Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2008

Welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens!

The August garden seems to have a certain maturity to it here in my garden. Long gone are the sprouts and tiny flower buds of spring and in their place are mature plants, some just starting to flower and others continuing a show that started much earlier in the summer.

These blooms are what I call August Lilies, an old-time variety of Hosta that actually blooms in August. Unlike the smaller hosta blooms I see in June and July, these blooms are bigger and have a sweet scent that is lovely and heavy like a hot summer day.

They are passalong plants from my sister-in-law, but they could just have easily come from my grandmother's garden, as I remember she had hostas that flowered in late summer in her garden, too.

Late summer? I don't like the sound of that!

The surprise liles (Lycoris sp.) started blooming a week or so ago.

Some gardeners call these Resurrection Lilies because the foliage comes up in the spring and dies back, and then out of nowhere it seems, these stems come up with these big pink blooms. Others call them Naked Ladies because they lack leaves when they bloom.

Last summer, my Resurrection/Surprise Lilies were planted over by the side of the house near an air conditioning unit so I dug them up later in the fall and moved them. I think they look a lot better mixed in with other flowers. And since I moved them, it seems like I have a lot more of them.

Last fall, I also planted Hydrangrea paniculata 'Tardiva'.
It is definitely going to brighten up the area where it's planted. Those blooms seem to get whiter every day.

Another white bloom is out in the vegetable garden. This is cilantro gone to seed. I need to work on my timing so that the cilantro is ready to harvest for making salsa at the same time as the tomatoes and peppers are ready to be picked.

On the edge of the garden, the 'Concord' grapes are starting to turn to purple.

These add some color, so I'm counting them as "blooms". My garden, my rules!

It won't be long before these are ready to be picked and I can make some grape jam again.

The other day, I saw that some of the Chrysanthemums are starting to bloom. It seems too soon! Then I noticed one of the 'Autumn Joy' Sedum is starting to show some color on its bloom, too. I can see 'autumn' in these blooms, just like I hear 'autumn' arriving in the garden every time I hear the cicadas in the trees.

But let's not think too far ahead, let's just enjoy August for awhile longer.

What's blooming in your garden today? Show us with your own post for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

It's easy to participate. Just post on your own blog about what is blooming in your garden mid-August. You can include pictures and words, just pictures or just words. Botanical names are strictly optional. It's your blog, your rules!

Once you've posted about your blooms, come back here to this post and leave a comment, so we can find you and see what's blooming in your garden.

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

My list of blooms includes:

Coreopsis rosea – Pink Thresdleaf Coreopsis
Coreopsis verticillata – Threadleaf Coreopsis
Echinacea purpurea – Coneflowers
Helianthus helianthoides 'Loraine Sunshine'
Hemerocallis – Daylilies, primarily 'Stella D'Oro'
Hosta – un-named varieties, purple and white flowers
Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’
Leucanthemum x superbum – Shasta daisies (barely)
Nasturtims - several varieties
Phlox paniculata – Purple, White, and Pink
Platycodon grandiflora - Balloon Flower
Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed Susan’s
Tagetes – Marigolds
Zinnia – Purple, pink, white, and my favorite, green
Pardancanda - Candy Lily Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’
Clematis integrifolia ‘Alba’
Potentilla fruticosa 'Alba'
Rose – White Flower Carpet
Spirea japonica ‘Limemound’
Lychnis - Surprise Lily
Chrysanthemum - light purple
Hydrandea paniculata 'Tardiva'
Platycodon grandiflorus - Balloon flower
Digitalis purpurea - Foxglove


Pam/Digging said…
Yes, count those grapes! I love the color---so delicate and blushing. And I LOVE the idea of Autumn Joy sedum blooming, Carol, and you know why.

My rad Bloom Day post is up too.
Linda said…
OK, we call them belladonnas in our house. I love them on farmhouses in the dry grass, or remnant farmhouses. My favourite is the dark pink, we have a white, but haven't the dark pink atm.

The cilantro is pretty.

I have mine done. Thanks for hosting.
Linette said…
I love surprise lilies, we call them "magic lilies."

My Autumn Joy is getting ready to bloom too.

Here's some of what's blooming in my garden this month.

Have a great weekend!
joco said…
Good morning Carol,

What lovely subtle colours around your garden. Don't eat those beautiful grapes just yet ;-):too pretty.

In spite of non-stop rain and cold winds bordering on storms, some plants have performed remarkably well.

Thank you yet again for encouraging me to take a closer look around my soggy windswept garden. I still found quite a bit to photograph and came away uplifted.

The result can be seen in my AUGUST BLOOMDAY post HERE
chuck b. said…
I didn't know cilantro flowers are so pretty, and complex.

My bloom day post is here:
Roses and stuff said…
Hi Carol,
your garden seems to be a beautiful place in August as well! - I like the old-fashioned Hosta with white flowers a lot!

My post is up too.
Anna said…
I am especially excited about seeing the Autumn Joy show us its beauty. Thank you for hosting this bloom day and much appreciate all the work involved.
Here is my contribution--
Anonymous said…
Hi Carol! Your blooms look great. Your pass-a-long Hosta has large fragrant flowers just like my Hosta Royal Standard. Your grapes are definitely a spot of color in the garden. My post is up at
Abby said…
Hello again Carol,

Plenty of rain on most continents this summer it seems. Although this morning the sun is out!!!

An unusual event over here in the UK. A chance to retake a few of my photo's which looked a bit somber.

You are a few weeks ahead over there, as my Homburg grapes are not showing colour yet. I wonder how your ground cover rose 'Snow Carpet' is doing. Ours is so tall, you can't call it a groundcover. Did you notice the scent? It is an offspring of Rosa 'Margaret Merrill, which also smells delicious.

My blooms are on my bloomday page here.
VP said…
Hi Carol,

My very special open garden blog is now open ready for everyone at Blooms Day. I hope to see everyone there :D

There's also a very special invitation over at my usual place
emmat said…
Hey Carol
I'm so enjoying all your tomato posting!

here's my account of what was flowering yesterday in my garden (yes for once I didn't cheat and took all the photos the day before!)

Thanks to everyone for sharing their sites, I'm off to check out Veg Plotting's special invitation...
Salix Tree said…
My post is up.
I love your hydrangrea, I like lace caps. Lots of whites and pale pastels in your garden today.
I had cilantro growing out of a crack in the pavement one year, right at the back door step. Some coriander seeds spilled while I was cooking, and one must have rolled out the door. There was a lovely perfume coming off their flowers that wafted into the house every time the door was open. Magic!
Scans plus a few pix this month:
Nan Ondra said…
Mmmm...I can just imagine the fragrance of that hosta; what a beauty.

My post is up at this month. Happy Bloom Day to all!
Frances, said…
Hi Carol, like PG your hosta looks like Royal Standard, a variety old enough to have been growing in your grandmother's garden. It blooms in August with fragrant blooms, can take full blazing sun and is tough as nails. Your mums are open? That is early! What does it mean?
My post is up as well here
Jeff said…
A beautiful and comprehensive post - thanks, as always for hosting this! Here's my eclectic little listing for the month so far:

Take care!

gintoino said…
A friend gave me a Beladona (naked lady) bulb. I can wait to see it bloom in my garden.

My post is here:
susan harris said…
GBBD on GardenRant:
And on my blog:
Gail said…

First of all thank you for gain hosting Bloom Day! Second, I love your Surprise Lilies and the HYdrangea bloom is lovely! Have a good day!

You can find my Bloom Day post here:

Green thumb said…
Hi Carol! Wish you a very Happy GBBD. You have a lot blooming in your garden, I've some up my sleeve...err garden too. My blog list is up.
Les, Zone 8a said…
Tardiva is one of my favorite paniculatas, primarily because it is the last hydrangea to bloom for us. I learned to remember the name because it is a late/tardy diva. Cilantro goes to seed very early in our heat, so I have to sow several times to have an adequate supply. It now volunteers too, but not always where I want it.

Thank you for hosting Bloom Day. I had to write my post early but sent it out this morning, and I see I am not the only early bird. I've got hot colors for a hot month and you can see them here:

Thanks Again,
Hi Carol - I'm glad you included the grapes - I've got a pic of particularly pretty tomatoes (which might have been better included in the tomato meme...)! I'm thinking about autumn too but trying to remain in the August moment. Thanks as always for hosting bloom day!
Ewa said…
This is nice to see also fruits included in the post. There is always beauty in it. I have included eggplant flower :)
My Bloom post Hosted in Poland is available here:

Karen said…
Your grapes look yummy!

Here is my post this month.
I love those "August Lilies"; it just wouldn't feel like August without them. Autumn seem to be knocking at your door, but none of my Sedums have started blooming yet, although Matrona might later today, but it's always an early one for me. The grapes are beautiful, I'd don't blame you for including them. I'm trying tiny url, so (hopefully) here's the link to my Bloom Day post.
Emily said…
Here's my entry
Greens and Jeans Bloom Day

Thanks for hosting bloom day!
2greenthumbsup said…

I've never heard of surprise lilies - shows how much I know! They'd look great coming up through myrtle or the leaves of lily of the valley.

Here's a link to my post. It focuses on long-blooming perennials.

I look forward to checking out everyone's posts to see what else is blooming.

Here's a post about my collection of fragrant phlox:
garden girl said…
Beautiful August blooms Carol! That's a beautiful hydrangea! Don't you just love those tiny cilantro blooms. They're gorgeous.

Hosta 'Royal Standard' is one of my very favorites! It was the first hosta in my first perennial garden, passed on to me almost 30 years ago by an elderly gardening neighbor who could have been my grandma. The ones in my garden today are divisions from divisions of that original hosta.

Thank you for all you do for the garden blogging community, including sponsoring GBBD each month. My post is up.
Daphne said…
My cilantro has already finished with seeds, but they were too mildewy to keep. I've seeded another row of them, and they are just starting to shoot up, but I may have to eat last years coriander. My 'Autumn Joy' Sedum is still totally in bud, so didn't join in this years bloom day.
You can see my bloom day post here.
lisa said…'s only 7:50 in the morning here, so I thought I'd be one of the first commenters! Ah well, I may not be the early bird, but my Bloom Day post is here. LOVE your grapes, and your surprise lilies look very happy. Mine aren't up yet, so maybe my autumn is farther away...I hope! :) Happy Bloom Day!
Dave said…
I definitely need to add some grapes to our garden, those look pretty good! I like the hydrangea.

Here's my GBBD Post:GBBD-August 2008.
Ann said…
The grapes are fantastic! Thank you for posting about the hosta -- I have them too, from my mother. Maybe they are Royal Standard as some have suggested.

Thank you for sharing your garden and hosting GBBD!
Nancy J. Bond said…
Mmm...grape jam. :) I've always wanted to try growing grapes; I love that gentle gradation of color as they ripen. Your garden looks marvelous!
Rose said…
It's hard to believe it's mid-August already! I think I have a hosta similar to yours, but it's just starting to bud. Those Concord grapes look yummy; they might not last long enough for jam here:)

My bloom day post is up at
James A-S said…
Looks wonderful, Carol.
Thank you.

My post is here
I'd count those grapes too! I'd have some pictures of concords in my post, but they were already done, picked and made into juice by the time I posted. And we narrowly beat the birds to them, too.

My post is up -- seems to be a good year for Naked ladies (that's what I call 'em cause that's what my mommy called 'em).
Kay said…
The grapes might not be flowers, but they are certainly beautiful. That hosta really does look like it could be a lily.
Thanks for hosting! I actually got my post up on the right day for a change.
LCShores said…
I have the same hostas that you do, and I always look forward to their blooms. Last year they bloomed beautifully; this year, there's nothing yet! But I do have some nice blooms and purple grape (woodbine) on my Bloom Day post, and some fishy (and froggy) photos in previous posts.
Meryl said…
I've never noticed that you had grapes before! How cool!

My post is here:
ICQB said…
Your grapes look luscious and lovely! My sedum isn't quite ready to show color yet. does your sedum escape into the wild? I've noticed some growing under some tall trees that separate my yard from the park next door. It's just sprung up this year, and it's nowhere near the sedum in my yard.

Anyway, my bloomday post is up (my second ever!) over at The Inconsequential Blogger Or if you prefer,

Thanks for hosting Bloom Day!
Blackswamp_Girl said…
My Bloom Day Post is Up, too!

For once, I'm neither too early nor too late! :)

By the way, Carol, my grandmother has some of those lycoris, which she calls Resurrection lilies, and she has told me for the last couple of years that hers should be divided, too, and that I can have some. We keep missing our opportunity, though, it seems... we couldn't find spent stems when we looked, and I don't want to dig them too early! When did you move yours? I'm assuming that after the flower stalk dies back is the best time... is that right?
We call those "surprise lilies" - "Naked Ladies" - they just jump up after the foliage has long died back. I love seeing them around town in yards that clearly had great gardens at one time but are now just mere lawns.

I too love "August lilies" here in the Mid-Atlantic they call those hostas "Plantation liies" or just comon hostas. I LOVE that honeysuckle smell wafting off them on a hot summer day.

My post is here:
Balisha said…
My August Bloom Day post is up. Your pictures are beautiful.You don't realize how many flowers you have till you start looking and taking pictures. Glad to be a part of this. It was fun.
Doug Green said…
Hi Carol - my yellow coneflower pic is up - the pic doesn't do it justice because it simply looks stunning in the early morning light - one of my favorite plants. Mind you, I have to get up to see it. :-)
Kathy said…
I will have to get some of that hosta. Mine are basically done, and I don't have any that are spectacularly fragrant. What I do have is listed here.
Wow this is amazing. Carol - your garden is wonderful as always (I now wish I'd posted my tomato flower pictures - don't you think veg flowers are gorgeous?) love those grapes.

Here's what's flowering in my garden - and thanks for hosting GBBD!
rusty in miami said…
Is interesting how we all have different types of lilies, you call yours surprise lilies and in my part of the country we call ours rain lilies. I have a picture of rain lilies in my GBBD post
Dee/reddirtramblings said…
Hi Carol Dear, I'm enjoying all of the lovely pastels in your garden this month. Every month is different and every year is different isn't it. My post is finally up:

Thanks again.~~Dee
Hi Carol. This is my first time to join you for GBBD. I love all your pass-along plants! And, I can't believe we are talking "late summer" either!
You will find me at
Janice said…
I have zone envy from looking all the southern gardeners, but here's what's blooming in zone 3 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada).
Chad said…
I decided to embrace Garden Bloggers Bloom day today. Like Carol, I have hostas that were passed along with the big white trumpet-shaped flowers newly blooming, and my cilantro bloomed before my tomatoes were ready. Unlike Carol, I have yet to have my first ripe tomato (any day now... OK, probably a week). What a difference 100 miles can make! And, also unlike Carol, I didn't keep my cilantro to go to seed, opting to dump it in the compost and plant carrots and green onions there for fall harvest...

At any rate, what's blooming in my world.
Annie in Austin said…
You probably wouldn't miss my few photos and list of botanic names - but I promised to try so they're up on my blog, Carol, just in case having one extra participant could break the record for you!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
JGH said…
This is my first time posting for Bloom Day - sure hope I'm doing it right!

Have not figured out how to make a link to the post, so I'll just type in the URL
Anonymous said…
Carol - What lovely blooms on your Hosta, and your Hydrangea is doing very well - I like the white Hydrangea's.

Thank you for hosting another Garden Blogger Bloom Day, and my post is up.
Warm regards
An Artist's Garden.
arythrina said…
Carol - you're a bit north of me, but our gardens are in the exact same place seasonally. Lots of surprise lilies and the sedum is just starting to bloom:
Entangled said…
Only 57 comments so far? Where is everybody? ;-)

My grandmother always called them Surprise Lilies. I don't have any, but wish I had some of hers.

My list is up. Thanks for hosting!
Nancy said…
My post is up, and for me, August just means that soon, it will be cooler---in about 6 weeks. ahhh Houston.

Here I am
Crafty Gardener said…
My fuschia are blooming for GBBD.
Jan said…
My GBBD post is up, and I was surprised to note how many blooms I had considering it is the middle of our hottest month.

Always Growing
Diana said…
Carol - I love all those refreshing white blooms in your garden in the heat of summer. The hydrangeas and the Surprise lilies are just beautiful. It makes me want some in my garden, but I'm afraid it's too hot here. My GBBD post is up and running at:
Lee17 said…
I really love your grapes! I have been wanting to plant some, but I fear I may not have enough space. How much space do your grapes take up in your garden?

My post is here:
Idaho Gardener said…
i posted earlier, about your lovely bella donnas. And i need some. And I am up and posted over at
I finally found something blooming just before dusk. Thanks again for hosting GBBD.

A wild symphony of blooms on a mountaintop is ready for Bloom Day.

I have also been snapping shots of the most hideous tomatoes you can imagine.
Carolyn gail said…
I'm number 67 to comment, Carol. How wonderful that so many garden bloggers have posted for GBBD.
Meems said…
Hi Carol, Love the white hydrangea! I put some belladonna (or surprise) lilies in the ground this year for the first time and ... nothing happened. Sigh. Yours are very pretty and what I was hoping to see at the end of summer. Well, one can't have everything.

Love, Love the grapes... "your garden, your rules"... I like that. Oh and how I wish I could grow some of that autumn joy sedum... very nice showing this month!

My Florida blooms are up at
Debbie said…
Your blooms like great, as always! This is the time of year my garden starts to wane a bit. I try every year to plant more last summer and fall plants, but I've still a long way to go.

Here is my post for this month.
I like all your white flowers. I love white flowers anyway but they always seem especially refreshing in the summer. Plus I like how they glow in the moonlight.

I have put a GBBD post up for Zanthan Gardens but it's hardly worth looking at. No photos. I only did it for you. (Well, and maybe because it's the only record I keep any more--and I used to be so diligent.)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for hosting this event each month Carol! I've never partipated before, because I've never considered my blog to be a garden blog. But it looks suspiciously like one each summer! I do bloom day pretty much every day, prowling through my tiny young garden areas looking for new blooms each day. Does that still count?
Phillip said…
Is your Tardiva in sun or shade? I have one that I love in mostly shade but I think it would bloom better if it had more sun.

My blooms for August are up at
Kerri said…
I must have a look and see if my 'August Lily' hosta is blooming. I love that sweet scent!
Grapes are as pretty as any blooms, and should definitely be counted!
I noticed yesterday my sedum is beginning to show signs of blooming too.
I need at least another month of summer!!
I have a preview post up, which is all I had time for today.
Happy Bloom Day!
Leslie said…
It's not midnight here in California so I'm not TOO late! But my post is up. I wish we could grow cilantro with our tomatoes and peppers too but it's been gone for weeks because of the just doesn't seem right. Your grapes look yummy...I imagine it will be jam making time soon!
Carol said…
What a great group of gardens and bloggers! I've visted a few of you, enough to know that gardens can look great in August. I will work my way around to everyone over the next several days. Thanks for participating!

For those who haven't posted yet, there's still still time; no one minds if you are late, we still would love to see your garden blooms!

Thanks everyone!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens
What a beautiful garden and what a great idea to share all your wonderful photo's with everyone. Great Idea's happen when Gardener's connect! I'm so slow at getting my photo's on my blog, I don't know how you have time to garden! No wonder your posts are in the middle of the night! Thanks for sharing! Find me at for ideas about having weddings in your garden.Loretta
Randy and Jamie said…
Carol, I am so jealous, you have grapes!I'm running a little behind on my Bloom Day post, but it's up now.
HappyMouffetard said…
It's wonderfl to see all of the blooms in peoples' gardens. Mine are now up.
The WWWs have a GBBD post up this month.
chaiselongue said…
I've put my first Garden Bloogers' Bloom Day picture on my blog at
Thanks for your pictures - the grapes look lovely, and they're colour. Ours are ripening now too.
Cosmo said…
Hi, Carol--I've posted my first Bloom Day offering at You're so lucky to have foxglove and hydrangea still in bloom--that's the difference between Zones 5 and 7, I guess. Anyway, Bloom Day is a wonderful idea--thanks so much.
Taddie Tales said…
I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.

Colorado reporting!!!!
Your garden looks beautiful and your post is thoughtful as usual. I'm afraid mine was a bit quick.
I prefer to call the resurrection lilies naked ladies and they smell good too.
I dug mine up a while ago and I still haven't planted them. oops. The amaryllis bella donna multiply like crazy here and I'm not crazy for the foliage.
Thanks for GBBD.
Lynn said…
Happy to finally have something to contribute! Thanks for the wonderful forum and inspiration. Our cilantro bolted too...
Carolyn gail said…
Great post, Carol. I have mine up too.
Fern said…
Usually I pull cilantro when it starts getting leggy and trying to flower, but this year I decided to let it go to seed. I never realized that the flowers were so delicate and pretty! Although my plant looks much more ragged then yours does.

I'm a little late, but here are my contributions.
Gina said…
I'm so late! Jeez I can never get this bloom day post done on time.

Carol - those grapes rock!
Shady Gardener said…
Hi Carol, my GBBD post is up. I'm a little late. We share a few common August bloomers, including the Surprise Lilies. They look as though they need to don their ballet slippers, don't you think? :-)
Lori said…
Ah, grapes! I need to find out whether they'll grow in Austin. I've been trying to think of more ways to sneak food plants into my flower beds. :)

Anyway, the internet has finally cooperated long enough for me to upload some pictures, so my Bloom Day post is finally up: .
shirl said…
Hi there Carol :-D

Great selection of blooms! I loved the inclusion of grapes - great colour so why not ;-)

Looks like you've a few white flowers and sedums too. I love to see the butterflies on the sedum flower heads. I guess you will get that too.

I am particularly late with my post this month but it is up now if you would like to visit :-D
patientgardener said…
Hi Carol - I have finally posted my GBD post (well it will appear tomorrow) - sorry for the tardiness I am on annual leave and lost track of time and the weather hasnt helped.
ricki said…
Don't know what happened...this is the second Bloom Day where I have posted here and then mysteriously disappeared. Oh well, the mysteries of the blogiverse. Please come see me at:
and thanks, Carol, as always.
Kerri said…
Carol, is there a prize for tardiness? If so, I think I should get it :)
I've been working on my Bloom Day post for several nights, and it's finally done. I tend to nod off at the computer these nights, so it takes a while! At least I see I'm not the only one who's late. That makes me feel a little less sheepish.
My August lily hosta is not blooming yet.
Thanks for popping in and saying hello. It's always nice to hear from you :)
Lovely to see that so many people have been lucky with their blooms!