Halloween Sighting at May Dreams Gardens

It was a dark and stormy night…

It was Halloween night.

As I walked along the garden path, dry leaves crunching beneath my feet, I thought I heard the sounds of someone else walking through the garden. But when I stopped, I heard nothing.

Nearby an owl let out a screech.

I jumped at the sound and glanced quickly over my shoulder. I swear I saw something in the shadows, but I talked myself out of it. “There’s no one here but me,” I told myself.

Then I stood for a minute in the still night and glanced up at the full moon just as a shadow crossed over it.

I shivered and thought about turning back.

But I continued on, still hearing the footsteps, which now seemed more like something hopping.

Hop, hop, hoppity hop.

I stopped.

It stopped.

I started walking again, this time a little faster. Then I heard it again, and it seemed faster, too

Hop, hop, hoppity hop

I could feel my heart beating in my chest… beat, beat, beatity, beat.

For once, I wished I had brought a hoe with me, a hefty hoe, one that I could use to defend myself.

I continued walking and again glanced furtively back to see what might be in the garden with me. At that moment, a shadowy light came out of nowhere and brought it briefly into focus.

I gasp. I might have screamed.

Horror of horrors, and nightmare of all nightmares!

My garden was visited by the gigantic....

Halloween Hare!*

Run for your life!


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*According to ancient gardening legend, the Halloween Hare hops from garden to garden on Halloween night looking for Easter candy not found in the spring Easter egg hunt. If the Halloween Hare doesn't find any candy, he will create a little havoc in the garden by pulling up plants or turning over containers. Many gardeners, hoping to avoid this mischief and havoc, will leave a few pieces of Halloween candy out in the garden for the Halloween Hare to find. Sightings of the Halloween Hare are rare.


Anonymous said…
You're so funny. Happy Halloween.~~Dee
RURAL magazine said…
Very humorous! I don't think that we will be seeing the Halloween Hare around here. More than likely pumkinii smasherous teenagerous. They have been hard at work all week, smashing what little pumpkin stock we have left.
Anonymous said…
I can't imagine anything more frightening to a gardener unless he was accompanied by a gang of rascally raccoons.
EAL said…
Great one. Hmmm, what about the Night of the Living Dear?

Many burbanites around here find their visitations equally dreadful.
Unknown said…
Hahaha! :) You're story is great. Thanks for the laugh...
Cindy, MCOK said…
Beware, beware, the Halloween Hare,
if you're not careful, he'll give you a scare!
LOL, that was almost scary, not quite as I don't frighten that easily and we do not celebrate Halloween over here so that helps too. ;-)

Thanks for the laugh and I loved the pic.
Gail said…
Have a wonderful time with the trick or treaters tonight...we never get any! Gail
The Halloween Hare wouldn't dare to come in to our garden with our ghostly Luna at the ready to pounce on it. If it should happen into our garden it might find a candy wrapper but unfortunately I would have eaten all the candy already.
Anonymous said…
Funny story & I loved the photo! Happy Halloween!
Kathy said…
Is that why we always have Easter at your house, so the Halloween Hare will find something?
Have you seen "Wallace & Gromit & the Wererabbit"? This is going to give me nightmares.
JGH said…
What will be buried in your plot in the morning??.... I wonder....
MA said…
whoa! that made me LOL! you are so clever! Hare indeed. Glad you were armed w/ a substantial hoe.
Shibaguyz said…
If you want a kick, do a google on "halloween hare." Too funny.
That was too funny! I can just see a children's cartoon about the Halloween Hare, followed by the Great Pumpkin.
Hope you had some big carrots in your hand to offer this wild creature....!
Nicole said…
Thanks for the chuckle!
Rose said…
A belated Happy Halloween to you, Carol! This has to be the scariest ghoul in your garden:)