Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2008

Welcome to May Dreams Gardens, home of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, the place to leave a comment if you've also posted about what is blooming in your garden on this 15th day of June.

Comparing what is blooming in gardens across the U.S. and around the world once a month has given many of us a broader view of gardening and helped us to better understand what it's like to garden in other climates. It has also increased the size of our "wish" lists of new plants!

For those of us who have been posting about our blooms since the first bloom day in February 2007, we now have an online record of when flowers bloom in our gardens, so we can compare this year 's bloom list to last year's list.

I've done that and I can confirm that my garden continues to be a week or so behind in blooms compared to last year.

But I still have plenty of flowers, including the sweet pea shown above. That's 'Old Spice' and it smells just as pretty as it looks.

In my miniature fairy garden, Heuchera 'Petite Fairy Pearls' is putting on a grand show for such a small plant.
There are also a couple of little hostas starting to bloom in this fairy garden, but the dwarf meadow rue, blooming last year at this time, hasn't bloomed yet.

I found this white columbine, hiding in front of some tiger lilies on the east side of the house.Last year the tiger lilies were also blooming on the 15th, but this year, they are still buds. I don't know where the white columbine came from, as this is late for them to bloom around here. I didn't plant it, it's like a ghost.

Here's a new plant I added last year to counteract all the yellow and gold colored flowers in my garden. It's Stachys monieri 'Hummelo' Yes, it is related to the fuzzy gray-leaved Lamb's ear, Stachys byzantina. I'd show you some of those Lamb's ear blooms, but I always cut them off to keep the plant from getting all floppy.

New this spring are these pretty blues flowers, Veronica spicata 'Royal Candles' Behind it is the variegated Heliopsis 'Lorraine Sunshine', which is under strict orders not to re-seed all over the place. Half of its seedlings aren't variegated, they are just plain old False Sunflower.

The Beard-tongue is putting on a good show, although I thought the stems were redder last year. This is Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red' To the right you can see a few of the hot pink blooms of Rose Campion, Lychnis sp.

One of the plants that seems to like all the rain we've been getting is the 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea.
You can see that I don't so anything to the soil to try to get these flowers to turn blue.

Across the way is this shrub clematis Clematis integrefolia 'Alba'. I have to give it some support to keep it from flopping all over, but otherwise it is a relatively easy plant to grow.

This clematis definitely needs support.I think it is 'Comtesse de Bouchard' and it has taken me a few years to get it to grow and flower consistently.

Out in the vegetable garden, the nasturtiums are blooming, but I wish the tomatoes were further along and blooming like they were last year at this time.
With no blooms on my tomato plants out in the garden, I'm not counting on breaking any records for any early tomato, unless I count this Micro Tom tomato in a container on my patio.
I'll have to move quickly when this one ripens or the garden fairies will beat me to it.

Here's a list of everything in bloom right now.

Alchemilla mollis – Lady’s Mantle
Allium – variety unknown but it is a late bloomer
Anthemis tinctoria ‘Kelwayi’ – Golden Marquerite Daisy
Chamaemilum nobile – Chamomile or it would be if I hadn't cut it all back!
Clematis integrefolia ‘Alba’ – Shrub Clematis
Clematis sp. – probably 'Comtesse de Bouchard'
Coreopsis lanceolata - Lance leaf Coreopsis, started from seed
Geranium sp. - a pass along plant
Geranium x cantabrigiense 'Biokovo'
Geranium x cantabrigiense 'Karmina'
Hemerocallis – 'Stella D’Oro' - I have too many of these - boring!
Heuchera ‘Petite Pearl Fairy’ – Coral Bells
Hosta – several blooming, varieties sadly not known or are all mixed up
Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’
Lamium maculatum ‘Aureum’ – Spotted Nettle
Lychnis coronaria – Rose Campion
Nasturtium - several varieties
Oenothera tetragona ‘Sunspot’ – Variegated Evening Primrose
Potentilla fruticosa ‘McKay’s White’- as much bloom as I've ever seen on these
Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red'
Rosa – White Flower Carpet
Sedum sp. – various ground covers, some with white flowers, some with yellow flowers
Spiraea sp. – variety unknown but has white flowers
Spiraea x bumulda ‘Crispa’ – Cutleaf Spirea
Spiraea x bumulda ‘Monhub’ – Limemound Spirea
Spiraea japonica 'Golden Elf' - A true miniature
Stachys byzantina – Lamb’s Ear (but I usually cut off the blooms)
Stachys monieri 'Hummelo' - Betony
Sweet Peas 'Old Spice'
Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk' - Japanese Tree Lilac
Thymus - Thyme
Tradescantia - Spiderwort, shades of blues and purples
Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate' - Golden Spiderwort
Veronica 'Fairytale'
Veronica repens 'Sunshine'
Veronica spicata 'Royal Candles' - Spike Speedwell
Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt' - Chicago Lustre Arrowwood Viburnum

What’s blooming in your garden in mid-June? We would love to have you join us for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. It’s easy to join in. Just post on your blog about what is blooming in your garden, then leave a comment here so we can find your blog and come and virtually visit your garden and see your flowers. Be sure to leave a link to your blog in your comment text.

No special invitations needed. All are welcome to participate!

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. This is absolutely crazy, but I cannot grow nasturtium in my garden. They take over my neighbors' gardens on all sides of me, but they never venture into my garden and when I've planted them, they've died in short order.

    I would like to have a June-blooming Clematis. I've heard yours is supposed to be good in containers.

    My June Blooms are up, here:

  2. Your heuchera steals the show for me, Carol, though everything looks lush, lovely, and well watered. I wish, I wish we could have some of your rain and you could have some of our sun to ripen your tomatoes. My post is up.

  3. I am at least two weeks behind last year's early spring - it is great to be able to compare. My post is up!

  4. What a difference with the May GBD. So much more colour and variety now. Thank you for organizing this event. I enjoyed putting my first post up on my
    Bloom Day page

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  6. Carol, your garden is so diverse. It's fun imagining how all the colorful and unique pieces fit together to form a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle. It must be stunning. Thanks for hosting GBBD.

    Here’s the link to my Shakespeare’s Rose featuring Queen Mary’s Gardens in London and the Oxford Botanical Garden.

  7. Your garden is looking fantastic Carol, what a diference it makes from the witer months. I wish I could grow clematis, but they just shrivel up and die. Thank you for another GBBD. My post is up at

  8. Hi - just to let you know I have posted my GBBD post

  9. Hi Carol! Your combination of the blue veronica with 'Loraine Sunshine' heliopsis is inspired. (By the way, if you manage to convince the latter not to seed around so much, please tell us how!) That white Clematis integrifolia is especially lovely too. Thanks for sharing your blooms today. Mine are up at

  10. Hello Carol from my small London garden. Having enjoyed so much everybody's posts the last few months, here's my first effort at a Bloom day post

  11. You have lots of pretty blooms in your garden Carol. I really like the small huechera. I have my post up if you can pop by to see it. Happy GBBD.

  12. That is indeed a tiny tomato. Thank you once again for hosting Bloom Day. My post is heavy on smoke, daylilies and hydrangeas and you can see here:

    Best Regards!

  13. My GBBD post for June is up on my blog ... certainly lots of blooms this month.

  14. Seeing your sweet pea blossom reminds me of all the sweet peas in my mother's garden when I was a girl.
    I love that Endless Summer hydrangea. I try to add a little acidic food to keep mine blue though they often turn out lavendar. No matter the color, they're still beautiful.

    I have lots more blooms (and planted this time!) than May--my post is up.

  15. I so wish I still had my clematis, but it died one day and they don't like growing here anymore. So sad.

    You can see my entry here .

  16. My June bloom day scans are up. So much to do, so little time.

  17. I'm enchanted by the hydrangeas. I use free coffee grounds from Starbucks on my lawn to give it the acid it needs to keep it from getting chlorotic. I wonder if that would turn your hydrangeas blue.

    I also like the Veronica spicata. It even looks like something that could grow here in Austin--well something Annie in Austin could grow if I couldn't.

    My post for Zanthan Gardens is up.

  18. This is my first bloom day! It's a little depressing looking at what's blooming in other's gardens when I'm in a cold and rainy zone 3 right now! But here goes:

  19. Wonderful blooms for June, Carol. I've posted my GBBD.

  20. Wow Carol your garden looks great! I like the heucheras and the clematis. Here's my bloom day post: Asiatic Lilies for Bloom Day.

  21. My Bloom Day post is here:
    And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

  22. Pretty blooms as usual, Carol. I'm especially jealous of your sweet peas and nasturiums. I planted sweet peas this spring, this reminds me to go check on them! I bought nasturium seeds, but they don't seem to grow if you don't get around to planting them. ;)

    My post is up at min hus.

  23. That's a lot of lovely, delicate blooms. The miniature fairy garden looks so cool, I should try one when I get some time. The veronica actually looks like miniature echium!

  24. Great collection of flowers. I remembered to take some photos and post them on the 15th this month.
    Digital Flower

  25. Love your sweet pea! I just bought a big bouquet of it at the farmer's market and now I think I'm going to have to grow some next year.

    As for me, I'm swimming in lavender and loving every minute!

  26. Carol, I'm almost positive that your pink Clematis is 'Comtesse de Bouchaud.' I just planted one of those last fall & am waiting for it to bloom. That tiny tomato is so cute. That's a much better size for eating in a salad than cherry tomatos, which are too big to bite, yet too small to cut.
    Here's my post: (I wish I could figure out how to do a direct link.)

  27. I love Bloom Day! Here are my pictures today:
    Looking forward to checking out everyone's blooms, sarah

  28. Your blooms look quite beautiful (especially that Veronica - I just don't have luck with them here in South Carolina, not quite sure why). Here are some of my blooms for mid-June:

  29. Carol, your bloom day flowers are wonderful. I especially like the 'Royal Candles'. Even though the varigated 'helipsis' is pretty, I don't think I would trust it in my gardens. Thanks for hosting this virtual garden journal. My bloom day is up.

  30. This will be my first time participating in Garden bloggers bloom day, what a great idea! Thanks for starting it!

  31. Thanks to Sarah for pointing out that my link was wonky. Forgot the hyphen :-)in my name.

    Carol, I'll have to say thank you again, as I deleted my earlier comment. I am so enjoying seeing people's collections.

  32. Carol, your garden is so lovely. I especially love the blue veronica - mine disappeared last year, and your photo makes me want another! Thanks for hosting - this is so much fun, and I love seeing everyone's gardens. Here's mine for this month:

    Thanks again!

  33. Wonderful blooms Carol. Here is my post for this month. I have a lot of daylilies and not much else. But who can complain about having daylilies

  34. Happy Blooming Day, Carol! What a nice mix you have of perennials, shrubs and even some annuals in bloom...the clematis integrifolia really caught my eye!
    When you get the chance to visit my garden, there's a special hydrangea in bloom that you might like.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    Bloom Day for June 2009

  35. My bloom post is up! I am going to have to get to work this summer and plant more flowers - haven't had the time it seems - but i have found so many flowers I would love to have, more varieties of day lilies (I saw a very pretty red version at the farmer's market), clematis, iris, and more.

  36. Gorgeous photos, as always, Carol :-) My bloom day post is up, too:

    Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: June 2008---Very Purple

    Happy Bloom Day!

  37. Love that sweet pea! If I end up getting rid of my bittersweet, I'll have to look at sweet peas as substitutes.

    My garden is starting to show its lag from last year, but it still looks like summer: June in Oak Park.

  38. Hi Carol,
    I posted this before but don't think it went. Delete it if in fact it did.
    Have posted for GBD, thought the weather has been so bad I almost had nothing to post about. I checked back too, and we're 3 to 4weeks behind last year. But at the last minute, my nasturtiums came through for me ...

  39. Hi Carol, That is some impressive list.My post is up at Thanks for hosting this each month.

  40. Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom day! I love the hydrangea, it's beautiful. I have a ton of blooms to share this month. The first time since I started back in the middle of winter:)

  41. Happy Bloom Day! I put up mine too, and after I get Bear off to camp, I'll come back and read everyone else's.~~Dee

  42. Carol, what a wonderful array of delightful blooms in your garden. And I'm happy to finally join in this amazing feature that you have started, and considering my forgetfulness, I have always managed to miss out on it. It really is a treat to browse through all these blooming gardens throughout the planet. Happy GBBD!

    Greetings from the Mediterranean,

  43. Hi Carol, great blooms this month. The Royal Candle are my favorite.
    My post is up and thanks for all you do on GBBD.

  44. I just love your fairy garden and the clematis is spectacular. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful day.

  45. I'm blooming!

    Thanks again for this *excellent* idea.

  46. My blooms are posted. There are more things blooming too such as purple coneflower,blazing star liatris, knockout roses, and lamb's ear.

  47. You've got so many lovely plants in your garden, Carol!

    My post is up, too!
    /Katarina (Roses and stuff)

  48. Hi Carol,you have showcased some lovely blooms in your GBBD post...what surprises me is the difference in time frames of same blooms in diffferent geographical locations, my sweet peas and Nasturtiums were finished four months ago whereas yours are in full glory at present.
    My Blooms day post is up too.
    Best Wishes

  49. Beautiful, I've never even heard of shrub clematis! It's gorgeous. The heat is really getting to us here, but here are a few things in bloom in my garden. Thanks for the Bloom Day!

  50. Hi Carol
    That is a very cute heuchera. The WWWs have their GBBD post up.

  51. Carol, Your purple clematis is beautiful; something I've been desiring to have. Now I have to get one. And that sweet white columbine! My Bloom Day pics are here:
    Robin at Getting Grounded in Austin

  52. Carol,

    You have so much in bloom it's amazing! I'l have to come visit May Dreams Garden sometime soon. I promise not to thank you for any plants you may gift me with - LOL!

    My pathetic blooms are posted.

    Your baby sister,

  53. I remember in botony class in college that we were told that if you want blue hydrangea, pour vinegar on the soil and if you want pink, pound nails in the soil and if you want half and half do one on one side of the plant and the other on the other side of the plant. Wonder if this is true?

  54. No buds on my hydrangea, but it at least looks healthy. My post is up:

  55. Here's my first Bloom Day post:

  56. My GBBD post is up. It is amazing how many flowers are still going strong despite our heat.

    Always Growing

  57. I like the way the flowers on the Heuchera almost float. Thanks for the bloom highlights.

    If anyone wants to stop by to see what's blooming in our garden they can see it at my post "Orange Surprise". Thanks for being a great host!

  58. Happy Bloom Day--thanks again, Carol! I'm SWOONING (well, partially from the heat) for your GORGEOUS hydrangea. Cheers!

  59. My roses are blooming lushly this month. You already have nasturtiums? Mine don't start flowering till later in the summer. Happy Bloom Day!
    My post is a bit late, but it being Father's day kept me busy most of the day. Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.

  60. Oh my gosh, how beautiful. Your blooms are so much further along than ours north of Indy.

  61. Carol
    I think your Veronica spicata "royal candles looks very elegant, and the hydrangea Endless Summer is also very pretty.
    It is always interesting to visit you at May Dreams garden.
    My post is up for GBBD

  62. Fantastic idea to see What's Blooming all over.

    Here's my list of What's Blooming Today:

  63. Hi Carol!
    My GBBD post is up on my blog; it's been a windy and stormy Father's Day here- hope your day is nicer!

  64. Happy GBBD Carol... it looks like it will be another record breaking Bloom Day! It's so interesting to see that many things that have finished blooming here are blooming for you now and yet at the same time we have things blooming in common. My post is finally up...


    What a turn out Carol, you really ARE a rock star!

  66. Finally posted my first Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post ever! yay!

    And speaking of supporting Clematis, I just had to add some wire fencing to my trellis. The clematis wasn't having much luck clinging to the large trellis rails, so hopefully now it will stop clinging to itself and instead make it to the top of my trellis.

  67. I love the 'Alba' clematis and would like to know more about it. My blooms are up at

  68. Wow! You've got me beat with all of those flowers blooming. I'm happy to have some flowers I planted last summer coming up again though. My post is up.

  69. My first GBBDay post!! Thank you, Carol, for hosting GBBD!

    My garden's just a baby; tis a brand-new container garden in a scrounged space. We'll see how it does! *grin*

    Thanks again, and btw, that veronica just took my breath away!


  70. It looks as though all that rain did the trick. Your garden is in full bloom. My post is up too.

  71. I love that dainty Coral bells. And I also cut the flowers off my wooly lamb's ears -- in fact, having just got back from three weeks' vacation, I was out doing that today -- you can probably hear their huge collective sigh of exasperation!
    I'm always interested to see the plants that are so far ahead in your garden and the ones that overlap blooming with mine -- gardening's so full of surprises, isn't it?!
    Anyway, I've posted my June blooms, and looking forward to see what's blooming in other gardens. I'll be pleased to show you round mine if you have a minute . . . We can have a virtual glass of iced tea as we stroll . . .

  72. Doesn't look like my post made it before, so here it is's so rare that I make it on time!
    Can You Dig It? - GBBD for June

  73. Thank you Carol for the mid-June tour of your gardens. You can take a virtual walk through my Western PA garden here.
    Happy Gardening.

  74. Carol, that Stachys really caught my eye. It looks like June is a dreamy month in your garden, too!

    My Bloom Day post is up at

  75. Wow, 74 garden bloggers have Bloom Day posts already! Is this a record? Finally mine is up and it will take forever to check all these out but I will do my best! Cheers and another great Bloom Day, Carol!

  76. I think I need to add that stachys to my "go get it" list.
    My post is up! Thanks for hosting...this is so much fun, it really makes me pay attention every month.

  77. What a cute little tomato Carol! I have a mystery white columbine too. Either 'Cardinal' reverted to it, or it's a seedling that's not true to it's parent, since I have (had) no white columbines until this spring.

    Your blooms are awesome. There's so much blooming in your garden. Impressive!

  78. My GBBD post is up at

    I have found here in my Tennessee garden flowers are blooming earlier this year than last year. The freeze we had slowed down many blooms or wiped them out all together. You did not get the freeze? I am wondering why Indianapolis is behind. Maybe the cool and rainy spring? Thanks for hosting and I love that clematis tenifolia? The white one.

  79. Hi there...I posted today...I combined it with Green Thumb Sunday, I hope that was ok...I am tweeting and plurking with you and the other gardeners!

  80. Carol,

    Here's my post:

    I didn't have time to write a comment, but hope you enjoy the pictures!

    -Heirloom Gardener

  81. My Honduran blooms are here:

    Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in Honduras

    I can't complain, but I do miss those lamb's ears!

  82. I'd love to smell those gorgeous sweet peas! Your garden is looking bright and cheery with all its beautiful blooms, Carol. I especially love the pink Clematis and the Veronica.
    My Bloom Day post is up.

  83. Your garden is so much full of the blooms - like always :)
    Here are my blooms of June:
    Ewa in the Garden: Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2008

  84. Hi Carol,

    Your flowers look luscious, so many good ones!

    We are back from our beach vacation and our bloom day post is up. Not sure about getting the link in the text, it has never worked before, what's the secret?

    Frances at Faire Garden

  85. Hi Carol,
    Of the columbines, the white ones are my favorite. They seem to work well to brighten an area with greenery. The delicate blooms are charming. And your Veronica has an amazing color of blue!

    I finally posted my photos. Late again but there are a few gems. Thanks for hosting GBBD.

  86. Your garden is filled with wonderful color! I have posted blooms not realizing that it was ~bloom day Sunday!~
    I should join the group but I guess I am afraid of missing the date some months however now that gardening season is here I am posting blooms pretty well every post!A very ~Special Delivery~ here at Nature-trail!! Enjoy your blooms!NG

  87. Chiming in a bit late here, but I did take a few pics of the garden. We are a bit behind most of you though.

  88. A day late, but my post is up. Thank you for hosting GBBD Carol!

  89. Everything looks so beautiful! I especially love the tiny little tomato!

  90. I made it! it in only one day late this time.

    I'm litterally in the weeds at the new place--tons and tons of thistle everywhere.

  91. Oh, sweet peas. I have tried them here without success. Your post reminded me that my lamb's ear is also blooming, but I failed to capture it in my post. Unlike you, I don't mind the plants all floppy, so I leave the blooms on. Thanks for hosting!

  92. Okay my post is late but it is up:

    Carol, your "Royal Candles" are pretty. Thanks for hosting GBBD each month.


  93. I guess we all know who to visit on Bloom Day. At the Commonweeder I am still working on my post - but some of it is there already. I love the idea of your fairy garden and I wish we had some of your rain! I am new enough to blogging that I don't have a record of everything that was in bloom last year, but over the past couple of months it has been borne in on me what a blessing Bloom Day is - from an historical point of view.

  94. I love visiting May Gardens on bloom day, but I can't help but be just a tad jealous. Right now we have daylillies, calla lillies, astilbe and impatients in bloom. That's it. Sigh. Guess I'll need to plant more flowers next year. At any rate, I've posted photos of my daylillies.

  95. Wow! 93 comments! And here I am, having mssed the day completely. I have been too busy working in the garden and doing massage to actually get a post up. But, my last two posts will give you an idea of what has been going on.

    Your garden is beautiful, as always! My heucheras are blooming too, as are many of my hostas. I'm assuming you have been "enjoying" the quantities of rain that have been falling up your way, the same way we have been! Glad I don't live in Iowa right now!

  96. I love your columbine! I've gotten my pictures up at Better late than never!

  97. We have one plant blooming that no one has mentioned. Our Easter lily is in full bloom with 12 open and about 8 more to come. Can you explain that? It is on the south side of the house and next to the brick.
    Hope you make 100 comments.

  98. I admire your heuchera photo, Carol...having tried in vain to get a decent shot of mine sparkling in the late evening sunshine. My hortfriend turned me on to Stachys Helon Von Stein 'Big Ears', which never gets ratty no matter what.
    Please visit me at
    and click on ricki's blog at the bottom of the home page.
    I accidentally turned off comments last month, so my apologies if you tried to leave one. Please try again...I love to hear from you (that includes everyone!).

  99. Ok, so I am a day late. I am posting my bloom day link anyway ;)

    And I LOVE those sweetpeas ;)

  100. I'll be 100! My post is late again! I'm lovin' this cooler weather, how about you?

  101. I actually made it on the 15th this time, Carol! Here is my post.

    I can see that you are a week or two ahead of us up here. I grew sweet peas for the first time this year, but mine aren't blooming yet. I can't wait! Yours is so pretty.

  102. Your garden looks great. I have my post up if anyone wants to venture over and take a peek :)

  103. I apologise for my lateness but I thought I would give it a shot. England is warm and glorious at the moment so most plants are having a ball. The pictures are here.
    (Apologies but I have yet to work out how to add a link to these comments - you can also get there by clicking on my name: I've worked out that much at least and going to the June Flowers Page.)

  104. Wow! Over 100 comments! Heh...then maybe you won't notice me, slipping in the back of the class, late as usual! :) Happy Bloom Day!

  105. One of these years I'm going to have sweet pea flowers. This year (again) I have sweet pea plants, but not flowers. Yours are 'Old Spice'? Maybe I should try that one.

    Better late than never for Bloom Day? I made up for it with a twofer.

    Part 1
    Part 2

  106. Hi there Carol, sorry late again :-)

    I have some video for you this month with photos posted on my previous posting. I expect it will be some time before you get to browse the late participants :-D But is the taking part that is always fun!

    My post is waiting for you when you have time to visit :-D

  107. Me too.... Better late than never. I have a lot of vegetables blooming this month. Its really exciting.

  108. Carol, I am just absolutely amazed at how many people are posting about their gardens! How wonderful.

    You have a very impressive list this month.

    Here is my entry for bloom day.

  109. The content on Visitthebest. Was superlative.Got to know new things keep going….

  110. I have an entry too. Thank you for hosting.

  111. Thank you to EVERYONE for sharing pictures and lists of what is blooming in your gardens mid-June! I am overwhelmed by the wonderful response and by the many beautiful gardens.

    I now believe I have visited all but two blogs and left comments. I couldn't find one blog and the other required me to register to leave a comment.

    I hope to 'visit' all of your gardens again in July!

    Thank you!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

    (p.s. if you didn't leave a comment here, I may not have found you, depending on if you are on my feed reader.)

  112. To say I'm a little behind would be the worlds biggest understatement. But I really wanted to document my bloom days for the summer, even though they're looooong past. You don't have to visit --I'm just putting the link here for posterity. I hope you don't mind! :-)
    My June Blooms:
    ~Angela :-)

  113. Would love to participate in Garden Bloggers bloom day.