Someone Oughta!

There's a whole lot of "someone oughta" going on around my garden these days.

The days are decidedly cooler and nighttime temperatures are dropping to around that 50 F mark tonight.

So, someone oughta get going around here because before I know it, the weatherman is going to start throwing around the dreaded "F" word, frost, and I won't be ready.

Someone oughta pick these peppers and give them away or cut 'em up to freeze for chili in the winter time. Nothing warms you like chili in the winter that's warmed up by your own homegrown jalapeno peppers.

Someone oughta replant this perennial!

Have you ever seen such a poor job of planting? It's not deep enough, not watered enough and not mulched enough. In my defense...

This perennial came in a one gallon plastic pot, but clearly within that pot it was growing primarily in a smaller peat pot. I thought I had planted it deep enough, but that peat pot sticking up is a problem. It will 'wick away' the moisture around the plant, for one thing.

I had almost given this plant up for dead, but that little bit of green means it is still alive. But it will never make it through the winter if I leave it like this. I need to dig it up, replant it just a bit deeper, MULCH it, and then water it well and continue to water it until at least the first frost.

Someone oughta finish off this sunflower seed head.
Then when the birds have done their part, I need to cut it down and chip it up for the compost bin. I always leave my sunflowers for the birds to eat. I like to watch them hanging upside down to pick out the seeds.

Yep, there's a whole lotta oughta going on around here. Guess I oughta get to it.

(Update: Cosmo is right! I oughta link to the very nice interview that Sue of The Balcony Gardener asked me to do. If you think you oughta now more about me, check it out!)


Cosmo said…
I love the oughta's. I actually like jalapenos better when they've gone red--they're a little sweeter and I think a little hotter--anyway, two peppers turned to seed donors today because I let them go just a little too long. Our "F" word is a little farther off than yours, but thanks for the reminder.

BTW, I loved your interview with Sue Swift--you should link to it--for us recent bloggers, it's a nice summation of what you do and have done. Best, Cosmo
Annie in Austin said…
Your red peppers are making me feel covetous, Carol - there are some buds on my pepper plants but nothing worthy of a trug.

Someone oughta warn me whenever you write about things like crocus and puschkinia and snowdrops. Then I can skip that post and avoid getting all fahrklempt about missing northern bulbs!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
What a coincidence - I just mentioned the "F" word to my husband in relation to the Jalapeno Peppers. What is "fahrklempt"? Does it mean jealous that we live in the bulb paradise called the Midwest?
Annie in Austin said…
Hope it's okay with Carol if I answer MMD's question. You also find it as "Verklempt"...meaning something like 'all choked up'. A Mike Myers character used it on Saturday Night Live years ago.

Oh- just saw Carol's's 'f' word is fifty degrees.
Chiot's Run said…
Oh yes, I have my really long list of oughtas. They include:
dividing perennials
planting the new plants that have been on the deck all summer
clean out the flowerbeds
mulch the flowerbeds
build some new raised veggie beds
clean out a raised bed & seed spinach

Oh, the F word is coming soon here in Northern Ohio. The good this is the weather's perfect for gardening. I'm loving the 70's & 50's.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Someone oughta tell me not to look at the AccuWeather info on your sidebar ... it's very depressing to see that you're 20 degrees cooler than us!

Right now on MCOK, someone oughta get outside and water all the one gallon plants she bought last week!