An OLOGBA for the Society

Dear Esteemed and Potential Members of the Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, Lore, and Superstition (SPPOTGWLS or “the Society”),

I, your self-appointed society president, have taken it upon myself to compile a list of all acronyms currently or formerly in use in the garden blogging world (GBW) to aid all new, current, former and future garden bloggers and readers of garden blogs in the understanding of same as they apply to garden blogs.

Without further ado and discussion the following are presented for the membership to consider. There will not be a quiz.

AGB – Austin Garden Bloggers. Far and away the largest congregation of garden bloggers is within and around the city of Austin, Texas, so they shall be referred to as AGB’s

BIRDS - Bird Information and Reference Deficiency Syndrome. The general condition of not knowing very much about the birds that visit your garden.

BTS - Black Thumb Syndrome. According to Kate from Gardening Without Skills, there are some people whot are afflicated with this. No matter how hard they try not to, they kill green things. They've been trying to get the AMA to recognize it as real for years so they can go through their health insurance for therapy. It's quite sad really.

CCG – Cold Climate Gardening. One of the pioneers of garden blogging, Kathy Purdy named her blog Cold Climate Gardening because she gardens in a cold climate, USDA Hardiness Zone 4. She has already reported frost this year.

CGB – Chicago Garden Bloggers. Though not as numerous as AGB’s, the CGB’s have graciously volunteered to host the next GBSF the weekend of May 29 – 31, 2009 in the windy city, Chicago, Illinois. Please, oh please does the event include a visit to the CBG?

DIPT - Did I Plant This. First coined by Beckie from Dragon Fly Corner, this is nother syndrome some gardeners seem to suffer from which causes them to forget what they planted, and thus they are often happily surprised when a pretty flower shows up in their garden that they didn't remember planting.

EGG - Egregious Garden Gloating. Identifed by Eliz. from Gardening While Intoxicated, this is when one gardener gloats in the presence of other gardeners about his or her better weather, plants, flowers, climate, soil, etc. An EGG violation is scored from one to ten, with ten being reserved for the most egregious violations. This is very similar to EGT, Egregious Garden Taunting.

GAD$ - Garden Attention Distraction Syndrome, Shopping Version. An affliction that causes gardeners to buy plants and other garden supplies at random, often resulting in spending more money than was originally planned to be spent.

GADS – Garden Attention Distraction Syndrome. An affliction that most, if not all, gardeners suffer from, the primary symptom being the inability to focus on one garden task until it is done. Instead the gardener moves from task to task, as they are distracted by one plant and then another, like bumblebees flitting from flower to flower.

GBBC – Garden Bloggers Book Club. This is a now-defunct book club formed to promote garden bloggers reading and posting about a garden book selection every two months.

GBBD – Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. GBBD occurs on the 15th of every month when garden bloggers post pictures and lists on their garden blogs of what is blooming in their gardens on that day and then leave a comment on the GBBD host blog, MDG, so we can find them and pay a virtual visit to see what they have in bloom.

GBSF – Garden Bloggers’ Spring Fling. A meet-up of garden bloggers from near and far that occurs in the spring. The first GBSF was hosted by several AGB’s in Austin, Texas in April 2009. A grand time was had by all. The second annual GBSF will be in Chicago the weekend of May 29 – 31, 2009.

GR - Garden Rant. One of the few garden blogs with an actual manifesto, they are 'uprooting the gardening world' one post at a time.

GRTH - Gardener's Reduced Time with Horticulture. One of the side affects of not spending enough time gardening is an overall increased in the gardener's own girth.

GVAD – Garden Visit Anxiety Disorder. First coined by Dee of Red Dirt Ramblings, GVAD is what a gardener suffers from when they are preparing their garden for a visit from a SOGI

GWI - Gardening While Intoxicated. The place to find out about gardening in Buffalo, NY, where EAL swears there is not snow on the ground nine months out of the year. If there was snow on the ground all the time, that would be a good reason to garden while intoxicated.

HHSBP - Horticultural Hypochondriac Syndrome by Proxy. Mr. McGregor's Daughter suffers from this, the constant worry that something is wrong with your plants.

IGT - Iced green tea. This is the beverage of choice for discriminating garden bloggers! Starbucks brand is preferred.

LAPCPADPOUB - Lets all post cat photos and dire poetry on our blogs. A one time event created by Happy Mouffetard of The Inelegant Gardener.

MCOK - My Corner of Katy. A very interesting cottage style garden in Houston, Texas, this also refers to the Cindy, the gardener there.

MDG – May Dreams Gardens. That’s my garden, also used to denote my blog of the same name.
MSS – M Sinclair Stevens. Also one of the pioneers of gardening blogging, this blogger’s blog is Zanthan Gardens, and she is one of the AGB’s.

MSSGB - Moist Society of Southern Garden Bloggers. According to Compost in my Shoe, humidity breeds more than a slight aroma. I guess that means these gardeners need to stick together.

OGS - Obsessed Gardener Syndrome. Closely related to HHSBP, the primary symptom appears to be constant worry about your garden.

OLOGBA - Official List of Garden Bloggers Acronyms. That's this list that you are reading right now.

PLANTS – Pleasing, listed, achievable, nature-friendly, time bound, specific. A way to ‘plant’ goals for your garden.

RDR - Red Dirt Ramblings. The wonderful musings about gardening by Dee, who gardens in Oklahoma.

SGAFO - Society of Gardeners Age Fifty and Over. Enough said.

SLOP – Straight Line Obsessive Planting. This is a disorder that some gardeners, especially those who grew up planting vegetables, suffer from which causes them to instinctively plant nearly everything in a straight line. This creates a disaster when the SLOP affected gardener attempts to plant tulips bulbs. At least one garden blogger refers to this as Always Neat And Lined-Up.

SOGI – Someone of Garden Importance. Dee of Red Dirt Ramblings suffers from GVAD when a SOGI is coming to visit. We all do!

SPPOTGWLS – Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, Lore, and Superstition. A society for all garden bloggers, the only requirement for membership is to occasionally leave a comment to indicate “present”.

WOO – Window of Opportunity. A gardening WOO is the perfect amount of time for a gardener to actually work in their garden without interruption and feel like they got something done.

WUT – World’s Ugliest Tomato. And yes, I did grow the world’s ugliest tomato this year! Some bloggers may have attempted to compete, but in the end the WUT in my garden prevailed as the one and only WUT.

If any members know of any acronyms that have been inadvertently left off this list, please raise your hand and reply with comment so the missing acryonym can be added to this list, which will hereby be known as the OLOGBA (Official List Of Garden Bloggers Acronyms).

Submitted by,
Your Self-Appointed Society President,

Carol, MDG


  1. That is great! Thanks for putting these all in one place, they will certainly come in handy on Plurk.

  2. How could you forget the all important IGT? The fuel of choice for the head gardener of MDG!

  3. There's HHSBP - Horticultural Hypochondriac Syndrome by Proxy (thinking your plants are diseased when they are not) and OGS - Obsessed Gardener Syndrome (worrying about the health of your garden more than your own health or that of your family).

  4. Dear Madam Self-appointed President, I must say that you have compiled a complete and concise list of many am seeminly all garden bloggers superstitions and maladies. Since you also seem to be the self-appointed Secretary my I be one of the first to commend you for your efforts.

  5. omg oodles of fun acronyms and fab topics for them

    btw - yam armed gander - i also think anagrams are fun too


  6. Too funny! Although on my hiatus from the high-tech world into all things gardening, I'd hoped to leave all the TLA's (three letter acronyms) behind!

  7. What about MCOK? She didn't even complain that she wasn't on the list! And Dee's blog is RDR! And . . . and . . . gee, it seems there's always one more.
    CCG, aka KP or CF (Computer fairy)

  8. Now it all makes perfect..nonsense! Very nicely done and clever as usual.

  9. I am so glad there is not a test!
    SMDG (sister of May Dreams Garden)

  10. Present. (Got to keep my membership card current.)

    I love belonging to your societies, Carol, but wonder why you are always the president of them all? Sort of like why your tomatoes, tiny and ugly win your contests? ;->

    FG is my real name and the name of any garden I am tending, chosen to match those initials.

  11. I'm so glad you created this lexicon; I have trouble keeping up with acronyms although I find them to be extremely useful when trying to post from my iPhone. (How do young people manage with those silly so-called keyboards? Oh yeah. They abbreviate.)

    Thanks for the shout-out. If you're going to include the acronym for my pen name (M Sinclair Stevens BTW), you should include MMD (Mr. McGregor's Daughter) one of the CGBs organizing GBSF 2009.

    OMG! I didn't realize that GBBC was DOA. That's what I get for never getting around to participating. LOL

  12. Hi Carol, present and accounted for. This was so funny. I love that you collected all the information and made it so humorous. My fav acronym is GAD$. I am afflicted. Thanks for the linkage love too.~~Dee

  13. Reading your fun post is a good way to start the day, President MDG! The acronyms will also be handy for Twitter - staying under the character number limit is hard for those of us who write comments as long as some posts.

    Thanks for linking to me, and for all the links - somehow I missed PLANTS when it was new, and your advice for the beginning of the chronological year works well now for we AGB's who wait until autumn to renew and reorder our gardens.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    The comment from MSS implies there was an experiment in comment format? Personally I've always liked the separate pop-up box, because that way the original post is still visible.

  14. Carol, what fun. I love these and think we are lucky to have acronyms to express ourselves. I have one-DIPT Did I Plant This?. Usually seen more in the spring than at other garden times. When you get them all collected, I will print them out to have as a reference. Thanks

  15. Ok, Carol. If you intend to use these acronyms in your posts, will you consider listing a key to the meanings on your sidebar?

    I'm laughing out loud - I recognize a few but I would never know what WUT means.

    You Crack Me Up!

  16. LOL!

    I sincerely hope that now that I'm back online again, that I can find enough WOO's to participate in the GBBD and MDG. Unfortunately I suffer from a very serious case of GADS.

    ~Angela :-)

  17. Carol, another fun and clever post! I am a card carrying member and have GADS!


  18. Always leaving those Moist Society of Southern Garden Bloggers out of the list...humidity breeds more than a slight aroma! (MSSGB)

    What does it take to get on the list?

  19. This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time!

    How about BTS for Black Thumb Syndrome - Those of us that are afflicated with this know it's a very real syndrome. No matter how hard we try not to, we kill green things. We've been trying to get the AMA to recognize it as real for years so we can go through our health insurance for therapy. It's quite sad really.

  20. What is the remedy for someone with GADS? I am sure I inherited it from my father.

  21. All, thanks for all the comments and for adding to the list those acronyms that I forgot. I'll update the post with all of them soon.

    (If you see this comment and are one who suggested an acronym that you reference on your blog, could you kindly email me the link so I can credit it back to you?)

    And, no, there is no cure for GADS, you just have to go along with it!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  22. This is why you are the President, Carol--you have such a great memory for all these details! I did have one I posted about, too--EWS (Empty Wallet Syndrome), but that is similar to your GAD$, which sounds much cleverer:) I think I have every syndrome you've ever discussed here...I think I'd better go lie down for awhile.

  23. Well, this is a regionally limited one.. tho.. maybe not.

    Hurricane Ike Syndrom: HIS

    wherein all the plants get confused and act like it's March instead of October.

    NONE of the leaves have started turning or dropping and that's unusual even for Houston. We've had enough cold (okay--COOL) fronts for some of the non native trees to show SOME color!...and the natives aren't turning brown or dropping at all.

  24. What a great post! I esp loved the cat and poetry one... oh, so sadly true...

    lots of fun!

  25. Dear Carol, thank you!!! You made my 'blogging life' much more easy. All those acronyms and no answers to find anywere and then I found the light.... Thank you Carol for enlighten me / xoxo Tyra

  26. Carol, This is a brilliant post, and such vivid applelations for all the things we suffer from in and around the garden, and amongst the blogs. I am especially grateful for the mention of GBSF with a date!

  27. Great list Carol, but you left out HGB - Houston Garden Bloggers.

    And hmmm... I'm not liking this... the acronym for my blog, Green and Serene, would be GAS...

  28. Carol, thank you, I had been feeling distinctly iffy about diving in to the world of garden blogging, it can all seem a little intimidating, so many great blogs, why would anyone add another, and then I found this. It made me laugh, and reminded me that gardeners are, for the most part, generous and humorous.

  29. Thanks. That's very useful indeed. I do get so confused at times.

    For example, just today I received an email from a co-worker in China that ended with BR. Looked it up, "Bathroom" ?? After a little digging, I found "Best Regards". But still not sure what she really meant to say....

    this helps a lot.

  30. I feel so much more garden-literate after reading this.

  31. Thank you! Am still laughing!
    Lori at

  32. So funny, i definately suffer from some of those.


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