Sounds of Late Summer

If you enjoy the sounds of late summer, you might enjoy this little sound bite from my garden.

For those who thought it was going to be the sound of the lawn mower, I am sorry to disappoint you. I've let my lawn go dormant and so my twice weekly mowings have come to an abrupt stop. Oh, I miss my mowing! But soon the rain will return and the grass will grow again.

I've mowed the lawn 31 times so far this season, maybe 32. Would anyone like to guess how many times I'll end up mowing it before "the mowing season" is over? You can leave your guess in a comment and maybe this time there will be an actual prize for the first person to guess correctly.

For my next video, maybe I'll try to capture the a clip of the eccentric gardener here at May Dreams Gardens as she is mowing the lawn? It's quite a sight! Or maybe I'll try to record the elusive sound of the butterflies on the zinnias?

And for those readers who are all creeped out by the sounds of insects, my apologies for not warning you how loud those cicadas are in that video. You need to embrace bugs and the sounds they make for a happier life!


  1. I love love LOVE the sound effects. waiting patiently for the elusive sound of butterflies on zinnias. Waiting!

  2. I like the sound of garden critters. Spring peepers & bullfrogs from spring to midsummer, then the almost deafening chorus of cicadas & crickets. Drowns out any traffic noise and most of the airplane noise too.

  3. Cicadas, crickets, frogs, birds--nature's music. And the best part is when it's cool enough to keep the house windows open all day. Who needs XM Radio?

    Robin Wedewer
    Gardening Examiner

  4. Our locusts and cicadas sound similar although different. Not as sharp sounding. At night, the tree frogs make a joyful noise. Thanks for the clip.~~Dee

  5. I like that sound and tried to record the 17-year periodic cicadas, AKA 17-year locusts last year in IL. I failed but you succeeded in capturing your summer sound, Carol!

    Our summer locusts seem less buzz-saw ... more something else...burr coffee grinder maybe??

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. They are very loud here at Robin's Nesting Place too.

  7. MA, you might be waiting for awhile, as it is a very elusive sound, hard to record, but I'll keep trying!

    Mr. McGregor's Daughter, Your bugs sound like they might be louder than my bugs!

    Robin Wedewer, I agree, who needs satelitte radio when there are sounds like this all around us.

    Dee/RedDirtRambling, I wish we had tree frogs here! I saw a toad last year, but none so far this year...

    Annie in Austin, It would be fun to compare the insect noises in different gardens across the country.

    Robin's Nesting Place, It's loud, but a "good" kind of loud, right?

    Thanks all for the comments,
    Carol May Dreams Gardens

  8. 42.3 times. .3 cuz it might rain once while yer mowing.

  9. That post cracks me up,, almost like yard care for those with OCD... counting the mowing times!

    I like the blog.. please come check out my new gardening blog sometime where we post tips for landscaping, gardening and offer some free plants and images.

  10. This is funny Carol. Last night I recorded a short video of the cicadas too. We have the annuals and the late 17-year ones at the same time, and it's deafening at times. There's something, or a bunch of somethings croaking in the trees all night long too. We've only heard the croaking the last two years, and I wonder if another sound the 17-year cicadas make. Sometimes whatever-it-is is so loud it's hard to go to sleep at night when the windows are open.

  11. Your cicadas definitely sound different from mine. They're a little pitchier, as the American Idol judges would say!

  12. Ok, I definitely know the sound of cicadas, but what is the creature that I hear after dark, after the cicadas have stopped. It is not crickets. Some people have told me they think they are tree frogs, but if that is the case why have I never seen one?


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