Let The Gardening Olympics Begin...

Let the Olympic gardening games begin.

The one and only Idahogardener is hosting a blogging event to commemorate the Olympics in true gardening fashion.

There are just three rules:

1. You must link back to her website.
2. You must show her the best of the best of your garden. You decide what that is: single plant, single fabulous piece of produce, collection of tomatoes, collection of hoes, a garden vignette, whatever. Three entries per garden.
3. Deadline is Sunday night at midnight.

And then Idahogardener is going to decide who gets the gold, silver, and bronze. She says she’s fair minded and since she just got back from her local fair, I’ll bet she is.

I’ve been training for this! I’m ready and have three entries to submit.

I’ve got an entry for something I grow, an entry for something I am, and an entry for something I have.

In the “something I grow” event, can any flower beat a night blooming cereus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)?

When it blooms, it is a great event, watching the flower unfold in one evening. It’s a time for all to gather around and marvel at a true standout in the horticultural world.

In the “something I am” event, I need only link back to all of the gardening geek posts. You don’t think I study other gardeners to come up with all those traits of a gardening geek, do you?

Well, on some I do, but on others, I’m guilty as charged. And as I get older, apparently my geekiness is turning into outright eccentricity. I bet my family is proud of me now!

Finally, in the “something I have” category, I must submit my hoe collection. Idahoegardener’s rules call out for it!

And I have presented it as five circles to represent the five Olympic rings.

Now just having hoes, I realize, may not qualify you for a gold medal in these gardening Olympics. And so, I’ve got a treat for you…

Hoeing at May Dreams Gardens

I eagerly await the decision of the judge!


  1. Carol, I watched all 43 seconds of you hoeing, waiting for you to do something crazy! Like throw a tiny tomato at the camera, or chase a thieving rabbit with a raised hoe. ;-) ---Pam

  2. Oh, what a fun event! I'm not sure that I know I have anything medal worthy in my yard, but thanks for the heads up. I'll have to scout around while I'm out painting the shed tomorrow.

  3. Carol,
    You should win the hoeing competition but It is still not clear to me what you look like. So I think we need a replay with a closer look at the athlete.

    I am ga ga over the cereus.
    ga ga.

  4. Pam/digging, Me out hoeing wasn't enough excitement?

    Cinj, Shed-painting may be an Olympic event, Idahogardener's rules are rather broad.

    Chigiy, Sorry, I don't think there is a replay with a close up available, maybe next time. I love when the night blooming cereus blooms, too.

  5. You look very farmeresque with that hoe & hat. Hope you win the olympics, not.~~Dee

  6. Carol, I give you a ten! I don't think I have enough time to train, so I'll cheer you on from the sidelines. Definitely a 10 for hoeing form.

  7. Viewing your hoeing video is more fun than watching the guys at the general store unload the Pepsi truck, Carol.

    Good luck to all you competitive types!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. You may take home all the gold! A world record for gardening!

  9. Carol, I had to come back and retract my earlier comment. After much deliberation, I decided to enter the competition after all. Don't worry, you and Mr. McGregor's Daughter still are shoo-ins for the gold!

  10. The gardener behind the green leaves! Kind of like the wizard of OZ but a garden instead. ;) You are a shoe in for the hoe portion of the games.

  11. You have the best sense of humor!! You sure are good at hoeing. You attacked it and really reached for the gold. Your bloomers aren't to shabby either. Good luck.

  12. Wow..your videos keep getting better and better! I love the action in this one.


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