Thank You

What a day yesterday was here at May Dreams Gardens. I'll be putting a big green star next to it in my garden journal so I won't forget in years to come the feeling of gratitude for all the good things that happened on May 15, 2008.

I am thrilled and grateful to be the recipient of five Mouse & Trowel Awards for Innovation in Garden Blogging, Garden Blogger You'd Most Like as Your Neighbor, Garden Blog Post of the Year, Best North American Garden Blog, and Garden Blog of the Year.

Thank you to Colleen at In the Garden Online for organizing this awards event once again. Congratulations to all the other winners, too, and thank you to everyone who was a part of the voting.

At the risk of you all hearing the orchestra in the background signaling "get on with it", I'll just leave it at that and not go on and on about how grateful I am and start listing all the bloggers who have given me inspiration through their own blogs, wonderful comments, and behind the scenes advice via email. I won't start talking about April 2008 again and all the fun many of us had meeting one another in person. Or go on about how many mis-steps I took in the beginning when I was starting this blog, at one time actually deleting it and restarting it. It would be a long post of gratitude and thank you's if I tried to include everyone and thank them properly and it might get kind of mushy. (I don't do mushy very well.)

So I'll just say a simple Thank You to all who read, comment and support me here at May Dreams Gardens.

And many thanks (I know the music is gettting louder) to all who posted about what is blooming in their gardens yesterday. I'm still working my way through the comments, virtually visiting each person who took the time to upload their photos, hunt up botanical names, and share their gardens through their blogs. I'll get to everyone eventually but, right now...

The sun is shining after a rainy week during my gardening holiday, and I have a porch full of annuals, perennials, and even some new shrubs waiting to be planted, so you'll understand if it takes me a little longer to get around to visiting your blog to read your bloom day post. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Now the music is very loud, the sun is bright, and I can smell those lilacs as they start to open, so let me just say one more time...

Thank You for your votes, your support, your wonderful comments, the link love, your participation in bloom day and the book club, and our shared love of gardening.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens


Anonymous said…
The "shared love of gardening" is why we all keep and read garden blogs, and yours has been a favorite of mine for so long I can't even remember when I first visited. You are very deserving of your five (Wow!) Mousies, most particularly of the one for Innovation for continually thinking up new ways to bring us all together, like Bloom Day. Enjoy your gardening holiday among the lilacs!
Cindy, MCOK said…
What Pam said! Hope the rain stays well away from you today & this weekend and you get lots accomplished!
Congratulations, they were well earned. Now I've got to go out & pot up my veggie garden.
Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! You are so deserving of all the awards. Every day your blog is like a 'letter from home'. I am always amazed to learn what all is in your garden and yard. Life is a journey and I'm glad your are enjoying the ride right in your own backyard.
The Diva said…
I'm thrilled for you, Carol, and I'm grateful to you for your posts, your humor and our blogging friendship. Have fun with your gardening today.~~Dee
Melanie Chopay said…
Carol, congratulations to you! You deserve each and every one of those awards, I know I sure would love to have you as a neighbor here.

The background music was fine, even when it got louder ;-)

I don't know how I totally missed GBBD but I'll sit down tonight and spend some time checking out everybody else's wonderful posts.
With all the Mousies you have you really do need to get a kittycat Carol! ;-)

Congrats on winning all the awards, but better still congrats on having such a fun blog and being such a fun person.



P.S. Do leave a Mousie or two for the others next year, will you? LOL Running and ducking!
Rose said…
Carol, Congratulations on all your awards! You deserve every one of them. You are a true inspiration to all of us; I'm still wondering if you ever sleep?? I just stopped by (during a planting break) to see what you were doing on your Twitter Updates, and was so surprised you'd added a post for today. You are Superwoman! Now go out and enjoy that sunshine.
Annie in Austin said…
Congratulations! That was a fine speech, Carol - too bad you didn't have to buy a gown and rent diamonds like the Oscar winners...we all would have enjoyed seeing that part, too, especially if you could find a designer who makes evening dresses out of green denim.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Commonweeder said…
Congratulations! I still consider myself a new blogger, and you have been such an inspiration to me - and have been so welcoming and encouraging. I do wish you were my neighbor
Pat the commonweeder
Frances, said…
Hi Carol, I pictured you at the podium, but didn't realize your dress was green denim. Very deserving and what a great neighbor you would be, a helper to battle the rabbits! And welcome the fairies. ;->
Gail said…

You so deserve each of the Mousie's...your blog is a delight to read; chock full of fun and learning.

So do you have a virtual bookcase or mantel to showcase all the awards;)

garden girl said…
Carol, congratulations on all five of your well-deserved Mousies! How exciting!
Congratulations, Carol! But the real question is, did anything concrete (like, say, chocolate or cash) accompany your awards? It should have!
~ Monica
Whooo Hoooooooo Way to go Carol. Most deserved Mousie.
Nancy said…
You do indeed deserve every accolade you've gotten this year, including "rock star"!!

Thanks for coming up with a way for me to share so many gardens, and to force me to document my garden. I look forward to looking back in the years to come and comparing the "then and now" pictures I will have.

Oh, and I'm up to GBBD part 2 and 1/2... a Snail Cotillion...
Congratulations on the awards. They are well deserved.

And Thank you for hosting GBBD. It is fun to join in and see what everyone has blooming.
Heartfelt congratulations, Carol on all your well-deserved Mouse and Trowel Awards.
Your blog has been a daily must read for me since I discovered you. You amaze me with your never-ending supply of interesting blogging material. You are deserving of your "Mousie" awards.

I'm very late on my Bloom Day post, it still isn't done. This nasty cold has left me with very little motivation. I'm glad you finally had a good day for gardening today.
Chookie said…
Since I started in the blogosphere a few months ago, your blog has been one of my favourites. Congratulations on your awards!
Anonymous said…
You go girl!
Congratulations Carol! I feel like my sister is a rock star or something - LOL!

Your little sister
Anonymous said…
You know how I love to say, "I told you so." Well, 'told you so. :-)

Hope you see now why we think that you rock the garden blogging world.
Unknown said…
Congratulations. What a great accomplishment.
Unknown said…
Wow, 5 mousies! Congratulations. How neat is that? You deserve them all too. I bet you feel proud, I know I would!
Anonymous said…
Per my Tweet, hearty congratulations! I am really enjoying getting to know you better and am grateful for the Tweets. Your unbounded energy is amazing!
Carol Michel said…
All, thank you for all the nice comments and congratulatory notes. You all know how to make a gardener feel special!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Ki said…
Wow! congratulations on sweeping four categories of the M&T awards- richly deserved...and the Korean lilac looks lovely too :)
Ewa said…
Dear Carol,
How do you make it - I wonder ;) congratulations on all awards.