Commemorating Triumph Over the Rabbits

From the beginning of time it seems that we have had the desire to build monuments to commemorate great events, like the ends of wars.

We have put up statues to remember great leaders and thinkers of our time.

We need and enjoy these visual reminders of the past. They become great landmarks and rallying places for us.

In my own city of Indianapolis, we have a great monument, the Soldiers’ and Sailor’s Monument, located in the heart of downtown. It defines the city and serves as a reminder of all those who died in wars before World War I, and it is also a gathering place for happier events, like the ends of other wars.

And at Christmas time, lights are strung from the top to turn the monument into “the world’s tallest Christmas tree”, which should be on everyone’s gardener’s life list as something to see, even though we realize it isn’t technically a tree.

In my own garden, I wanted a monument, a sculpture to remember, because I believe I have finally won my own war against the rabbits or at least I have been victorious in enough battles to feel like I have the upper hand.

So far this summer, and it’s early yet, I’ve picked three ‘messes’ of green beans. Two messes were from two four foot rows of ‘Provider’ and one was from a six foot row of ‘Maxibel’, some fancy French green beans I’m trying. And there will be more! I’ve planted more beans so that the harvest will continue into August.

I believe much of my success is due to using plastic spoons around the beans to keep out the rabbits. But recently my older sister said she tried the same thing, and it did not work for her. The rabbits ate all her bean plants.

She was telling me about it the other day and she was not happy. As though it was my fault! I can’t take responsibility like that. I can only advise and wonder what she did wrong.

But giving her the benefit of the doubt that she used the spoons correctly, I feel I should offer a disclaimer that “your results may vary” if you decide to erect plastic cutlery fortresses in your own garden to keep the rabbits out. Apparently it may or may not work.

But it worked for me, and so I feel victorious, full of beans. I feel like celebrating.

I feel like putting something in my garden to remember not only all the frustrations, the anguish, the disappointments of having bean crop after bean crop devoured by the rabbits, year in and year out, but more importantly to remember that I can beat the rabbits. I can prevail in my garden and have green beans.

With that in mind, I found a new sculpture that I have added to my perennial garden.

May I present a remembrance, a bit of whimsy for my garden.
I’m calling it “Triumph Over Rabbits”, or in honor of my French green beans, “Triomphe sur les Lapins”.

Each time I see my new sculpture, I’ll remember. I’ll be vigilant and watchful. The rabbits are out there, they are eating, but there are ways to live with them. Peaceful ways.

A date for the formal dedication of this sculpture has not been set, but it shall be soon, to be accompanied by a great feast from the garden featuring green beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and perhaps, a tomato and some eggplant.

Until then may peace and prosperity continue in my garden, and yours as well.


  1. Hmmm, the rabbits may treat your statue as a tribute to them and begin to make pilgrimage to your garden to visit it. Are you not being just a little too daring with your good fortune, tempting the Rabbit gods ?

  2. That is so perfect! Congrats on all of the beans.

  3. Congratulations on the harvest. I hope you continue to reap what you sowed in your veggie garden and that you finally defeated the rabbits. Love the statue by the way.

  4. Normally, I consider putting a rabbit statue in a garden asking for trouble. Rabbits, being naturally stupid, will look over & say "Hey, if that rabbit can do it, so can I." In this case, however, I make an exception. "Triumph Over Rabbits" is a fitting reminder to be ever vigilent.

  5. Carol, I love this! Congratulations in your victory.

  6. I pay homage to the Victory Over Rabbits, O great one. Is it too late to plant fava beans?

  7. Carol,I just checked out the Soldiers and Sailors Monument...that is quite impressive. It would certainly be something very interesting to visit.

  8. Congratulations on your impressive victory! Sure beats murder, and even live-catch traps with the necessary relocation program. Heh, if the rabbits DO want to emulate the statue, they'll all be standing VERY still! ;-)

  9. I was hoping for something a little more parallel to Monument Circle...perhaps a Crop Circle?

    The rabbit statue is nice too. :)
    Looks like it works well in your garden.

  10. Carol, congratulations on you victory! We have had victory over the rabbits in our vegetable garden, but it was at the cost of an impressive fence! Lots of labor and a small amount of money allowed us to declare our victory. I like the idea of the statue as a commemoration, I may just have to join you in the idea. Perhaps it could become a tradition. . .

  11. I wonder what the fairies will think of it? Congratulations on your contest win!

  12. I have an old pet rabbit cage. Maybe I can use the top and make a cage to keep out the wild version. Maybe my rabbits are smarter than yours? I think I will try planting some more, if its not too late. Maybe you should let me borrow the statue for a few years to see if that will scare them away.
    Kathy, the older sister

  13. I do love your monument! It is a fitting commemoration of the Battle and cute!


  14. Well, of course it was a rabbit. I should have know.~~Dee

  15. Congratulations Carol on winning the contest for nature and arts in our children's lives. I so enjoyed your response and loved other people's responses too. I'll sign those books and we will ship them to you tomorrow.

    On the subject of rabbits: I sprinkle talcum powder on my beans and just wash them thoroughly before eating. I know some Amish farmers who sprinkle flour on things they wish to keep from the hungry rabbits.

    I love your bunny statue and your sense of humor.


    Sharon Lovejoy

  16. too funny! I'm glad you have an abundant harvest!

  17. Congratulations, Carol -the statue looks great among the daisies!

    Although your photo is labeled "Attack Rabbit", what if the warfare is actually biological? Your statue could be a female in full seduction mode who will lure any male rabbits who dare come to your garden. Imagine how shamed they will feel at their failure to breach her stony portals! They will then slink away in shame and the lapin population will plummet.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  18. All, Thanks for the very nice comments... I'm enjoying this statue in my garden!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens


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