Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - October 2008

Our gardens may seem the same from year to year, but they never really are.

There are always a few surprises.

My biggest surprise for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day this October 15th is that I still have a bright, green healthy tomato plant with new blooms on it.

A month ago, this tomato plant, like most of the vegetable garden, seemed destined for an early visit to the compost bin, after a very dry August and September.

Instead, it is showing me what a little bit of rain followed by a few warm days will do to perk up a plant, and a gardener.

But, alas, it isn't going to last. After near record high temperatures this past weekend, by Friday our high temperature will be 57 F. I'm sure a frost is in the near future, too.

Elsewhere in the garden, there are some mums still blooming.

These will still be blooming in November, and will join some pansies that I planted in September as the last bits of color in the garden as we head into the winter.

The asters started a big show just a week or so after the last bloom day in September.They are a little beyond peak now but are still attracting quite a few bees.

Back out in the vegetable garden, the nasturtiums also made a comeback after some recent rain.I like how they add some late fall color to the otherwise dreary vegetable garden so I'll plant these again next year. Plus, look how pretty that variegated foliage is. I love variegated foliage.

And here's the last "new" bloom in my garden, the toad lilies, Tricyrtis hirta.The toad lilies aren't particularly showy, but I like freckled flowers and plant names like "toad lily", so I'll always try to have some in my fall garden.

The rest of the garden is spotted with some straggly, leftover flowers... a rose or two from my one rose shrub, a few blooms on some Potentilla, some coneflowers, a confused daylily, to mention a few.

It's not the absolute end of the garden for this year, but it is getting pretty close. I'm going to try to nurture a few of the flowers along, so that perhaps what Elizabeth Lawrence said, “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year”, can be true at May Dreams Gardens, too.


What's blooming in your garden in October? Join us for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day by posting on your blog about the blooms in your garden on the 15th of the month, then leave a comment here so we can find your blog and stop by for a virtual visit in your garden. All are welcome to participate!


Leslie said…
It's interesting how there are often "confused" bloomers. I like the toad lilies and your comment makes me wonder how often we buy plants just for the name! My GBBD post, such as it is, is up too.
joco said…
Hiya Carol,

Lots of colour variety in your garden it seems. Will you be using horticultural fleece to see some plants through frosty nights?

Don't the months fly by! It hardly seems more than a week ago that I was mooching round my garden, trying to find something presentable. That was September.
A month on, and the garden seems beset with jewels. It is overwhelmingly beautiful and predominantly red.

For those not daunted by vermillion and other vibrant shades of red, please take a look

Your 'blooming mums' had me confused for a second, and then I remembered ;-)
Roses and stuff said…
It's so nice to have some bloomers during autumn. Let's hope they will last for another couple of weeks.
I just discovered two blooming, selfseeded tomatoe plants in my garden!

My post is up!

Have a great week!
Pam/Digging said…
You've got quite a lot going on, Carol. The tomato sure did surprise me. I'm sure you will find something still blooming next month (fingers crossed!) too.

My moon-themed Bloom Day post should be up by the time you read this.
shirl said…
Hey there Carol :-)

I have to agree with you that the garden is always slightly different each year. GBBD posts are showing this – thanks once again for hosting this :-D

I have plants flowering out of season for my GBBD posting and others like the Japanese anemones that started too early and will run out of steam at a time I usually enjoy seeing them.

I love your toad lilies – both for the name and flower too. You certainly still have plenty going on in your garden. Let’s hope you get enough rain to keep it going a little longer :-D
Nan Ondra said…
Great-looking tricyrtis, Carol. I wish I could grow them that well.

We've already had some frost here in PA, but there are still flowers and more to share. My post is up at

Happy Bloom Day!
What a wonderful colour your Mums are. Toad lilies are such an interesting addition to the garden - like you - I enjoy their name.
My post is up.
Frances said…
Hi Carol, you still have lots going for this time of year. Like you they are calling for cooler temps later this week here but we do have something in bloom every month. To see this month's post about my daughter's garden click
My October bloom day scans are up:
Kathy said…
My post is up at

We might have the same chrysanthemum, do you think?
We seem to be pretty much on the same page this October. I also have a tomato still producing some flowers and there are some ripening fruits on it too. It's cherry tomato in my case. And my Agapanthus decided to bloom for a second time.

Very envious of your toadlilies, mine seem to have croaked it, alas.

My GBBD post is up too. Happy GBBD!
Sue said…
Good morning! I discovered the Cottage Garden Forum on iVillage in June, and now in the past couple of weeks have gotten into blogging. I am having fun finding other garden blogs to read.

I am remembering that I left off a red flowering nasturtium that got a late start blooming, catmint, and something else I'm not remembering from my list.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you still have a tomato growing. Your asters look great still. The Toadlillies are one of my last bloomers for the year too. My post is up!
garden girl said…
Good morning Carol, I like your toad lilies. I was given a struggling 'lemon twist' tricyrtis from our nursery's hospital, and it's taken off in my garden, but didn't bloom this year. I'm tickled it thrived in the garden, and hopefully it will bloom next year. I've never grown toad lilies before. Like you, I like the freckled flowers. Anything with a name like toad lily deserves a place in the garden!

Our garden is definitely winding down this bloom day, but I did find some blooms, and my post is up.

Thank you for hosting GBBD!
Gail said…
Carol, You got to my post before I even left my comment here! You are amazingly talented! Here's the Bloom Day post!

I loved the shot of the asters...enlarging it gave me a peak into the whole space. Happy Bloom Day.

patientgardener said…
Hi Carol - see my blooms at
Hi Carol,

It is amazing you still have tomatoes, and surprisingly your weather forecast is similar to ours. I've got my bloom day post up. Happy GBBD to you.~~Dee
Lancashire rose said…
Still plenty blooming in your garden. My first GBBD is up.
Sarah Laurence said…
Carol, your garden looks like September not October. How gorgeous! I can’t believe you still have a tomato. Our summer has been longer than normal in Maine, but not much is blooming, unless you count the peak fall foliage. I’m back from my sabbatical in Oxford, England. Here is my first GBBD at home: Fall Foliage and Books.
MARIE said…
This is the first time I've joined Bloom Day. Thanks for giving me an excuse to enjoy my October blooms.
Rose said…
Hooray for the tomato plant! It looks very optimistic:) Your nasturtiums look very colorful; that's a good idea to plant them in the vegetable garden. I might try that next year, too, as I plan to plant some.
My Bloom Day post will be up in a couple of hours.
My post is up and mostly varieties of toadlilies (!). Thanks again for hosting.

Glad I took pix yesterday as this morning it is raining. So not sure how long my last flowers will remain looking good. Now for coffee and to settle in and visit other gardeners to see what they have

Here's my address:
Carol, you have some beauties in your garden now. To have another chance at a tomato at this time of year is great. Happy GBBD. I have my post up now too.
EAL said… and have GBBD posts up. Your mums are just lovely, Carol.
Happy October Bloom Day! So you do have a mum - I like the color. The foliage on your Nasturtium is almost prettier than the blooms. If I could find a true red flowered one with the variegated leaves, I'd have to have it. Having flowers nearly every month of the year is a worthy goal, and one that I share. To increase your chances of success, you should plant some Galanthus elwesii near the foundation on the south side of your house. Here's my Bloom Day post:
Carolyn gail said…
Send me that last green tomato, won't you Carol : _)

I've got my post up for Bloom Day.
Dave said…
I like those asters and the toad lilies! It's been a good fall so far with the warm temperatures but you're right it's about to end soon. The rains are bringing cooler temperatures to TN tomorrow.

Here's my post:
What's Blooming in October?
Daphne said…
I had some confused bloomers this year too. I wonder what makes them bloom out of season. Here is my GBBD post.
Janice Miller-Young said…
Congrats on the tomato plant!
My bloom day post is here:
outofdoors said…
Spring blooms for the October Bloom Day here in Monterey California.
Here are the autumn blooming roses in my garden:
Shady Gardener said…
I'd been away from home for four days and could hardly wait to see what was happening when I got home. It's raining today, so I'm glad I put up my post Monday night! ;-)
VP said…
Hi Carol,

Your garden's looking lovely as ever. My tomatoes are behaving strangely too - but that's a story for another day.

In the meantime, I've found an unexpectedly large number of flowers to show you this month. Some have been shown before, but there's new ones too :)
Cindy said…
Hi Carol - How nice you still have some tomatoes working hard for you.
I have to say the toad lilys are my favorites though. I've always enjoyed their blooms.

My post is ready here.
Viooltje said…
I'm one of those gardeners who believe October is possibly the richest month when it comes to blooms, color in particular, not that much of our perennial borders, but autumn's mesmerizing, burning show is just about behind every corner. Compliments on your wonderful asters.

Salix Tree said…
I love toad lilies. I've just acquired two rootlings of those, so hopefully I get flowers next year. I also have confused flowers, wallflowers and oregano have decided to start blooming again.
My post is up, it's a soft rainy day.
LCShores said…
Alas, all my asters are gone, but the raspberries and chiles are going strong. Only the grape woodbine is showing much fall color, but I know the rest will start soon.

My October bloom post is short, but at least it's longer than last month's....
Kara S said…
I've never heard of toad lilies, but they're cute enough that I'll have to find some for next year!!!

My post is up at
Anonymous said…
Great blooms for this late in the year. I need not say anything about your asters vs. chrysanthemum photo; although I must say your pink/purple chrysanthemum looks quite soft and beautiful!
The links to Steve Silk's post for GBBD on GGW is:
Iris said…
I'm crazy about your nasturtiums! My post is up. Thanks for hosting.
Nicole said…
That nasturtium looks lovely, as does the toad lilies. These seem to be getting popular, as I see them on more blogposts.
My small blooms day post is up.
ICQB said…
Your toad lilies are beautiful. They remind me of orchids.

I don't have a bloom day post this month - but I'm enjoying having a look at everyone else's.

Shady Gardener said…
Okay! I'm a little soggy, but I had to head out to take a couple of photos to do GBBD correctly! ;-) My timely post is up!
Jamie and Randy said…
I would give up just yet on blooms. Just when I think our garden has done all it can do. It proves me wrong!
Hi Carol, Your asters are still so beautiful for having been in bloom for nearly a month already. (Ours are mostly brown blobs now.) And that nasturtium is a lovely one... Blithewold's blooms (etc) are up and thank you so much, as always, for hosting bloom day!
Kate and Crew said…
Hi, my name is Kate and I kill plants. This is my first time participating in Bloom Day since I normally kill things before they bloom. I have a few sunflowers and tomatoes blooming right now.

My First Bloom Day!
HappyMouffetard said…
Hi Carol,

I do like the toad lilies.
My post is now up. Thanks for hosting GBBD!
Nancy said…
My GBBD post, with all the plants that survived Hurricane Ike, is up
Linette said…
I wish my tomatoes were still blooming, or still doing anything for that matter. They've been done for over a month now. The dry weather did them in, except for a cherry tomato plant.

We've been warm and sunny here too, but by Friday we're looking at the same temps you are. I've enjoyed the last few summer days.

Here's what's still blooming in my Ohio garden:
TC said…
Interesting how lots of the same things there are in bloom here as well. Does this mean I should still post a "Garden Blogger's Bloom Day" post? Of course it does. ;~)
Meryl said…
I love toad lillies. One day when I have a garden with shade I plan to plant a passel of them!

Here's what I have going on:
Love the toad lilies as well - I fear the voles chomped on mine. Adding that to my shopping list for winter catalog perusing.

Mine is finally up at:
Hi Carol, thanks again for hosting GBBD. I found a giant rain lily to share.

Hi Carol,
Those asters are still giving quite a show in your garden. The toad lilies are an interesting bloom for autumn, too.

I planted a fall veggie garden back in September and all is well so far. And look at you with a healthy tomato plant blooming in October!

If anyone has a chance to pop over to my Florida garden, my GBBD post is up here.

Thanks, as always, for the fun, Carol.
Barbarapc said…
Thanks for hosting this GBBD day - my post is up - first time. It was a great summer in the garden - hard to believe it's almost over....
Technical Difficulties at Conscious Gardening...and Techno Amish at the keyboard...
Entangled said…
The nasturtium does look very fall-like. Have to remember those for next year!

My post is up.
Happy GBBD,

I am so glad you started this stuff!
arythrina said…
Happy 15th!

I have a very similar toad lily to yours, and a few other blooms. One is distinctly out of season...
Annie in Austin said…
The tomato flower may be ephemeral, but it's still nice to see, Carol. The nasturtium, on the other hand, looks like something to remember and copy!

Your toad lily is wonderful and as for pink chrysanthemums...well, some of us have them but don't ever show them in blog photos. My post for GBBD is up. Thanks to you and Elizabeth Lawrence for encouraging all of us to write down what's in flower.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Phillip said…
The asters are lovely. I just added a toad lily too and I think it is the same one you have. I didn't photograph it but I have some other blooms up at
Kim said…
Carol, I love your toad lily. Mine has white flowers, and it bloomed almost a month ago. Like you, I have at least one tomato going strong (and looking like it might take over the back yard before frost). My post is up here.
Jan said…
My post is up, now. I love your toad lilies and asters.

Always Growing
Becky said…
I recently saw toad lillies live for the first time and was very impressed! Here's a link to my GBBD post
Sue said…
Hi, I just realized that when I posted a comment here early this morning, I didn't actually say that I have a Bloom Day post, my first official one. I did a September one from photos taken 9/14/08 a week or two ago. I also forgot to mention Carol and May Gardens, but next time I will.

I am feeling overwhelmed looking at all the gardens here, and am loving them all, even when I don't leave comments. I am going to have to finish looking at them tomorrow.

We are probably going to have our first freeze tonight, and I am very sad. Sue in Nebraska, 5b
Liisa said…

I love the toad lilies. I'm going to have to find a spot somewhere so that I may have some of my very own. I have my GBBD post up and running. Believe it or not, there's still a few things blooming up here in Vermont.

Jean said…
Wow, I wish I could keep nasturtiums going through the summer months. My post is up.
Hi Miss Carol. I'll have to look closer at my tomotoes. The plants are still green and ripening tomatoes. I haven't looked for more blooms. My fall Sugar Snap peas are blooming now though.

And a few other things are blooming at the low spot on a North Carolina mountain top.
chuck b. said…
I have a few tomato flowers in my Bloom Day post this month too.
beckie said…
Carol, better late than never I guess. My GBBD post is up. I love those toad lilies. Thay are on my wish list for next year. So many psots this month. It's amazing how much is still blooming
Kerri said…
I doubt there are any flowers on my poor zapped tomatoes, but I'll go and look tomorrow. Wouldn't it be lovely if yours had time to make new tomatoes? We can dream....
Your mums are such a gorgeous color!
Love those perky nasturtiums, and the variegated leaves are an added bonus.
I wonder how Toad Lilies got their name :)
My post is up.
Happy Bloom Day, Carol!
Cottage Magpie said…
I don't have tomato blooms, but I do have a basket of tomatoes. We just harvested last week! Here's my post:

Thanks for organizing this for us every month, we all really appreciate it!

~Angela :-)
Layanee said…
I have made it to 'the bloom party' finally. Better late than never. Thank you again for hosting and bringing us all together in flowers.
Green thumb said…
Hi Carol, your Toad lilies look very interesting!
My Blooms' Day post is up too.
Naturegirl said…
Carol there is a good variety of color still in your garden!Love to see blooms in Oct.! I finally got it together and posted my ~Bloom Day~
post ..thank you for hosting and allowing us sunshine when viewing all
blooms in Oct.!
Stuart said…
Just wanted to let you know that you're a legend (the nice form of the word) for starting this meme, Carol. It's been wonderful getting around to a few of the bloggers who have participated and enjoying the contrasts of seasons worldwide. Huge kudos.
Pat Leuchtman said…
I just realized I was getting toad lilies mixed up with trout lilies. different seasons. I also want to thank you again for inventing GBBD because I have found lots of of great gardeners and bloggers through these comments. My post is also up at The asters are about gone, but The Fairy is still going strong.
lisa said…
Hi Carol! My Bloom Day post is here. I tried to leave this comment last night, but it didn't go through. Happy Bloom Day!
another late arrival here! just posted my bloom day here - a day late but what the hey, I still enjoyed myself!

I'm another toad lily fan too - gorgeous things. I had one until the drought hit a few years ago but will plant again soon...
Cath said…
Hope you'll accept a late entry! I took the pics on the 15th, but didn't get to the post until today.
Bonnie said…
OK, I know I am tardy, but the post is up at Kiss of Sun
Hi Carol,

Your garden seems like it's hanging on longer than last year. Your mums look like these dahlias that I have. They are beautiful and I usually don't care much for mums. My tomatoes are still producing but that is kind of normal for here.
I hope your frost doesn't come too soon.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, I'm glad you still have some blooming beauties this late in the season! My Bloom Day post is up at
Cosmo said…
Carol, your blooms look great--any notion about how your daylily got confused? I'd love to confuse mine as well. And speaking of confused, I'm so much on PDT that I forgot what day it is--nevertheless, here's my bloom day posting about 17 hours late:

As always, thanks for doing this!
ricki said…
Carol...had to suspend posting to watch the debate and all the hoopla before and after. Now back to the important stuff:
will get you to my site. Thanks for visiting!
Muum said…
ack! the 15th came and went! we have had a lovely fall, except for last weekend when it rained and snowed.
Ottawa Gardener said…
I have to start participating in bloom day. Yes, if I hadn't murdered my tomato plants, they'd still be going strong. Like you said, every year is a surprise. Someone gave me some toad lily and I find its flowers delightful!
Anonymous said…
Technical difficulties set me back, so I'm a little late in getting my photos out...come visit at
Pam said…
Happy (late) Bloom Day!

Here's my post.
Les, Zone 8a said…
Please forgive me, I have overslept for three days, the dog at my post, I mis-read the instructions, my parents wouldn't let me, the bus was late, or I can come up with another excuse if you prefer. But here is my late post:

Thank You!
Sue Swift said…
Your garden looks great given the time of year. I've got little to show this month except some heather ...
Blackswamp_Girl said…
I have been known to be late, but I think that this is the absolute latest that I have ever posted a Bloom Day list! Ah well... such is life. Anyone still interested can find My October BLoom Day Post here. :)
Tracey said…
Hi there May Dreams,

New to this, but very excited to join (albeit very late . . . ). Will remember for the following months!! What a beautiful idea.

My post.

Kim said…
I learned about GBBD from Dee at the recent Garden Writers Association conference. I'm excited to share my first post!
coastal home in Carlsbad said…
Help. I am in San Diego and have company coming in 6 days and my garden looks tired and dry with all the heat. What can I plant now that will make it through the winter? I need some color. Will pansies make it?