Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - July 2008

Early morning, mid-summer at May Dreams Gardens.

It's been an unusually wet summer, with abundant rain just when we needed it, and no really hot days so far.

The foxglove are starting to bloom on new plants purchased this spring. The little spots on the inside of the flowers are fairy foot prints, indicating a lot of fairy activity in the garden this year.

The shasta daisies dominate wherever they are.

I took this picture in the early morning, just as the sun was coming up on a beautiful day.

There are also nice clumps of coneflowers here and there.I'm showing these with the shrub clematis, which has been blooming non-stop for quite awhile. Those bell shaped flowers are attracting bees and garden fairies galore.

Out in front, these 'Eenie Meenie' daylilies are just starting to bloom.They are supposed to be rebloomers, but didn't do much reblooming last year, perhaps because it was so dry? We'll see what happens this year.

Another daylily blooming now is 'Strawberry Candy'.I found the tag earlier when I started my project to catalog all the plants in my garden, and thought I no longer had this one. But it has been blooming quite a bit to show me it's still here in the garden.

These 'Endless Summer' hydrangeas love all this rain!Now, that's pink!

I'm also seeing pink in the Zinnias, started from seed in late May.I should also see several shades of purple, white and my favorite, green, zinnia flowers.

Did I mention the garden fairy activity in the garden? I wonder if they are responsible for these double-white columbine?These should not be blooming now, but they are. They are like ghost flowers, reminding me of spring time in the garden.

Finally for those of you who looked at that picture of Shasta Daisies and immediately thought, "she needs to deadhead those spent blooms", I did just that.

I like how my garden is right now. I can tell you it is better to have a lot of rain than to have too little rain.

Comparing notes with last year, I don't have too many new flowers, at least that are blooming this time of year, but I'm happy with what I have, because there are more of them.

But there are a few flowers that were blooming last year, like False Sunflower and Four O'Clocks, that aren't blooming this year because I pulled them out for "conduct unbecoming a well-kept garden".

Here's a more complete list of blooms:

Currently in Bloom
Aquilegia - Double White Columbine
Coreopsis rosea – Pink Thresdleaf Coreopsis
Coreopsis verticillata – Threadleaf Coreopsis
Thalictrum kiusianum - Dwarf Meadow Rue
Echinacea purpurea – Coneflowers
Helianthus helianthoides 'Loraine Sunshine'
Hemerocallis – Daylilies, several varieties
Hosta – un-named varieties, purple flowers
Hosta ‘Pandora’s Box’
Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’
Leucanthemum x superbum – Shasta daisies
Lilium – un-named oriental lilies
Nasturtims - several varieties
Phlox paniculata – Purple, White, and Pink
Platycodon grandiflora - Balloon Flower
Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed Susan’s
Tagetes – Marigolds
Zinnia – Purple, pink, white, and my favorite, green

Blooms in the vegetable garden

Green Beans
Spaghetti squash
Zucchini squash

Blooms hanging on from previous months

Clematis integrifolia ‘Alba’
Clematis 'Comtesse de Bouchard'
Potentilla fruticosa 'Alba'
Rose – White Flower Carpet
Spirea japonica ‘Limemound’
Lychnis coronaria - Rose campion
Tradescantia sp. – Spiderwort
Various ground cover sedums

In bud
Pardancanda - Candy Lily
Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

There are also many blooms in container plantings which I'm too lazy to list, as it would be the same list all summer.

Do you have a garden full of blooms? Join us for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on the 15th of each month by posting on your blog what’s blooming in your garden, and then leave a comment here so we can find you and visit to see all your pretty flowers.

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to list your blooms in a comment below.

If you have too many blooms to list or not enough time, just go with your top 10 list and join us anyway. And botanical names are strictly optional! All are welcome!

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. Hi, thanks for posting early. You can find my entry here:

    I am pretty sure we have your red daylily that I have been reading about.

  2. Very nice--I have a blue clematis integrifolia that I posted about, but I really like your white one, too!

    My July Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Post is here.

  3. Hiya Carol,

    Throwing out the Stella d'Oro? Throw it my way please. I love my tiny clump of it and wonder if we are talking about the same dainty little Daylilly.

    My Bloom Day post for July is HERE showing some highlights in an otherwise rather bedraggled garden.

    Zinnias seem so exotic to me and I have not managed to grow a single one here in the UK. do you have them in many colours?

  4. Forgot to say that those early morning shots are absolutely lovely. That one of the coneflowers and herbaceous clematis, taken against the light, is really beautiful. It must have been so fresh to be out there at that time of day.

  5. Hi Carol,
    I like the early morning shot of your daisies a lot - and your daylilies, are so pretty. (I can understand why you let go of the yellow one with such beauties in our garden.)

    My post is up too:

    I've just merged my two gardening blogs together, so as from now on, my blog is bilingual. I hope you don't mind.


  6. Good morning Carol,

    I hope that the rain has finally stopped to give us a long overdue taste of summer.

    Please come and visit me at my bloomday pages for a quick look at what is cheering me up at the moment.

    Thank you for giving us the chance to find other festive pages today.

    I couldn't find mention of the name of the clematis in front of your echineas. I will have a go at letting a clematis wander through a border. Does it root by layering when you do that?

  7. I am glad you are getting plenty of rain, but hope you have been spared any flooding that other areas have suffered from. Your garden seems to be enjoying it, the shots are lovely. We were in a bad way in June rain wise, but July is turning into a wet month and with the heat we are getting rampant growth.

    My Bloom Day Post is up, and I have bent the rules somewhat. I have highlighted what is perhaps my favorite tree. The address is:

    Thanks again for hosting!


  8. My post is up. Raining now, although the sun did peek through long enough for me to rush around and take a few photos.
    I love zinnias, so cheerful. I can't grow them, they seem to like very warm weather, not chilly Irish summers.
    The white columbines are beautiful. Yes, things are blooming now that should have finished earlier in the season.

  9. Hi Carol, your garden is lush and wonderful, rain certainly will help those daylilies rebloom too. Strawberry Candy is a fave, I have Elegant Candy, daughter Semi has Strawberry and Wineberry. My post is up also.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  10. Love your Daisy/sun picture. The other day we were driving through a commercial area and stopped counting at 50 patches of Stella. It is way overused in this area. I have a Bloom Day Post this month.

  11. Oh my golly, I lost track of the date and just did a blog post about everything BUT flowers, lol! I took pics of what's blooming in the neighborhood, but aside from my one lil pepper bloom, nothing has opened yet in my mini-garden.

    Guess I have some flower photos to crop and post later on today! But in the meantime, y'all can click on my name if you'd like to go to my blog.

    Thank you, Carol, for hosting GBBD!

  12. Oh, I miss daylilies! I'm just going to have to find some here in Honduras.

    My meager report from La Ceiba is:

    Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day in Honduras

  13. Here's my entry - not nearly as comprehensive as some, but time is getting away from me!

  14. Hi Carol - it's interesting to see how your garden has some flowers that are now over in mine, some that are also there and others that are still to come.

    My new slideshow for July is already up and the accompanying post will appear like magic in three and a half hours time :)

    Enjoy Blooms Day everyone!

  15. My bloom day scans are up here:

  16. Hi Carol,
    My offering for GBBD July is up.

    Your strawberry candy daylily is a stunner. We sowed some wild seeds and many zinnias came up. I disliked zinnias at first because the pompom ones which seemed to be very popular and ubiquitous when I first saw zinnias were not to my taste. I have a new appreciation for the plain ones like the one you photographed beautifully. When I looked more closely at the flowers the inner small petals were different than the outer ones giving the flower a more complex look as well. Thanks for hosting GBBD!

  17. Eenie Meenie looks a lot like Beppy. I bet they have similar parentage. I wish we had gotten more rain, but I am glad for the lack of heat. I'm afraid some is in the forecast. My bloomday post is up:

    It seems like more is blooming this year, but perhaps I just wasn't as thorough listing last year.

  18. Fabulous blooms...I love the shrub clematis and the double white columbine.
    My post is up....thank you for hosting

    clay and limestone

  19. Great post for GBBD, Carol. Your July blooms are very abundant.

    Get ready for some real July weather this week.

  20. I loved the photo of the daisies at daybreak, Carol, and I didn't notice any deadheading needed:)

    My GBBD post is up; thanks for hosting--I look forward to this each month!

  21. Hi Carol - slight change of plan to what I said above - my GBBD post is now up as I've had to do a very quick 'Welcome' post to potential readers from the website of our national TV gardening programme. Very exciting to be featured in there and a lovely surprise. Therefore I've made sure that Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day is the first post they'll see :D

  22. Hi Carol. Your GBBD blooms are lovely. I love the early morning sun coming up on your daisies. Daisies are such happy flowers. I really adore your foxgloves with their fairy footprints and the delicate white columbines that are blooming right now in your garden. My garden post is posted at

  23. Hi Carol, You keep such good records and it is a help to me. I have posted my GBBD post here:

  24. Hi Carol,

    We've had plenty of rain this summer too which has helped to keep the garden in top shape.

    Love your Foxglove and Columbine - gives me ideas for next year!

    Here's a link to my GBBD post:

    July Garden Tour

    Thank you,


  25. Hi Carol,

    Here's my post for July on my hydrangeas:

    I love Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    -Heirloom Gardener

  26. Good Morning Carol. Your garden is lovely as ever. I always see your pictures and think, oh I need that, I need that. I love your description of Foxglove with Fairy footprints. And I love the shrub clematis too - I need that.

    My post is up here.

    Thanks and Happy Day to All!

  27. This is my first time participating. You have such a lovely garden! Mine is very small, but I love it. I posted my GBBD on my blog.
    Thanks a bunch.

  28. I MUST have some of that bush clematis. I have been resisting buying it because I wasn't sure it would perform well here. Judging by your picture, it likes the Midwest just fine!

    Oh, my post is up now! Thank heavens you don't require botanical names!! I would never get to post. Half the time I don't even remember what the variety names are of things I plant. Long ago, when I bought huge naturalizing collections of things, which never give you names, I gave up even trying to know everybody's name. I suppose I could make some up!

  29. Lucky you, having a foxglove look so good and rain to boot. Us down here in Texas envy your blooms. My bloom day post is up with all my survivors. Thanks so much for having bloom day.

  30. You made me jealous with your shasta daisies. They don't seem to work for me down here. And rain...what's that?

    Kiss of Sun bloom day post is up! Thanks.

  31. I love the white columbine. So pretty.

    My post is up.

    Thanks again. This is so much fun.

  32. Beautiful blooms Carol! Your photos are great. I especially like the dasies in the early-morning sun, deadheaded or not. The foxgloves are beautiful, and I'm lusting after your very pink hydrangea! Everything looks wonderful. What a great summer so far.

    My post is up this morning. Thank you for hosting GBBD!

  33. Wonderful as usual Carol. I'm just loving those daylilies! I have a pletora of plants blooming in my yard. My post is up too. Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess.

  34. Congrats on pulling off yet another blooms day-its become a garden bloggers cult! I love your foxgloves and daylilies. My post is up at
    Very intense colors this time.

  35. I LOVE this time of year!

  36. I'm glad to hear that someone is getting rain - it is certainly not me! :(

    The Strawberry Candy daylily is one of my favorites!

    My post is up at

  37. Thank you for GBBD! Now that there isn't much happening at Zanthan Gardens, I'm going to spend the day enjoying real summer in all these northern gardens. Iced tea? Lemonade?

  38. Your garden is wonderful! This is my first GBBD and I am just in awe of the stunning gardens that people are creating and nurturing. Thank you so much for hosting this. My first contribution to GBBD is at

  39. I LOVE the daisies. This is my first year having them. I don't know why I've deprived myself so long.


    You can find my first Bloom Day post here:

  40. Hello Carol,
    your garden is lovely and I'm so envious of all your rain! We've barely had any, which you will see evident in my poor showing this month:
    Cheers! Sarah

  41. I love that photo of the shasta daisies with the first sunlight of a summer day illuminating the blossoms. Your daylilies are lovely and I'm envious of your hydrangeas.

  42. Carol, What beautiful photos, and gardens are so lovely and fresh in the very early morning. My posting is up at but my best season is in June when my hardy rose collection is blooming. Still a few things are coming along, and I'm not ashamed to claim the Queen Anne's Lace and yarrow that grow by my roadside.

  43. I look forward to this! thanks for being the hostess w/ the mostest! My blooms are up, too!

  44. My Endless Sumnmer hydrangea pic is almost identical to yours - So I'm taking it down and will put some others up now. Stop by in a little bit:

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Hi Carol-I love the beauty in your garden. The photo of the daises is especially breathtaking.

    My vegetable garden is also full of blooms. Stop by to see my Bloom Day Entry at:

  47. Oh I love your shasta daisies and your purple coneflowers - I don't have any in my yard yet - maybe next year - you can only plant so much a summer! ;)

    My july post is up!

  48. Carol, those foxgloves are lovely! My hydrangea-filled hasty Bloom Day post can be found at

  49. Arrgh - my comment didn't get posted. Yes, mine's up,, but I have to recreate what I wrote about your garden. It was something about the Columbines, how the cooler temperatures & rain have prolonged their bloom. Many of mine are still blooming & have buds. I remember, I also wanted to say that I'm glad you've ID your Clematis as the Comtesse, which is what I had thought it was. What a great Clematis.

  50. Boy, do I wish I had an "unusualy wet summer"! Instead I have a summer dry as usual... Withe the drought my garden is not looking all that good Carol, nevertheless I managed to find a few blooms.
    Your garden is looking lovely, I specially like those daisies in the morning light.

  51. The 15 of each month gets my mind flowing with ideas! We must get out of this drought down here in Georgia so I can put those ideas in the ground!
    Thanks for this wonderful Bloggers Bloom Day around the globe! So fun to peek into other gardens…

  52. Hi! This is my very first Bloom Day post! Here's the link:

    I'm in northeast Ohio, USA.

    And your pictures are wonderful, happy bloom day!

  53. Carol, I sure wish I could come visit your garden. Sigh.
    Here's mine on GardenRant:

    And on my blog:

  54. Hi Carol. I just discovered Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and immediately went out and took some photos. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and/excuse :) to do so!

    My post can be found at


  55. Carol, I love your morning shot of the daisies - I'm a bigger fan of those this year than ever before (maybe because they're almost the only thing blooming in my own garden...) and green zinnias are my fave too. Happy Bloom Day from all of us birthday girls at Blithewold!

  56. All your hard work is definitely paying off, Carol. I love those double white columbines! It's a good thing you're on staycation because it would appear you have some late nights ahead of you reading all our Bloom Day posts. Mine's up at

  57. Each day has a new surprise in the weeds at the new house! I'm finding more and more beatiful flowers that the previous owners left behind. We Indiana gardeners tend to have some of the same--cone flowers and daisies!

    Enjoy the July post:

  58. My goodness I thought I would never get to the end of the comments in order to let you know I have done my GB post


  59. Hi Carol, another first-timer here - you can see my flowers here :D

    have really enjoyed looking at everyone else's loveliness. Thanks for giving me a kick to get out there and realise how many flowers I had!

  60. rats... couldn't make it work.

    try here:

  61. Wow 61 comments already. I envy your foxgloves. They are one of my favorite flowers. I planted some this year, but they won't bloom until next year I think. They are sad little rosettes right now. But they will be worth it.

    My bloom day post is up just follow the
    link here.

  62. I know you've visited already but I thought I'd comment to make for easier counting for you! I always pull lots of my 4 o'clocks too...but I just can't do without a few...reminds me of my childhood! I love that Strawberry Candy many plants, so little room. And don't worry about the shastas...they need deadheading too often to keep up!

  63. Carol, your coneflower/clematis combo is very pretty! I may borrow that idea....

    My post is up.

  64. Hi, Carol, I've joined in your Bloom Day celebration this month. Your pictures are really gorgeous.
    My post is at

  65. Another Hoosier gardener here!

    A verbascum and a hardy hibiscus must have been keeping track of the dates because they burst into bloom just this morning: a few others... really an amazing amount going on in the garden right now, isn't there?

  66. Here is my GBBD post. Not much is blooming. Too hot!

    I love your shasta daisies. I am planting some next spring!


  67. wow, you have a busy blog! I just found out about this bloom day from another blog so I joined in.
    Check out my veggie garden blog:

  68. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for bringing gardeners together from all over the world. Here are my pictures from Austin, TX.


  69. Bloom Day at Cool as a Cucumber is up! Oh, to be in Zone 5 in summer. *sigh*

  70. Thanks for starting this idea. I love seeing what is blooming in gardens around the country.

    Here's my entry.

    Greens and Jeans Bloom Day


  71. Just posted my list of blooming flowers, but I have had trouble uploading photos. Carol, thanks for giving us this opportunity to have a record of what is blooming each month.

    Always Growing

  72. Iloved the daisies in the sun photo Carol. Seeing that 'ghost flower' made me realize I would like to have more white in the garden. It looks so good in the shady part of my garden. Hasn't this been the best summer so far?? The cooler temps and all that rain has done wonders for my flowers too. I have some posted now.

  73. Hi Carol, I've just added a bloom day post from Nova Scotia. Our columbines just finished blooming several weeks ago. What a special gift your double white was. Cheers!

  74. Here's what's blooming in Virginia!

  75. Some great blooms this month...where did the time go? I like your coneflowers...well I've always liked them in bloom.

    Quite a few things have bloomed here over the last month...but not the coneflowers yet.

  76. Carol, your garden looks just beautiful. I haven't been by in awhile - so it was nice to stop by for Bloom Day and see what is going on up your way. My post is up:

  77. That double-white columbine is wonderful! (I really love columbines)

    Here is my post:

  78. Just made it! My post is up.

    I like the double white columbine. I hope the plant I got this spring will bloom next spring.

  79. You still have a columbine! Lovely gardens!

    I haven't had a chance to join the bloom day before - and I'm getting in just under the wire. My NC garden photos are at

  80. I love the first photo of the daisies. My lilies are in full bloom too. I'm late getting it up, but here's my blooms.

  81. Great blooms, I especially love what the rain's been doing for your hydrangeas.
    here's my link:

  82. Your garden is lovely, Carol - the daisies in the shaft of morning sun look like a painting and the coneflower clematis combination is really pretty.

    I'm taking this month off - you have more than 80 comments already so my garden won't be missed ;-]

    Happy Blooming Day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  83. LOVE your blog Carol - I look forward to it every single day.

    Colorado reporting....

  84. Hi Carol!

    As always, your garden looks lovely.

    Here is my post for this month.

  85. Carol, I'm glad you were in the garden early to capture that beautiful shot of the daisies (spent blooms and all). My coneflowers are just beginning to bloom, but I forgot to mention them. Shame on me! I see you've been struck by the Daylily bug! I had a good chuckle over your post about the Daylily farm. Poor Stella, I'm glad you gave her a reprieve :)
    I love that pink zinnia!
    My post is up.

  86. oh, what you do for us insomniacs! I left a comment earlier, but don't see it here...who knows?
    You make me want to get to bed so I can see that early morning scene.
    Please stop by my site:
    and click on ricki's blog at the bottom of the page to see what's blooming in my little corner of Portland OR

  87. My bloom day post is up, too!

    I love that shot of your daisies at sunrise. It is such a serene image.

    Thanks again for doing this. I love Bloom Day.

  88. I'm "A day late and a penny short." for my GBBD post, but I did get it up this morning over at The Gardener Side

  89. Hi there Carol:-D

    What a great selection of blooms. I loved the shasta daisy photo. It's great how natural lighting can make the flowers look quiet magical :-D

    I'm a bit short on time this month but my post is up too if you would like to visit :-D

  90. Thanks again, Carol! I'm swooning over your lush blooms, especially my favorite hydrangeas. I'm a day late, but I've posted my GBBD pics now, too.

  91. Wow, Bloom Day is quite the event these days! :) Got mine in, late but here. LOVE that daisy picture, and the white clematis looks like "something I need" :) Happy Bloom Day!

  92. You have a beautiful garden! I popped over from your Wordless Wednesday page. You have an eye for gardening and photography!

  93. Wow, my first thought was "Look how many comments!" But I want to comment on your garden, Carol. It's just lovely. I'm so envious you have things like Foxgloves and Columbine blooming - we are so far past those here. Your coneflower and Shasta Daisies make me smile, and it was interesting to see all your vegetables listed, too. Maybe I'll do that next time. Again, thank you so much for hosting this fun monthly event. I'm coming late this month, and I can't wait until I have a bit of time to view everyone's gardens. Here's mine:

  94. Well, last month I was the 100th commenter, I was almost late enough this month to be number 100 again.

    I agree with you the garden is so much nicer this year with regular rainfall.

    My GBBD post is up now!

  95. Hello Carol,
    My regular GBBD entry is here:

  96. Hi Carol = My "better late than never" GBBD post is here When I grow up I'm gonna be organized . . . .

  97. Your garden's looking lovely and my balcony certainly can't compete. By this time of the year the pests have kicked in and everything's fighting for its life. One of the few exceptions are the Four o'clocks - so that's what I've chosen to focus on for my GBD post this month. A bit late, sorry.

  98. Hi Carol
    You can see my blooming balcony at

  99. Thank you to everyone who joined in for Bloom Day. I think I visited everyone's blog who commented and left a comment. If I didn't leave a comment on anyone's bloom day post, it was an oversight on my part and not an intentional slight.

    I'm looking forward now to August Bloom Day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  100. I'm late adding my garden to the list, but maybe better late than never. Here's what was blooming in my garden last week.

    Thanks so much, Carol. This is such a wonderful idea!

  101. I was having so much fun I forgot to post my link here for Bloom Day. I just got too excited! It's here:

    Journey of Grace and Whimsy. I can't wait for August now:)

  102. I am frightfully late, I apologise. I hope there is some cake left.
    My offering is here.


  103. Sorry Im so late. I have been so unmotivated to post on my blog lately. I made it though. Here is my GBBD post.

  104. better late than never...
    from Calgary Zone 3

  105. Don't mine me -- just logging my blooms for posterity! :-)



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