they're nose to knees with their neighbors.

  2. I like this WOO business. A great way to describe good working time in the garden.

  3. I have been hankering for a good WOO. I hope I will get one tomorrow. Actually I think I need a week's worth. I have to keep reminding myself that my climate is behind yours so my planting can be behind, too. But not very far behind, as we will end sooner, too.

  4. I totally had a WOO today!! I didn't know the name, but I has a wonderful, stress free, very productive day.

  5. I'm hoping tomorrow will be my WOO day. I'm impatient for my peonies to open.

  6. It's great to be back on line again!
    Woo, eh? That's a great way to put it. I have been waiting fro a WOO to do some painting and this weekend provided well as for some planting. My tree peonies are open but not the others. Yours are lovely! Hope you'll pop by fora visit.

  7. I thought I was going to have a WOO on Saturday but the weather was too unsettled and I couldn't get in the garden flow...and ended up cleaning the garage. But today was much, some clouds...and I got a lot done!

  8. The condition of my house shows that I have been WOOing a lot! This is another great post, Carol, and I totally agree with your philosophy. We've had so many days of rain this spring that if I wake up to sunshine, everything else takes a back seat to gardening.

    Thanks for the chuckle at the end of your post. This was obviously from the livestock farmers' almanac.

  9. Now I know my problem - my WOOs are too small. I love reading almanacs, and one of mine says that today is a good day to harvest. I'm going to go look for a radish or an onion to pull.

  10. Your post made me smile. We had a lovely WOO yesterday and spent the whole day in the garden. Maybe this afternoon . . . . .

  11. I know exactly what you mean, but I think I used up all my WOO times in February, March, and April. Won't be WOOing again until October here in Austin.

    Your peonies look divine.

  12. Interesting. We have a dog that needs spayed....should we try to arrange that for today? LOL!

    I wish I had more Woos....too much to do, too much to do....

  13. We've had some perfect WOOs this weekend. Just warm enough with a slight breeze. This time of year it's easy to get overwhelmed with all there is to do in the garden.

    I try to keep in mind that one of the greatest joys of gardening is the peace and serenity it brings. So I take my WOOs as they come and try not to get too frantic if I've missed a deadline here or there.

  14. I like the WOO idea. You really do have to look for those moments and take advantage of them.

    Enjoy your site. My cousin led me to it - she knows we're big in to gardens (purely flowers and the occasional tomato).

    We're Zone 5'ers to, here in Ohio.

    Have a great growing season.


  15. When you'll be busy with your sister's dog tomorrow, you might as well do Mr Rabbit ... Just to take the best advantage of the WOO...

  16. I agree with Pam. I think all my WOO-ing is done down here until October. We have a small WOO in Austin to get things planted before the Death Star comes out to french fry all our hard work ;)

  17. I am WOO deprived...either I have had to be gone or we have had company and I need WOO time, but oops here comes more company. Carol the lettuce looks scrumptious!


  18. Great Blog - just found you.
    I too became interested in planting by the moon phases this year.
    I like being able to have "reserved time" to do my gardening. I

    love to have an excuse to use: "sorry can't go _______ with you - I

    have to plant tomatoes today - it's the only WOO this month!"
    I'm a die hard do it her-selfer. So I wanted to learn how to do it.

    Took a little time and finding a free astrology program, but I like

    that my WOO's are for my location.
    If anyone is interested I'd be happy to share what I learned.
    I'm keeping detailed records this year to see if it really works.

  19. All
    Thanks for all the comments, and I hope everyone has plenty of WOO's for gardening, wherever you garden.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens