You Might Be A Gardening Geek: Olympic Edition

You might be an Olympic gardening geek if…

You enter a Gardening Olympics hosted by Idahogardener and win a gold medal or any medal at all. Bonus points if you got a special award for creating the symbol of the Gardening Olympics.

You host the Gardening Olympics!

You write a post about the flower bouquets that are given to the medal winners.

You write a post about the Chinese folk song, Jasmine Flowers, played for all of the medal ceremonies.

You think that hoeing, digging, pruning, and other gardening activities should be considered Olympic sports. Bonus points if you entered the Gardening Olympics in one of these events.

You write a post about what you would include in the Olympics if gardening was a sport.

You look at the Beijing Olympic Gardens and wonder how you could recreate some of them in your own garden.

Thank you to Mary Ann, the Idahogardener, for my Gardening Olympics Gold Medal and special award. I hope all are enjoying the Olympics!

Now who do we write to about adding a bit more gardening to the 2012 Olympics in London? Surely having the Olympics in England will bring out the very best in gardening and gardeners, since we all consider England to be the gardening capital of the world!


  1. I had the same thought re: recreating a bit of the garden in my own yard.

  2. Weeding should be easy to do as a sport...fastest finisher, most thourough, without "weeding" any of the flower seedlings.

    Extra points if you do it by feel...

    Hoeing...fasted row? Cleanest chop?

    Planting. Now here's where we could have different levels. Seed sowing (technique), bulb planting, repotting....

    Sounds doable!

  3. Now that's a sport I could get interested in and actually be a contender. lol Great idea Carol!

  4. You guys know how to have fun! Congrats on your gold medal..."Hoeing" was indeed an inspiration to all gardeners!

    There does need to be a Watching The Sky for Rain event included next time!

  5. Well you did it and now you have something to pass to your grandkids. How nice. If you had sung while hoeing, you would have had higher scores.

    If our friends across the pond don't come up with something full of flowers and massive displays of hanging gardens---well I'll just get my ticket for row 10 instead of row 1. I want to go!!! I want to see our friends over there.

  6. I for one will be looking forward to seeing what London will do with their expertise with gardens for the Olympics.

  7. This is a wonderful Blog entry - What a great idea! I enjoy your blog.

    Let the Games Begin!

  8. As a silver medal winner, I must concur that Gardening Olympics would be cricket in London. Bring on the pruners, and I'll challenge everyone in deadheading.~~Dee

  9. Hey Carol, since I didn't medal in Ugly Tomato, I decided to put it on eBay instead. Yours was indeed the ugliest, but mine's a celebrity!

  10. The Chinese are wayyy too into topiary! (It was sort of like the international part of Epcot.) I look forward to what the Brits will do for an Olympic garden in 2012.

  11. All, Thanks for the many comments. I think we gardeners agree with the choice of London for the 2012 Olympics, and can't wait to find out what they do with their gardens for the occasion. I'm not expecting elaborate topiaries, but something fun!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  12. Dear Carol,

    I feel as if I just won the sod medal (and considering what summer has done in the yard, that is much appreciated). Thanks for the mention and all you do for intergalactic garden relations.



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