Bloomin' Crabapples!

Crabapples blooming in the fall?

I would not have believed it, had I not noticed two crabapple trees, in two different locations, blooming this past week.

Some spring flowering trees and shrubs will occasionally have one or two blooms on one or two branches in the fall. But you have to look closely, or you would miss them.

Both of these trees are in full bloom.

Or is the tree thinking why not?

Mostly likely these particular trees are under some kind of stress, and the tree is reacting instinctively to that stress by blooming and trying to set seed before it dies so that it’s species can continue. Neither tree may realize that they are one of several crabapples in their location, and it might be okay to just give in, let go, show some good fall color, and then dream of the big compost pile in the sky.

I admire them for trying, for blooming under stressful times. And they don’t even know about the stock market.

When I’m under stress, I’m going to remember these crabapples and do my best to ‘bloom’, regardless of circumstances or perhaps because of circumstances.


  1. It's amazing isn't it that trees try to save their own lives by producing blooms and fruits for the next generation.

    Did you notice the leaves in the first photo of the crabapple? The tree is definitely fighting a disease.

    You've given us humans a good moral lesson on blooming while under stress.

  2. Not to insert a negative thought here-- but I wonder if this will hurt their spring bloom? That is so odd that they are blooming now. We've had two frosts already in Michigan!

  3. I so admire the way you take lessons from plants and the garden and apply them to life. I'm afraid when I'm under stress I more closely resemble Mophead Hydrangeas in a drought. How ironic that we see beauty rather than damage to these trees.

  4. A great life lesson, which I will try to emulate. One of my apple trees has just produced a small sprinkling of blossom, but only one one or two fruiting spurs.

  5. I agree, what a wonderful life lesson!

  6. I've never seen that before, and I've had both ornamental and fruit-bearing trees before! It really is a great life lesson, as you stated.

  7. Good point Carol and as always I leave with something to think about! Thank you, Gail

  8. That's a good idea you have to bloom when stressed. I'll try to think of you when I am in a snit.
    I was just thinking the other day that a few different things are happening in my garden this year too. No acorns and the squirrels have just about stripped the pyracantha of all the berries. The deer are eating things they NEVER eat. Everything is stressed. Hopefully things will be back to normal next year and your crabapple will bloom in the spring.

  9. Those poor trees. They must have been under some dreadful conditions for them to throw out blooms this time of year.

  10. Carol, here in the greater Houston area, Bradford pear trees are blooming heavily. After all they went through during the hurricane, they're showing how stressful it was. I can definitely relate!

  11. Ok, Now I feel really dumb! I came here after seeing your tweet and said to myself "Self, why is Carol reblogging what the other Carol wrote about?" It took me a minute to connect the fact that both were written by you.

  12. I had some apples that did the exact same thing last fall. I think the change in day length confuses them or something. Anyway, it didn't really interfere with the crop we got this year.

    I say, enjoy the beautiful flowers!

  13. When I saw the picture, I thought why is Carol writing about spring? Did the blog misorder these posts? I have never seen that before.

  14. Ahhh...blame it on the stock market! I hadn't thought about that. I have another round of lavender blooms in progress, as the scheduled post will show up tomorrow. I think they've all been so confused by this past summer, they have to give it a shot and hope something "takes."


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