It's Like Sitting on the Porch Chatting

Did you ever gather with a group of gardeners, knowing they were all gardeners, and just start chatting about gardening?

Multiple conversations go on at once and you join in some and just listen to others. Or maybe you start up a new topic.

Plurking is kind of like that. You wander over to the Plurk site and see what people you are following as designated friends are talking about, and add your thoughts in ongoing threads. Or you start up a new topic and maybe someone will add something to it, all in 140 characters or less.

We've got a dozen or more garden bloggers on Plurk now, and have plurked on topics such as tomato staking, weeding, blogging, weather, mowing, hoeing. You name the topic. Sometimes with multiple threads started, the pace is quick, but not too fast that you can't enjoy it.

Why don't you join us and try it out? It takes a little getting used to, is a bit addictive, and requires some willpower not to let it eat up your whole evening, but it's fun in it's own way.

What's to lose, except maybe an hour or two?


Robin said…
Love the plurking. Who would've thunk?

Robin at Bumblebee
Kathy said…
Yes, you do have to learn to budget your time.
Gina said…
you guys are evil, pressuring me over there like that! well, mainly colleen is evil, but still. she was all like "ohhhhh that's where allll the gardeners hang out..."

who has time for actual gardening with all this micro blogging
Leslie said…
Way more addictive than Twitter for some reason...good thing I'm forced away from the computer a lot!
I'm not even going there. I am having a hard enough time getting away from the computer without adding another addiction!

Is that why you never come visit us anymore? We've been replaced by computer friends :-(

Colleen said…
Evil? Me? Well, I never... :-)

Plurk is way more addictive than Twitter. It's exactly the way Carol says it is--like sitting around gabbing with a bunch of other gardeners.

So far, the only friends I've added on Plurk are garden bloggers, so it's different from Twitter too in that I don't have the distraction of sifting through unrelated conversations.
Lisa in CA said…
Plurk is pretty cool...have sent some friend invites so I won't be lonely anymore, LOL.