Wind at May Dreams Gardens

It's amazing, sometimes, that the leaves don't all get blown out of the trees when the wind blows like this.

But the leaves are hanging on, not yet ready to change colors, to fall off the trees, to admit that this growing season is coming to an end.

Hang in there, leaves, once this wind blows through, we still have at least four weeks, maybe a good six weeks or more, until the killing frost!

Hang in there, blooms, I still need to take a few more pictures for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day tomorrow.

Hang in there, grape vine, I still might pick some of your grapes and make some jam...


  1. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. So, you've got the winds in your area from the huricane? That is scary. I'm rooting for your tree and plants to hang in there and take their sweet time before its time to hibernate!

  2. Hi Carol, the wind missed us, but we got a ton of rain - at least six inches since Thursday. Lots of stuff is flooded around here. I hope you were spared from the flooding.

    Our friend in Muncie had lots of wind too, but little rain.

  3. We sour envious types want our Ike rain. We need it more than you Miss 70-degrees and lovely weather.


  4. Carol,

    Ike. Yikes. Hang on to your hat. He's huge and we expect some climate changes from him also!

    And you're posting videos? Yay! I made it a goal to post a video before 2009.

    We expect our first frost in late October - early November. But the way the weather is changing, anything could happen.


  5. The wind blew through here too. Good to hear that you didn't have any damage.

  6. I'm glad we didn't have that wind to go along with our rain. It was not fun today taking Bloom Day photos in the rain, but I did get some good ones of the retention pond nearly at flood stage.

  7. The wind was pretty fierce here today too. Limbs were down all over the place. I thought for sure the siding on the house would be gone.

  8. Great pics and commentary. Thanks, as always, for hosting! This is the only post I've managed this month, but it should be up shortly at

  9. The wind got the best of a couple of 15 foot branches from my Sugar Gum tree. Branches and leaves and seed pods are all over the yard!
    And several plants were crushed by the impact of the falling limb...I'm just grateful it wasn't my house.

  10. Glad your weather didn't get too hairy! I'm hoping for a nice warm fall too...I'm still waiting on my first tomato! (Of course that's not MY fault for planting them mid-July, it's THEIR fault for being "lazy" during the dry weather in August! ;-) Man, I like the way you think-that theory of yours comes in handy!


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