Someone's Garden Feels Neglected...

A Guest Post from the Garden Fairies

Where’s Carol? It’s been weeks, it seems, since she’s spent any real time out here in the garden.

I know! I hear she came out a few days ago, gave the compost tumbler a couple of turns and then picked a tomato and ate it.

I saw her with that lawn mower a couple of times, but that doesn’t count, that’s not gardening.

I wonder if she has another garden? Surely she must because how can she go so long without gardening?

I don’t know, but this place is really looking sad. I know she wants it to rain, but I don’t know if it is goin’ rain anytime soon. She’d better start watering!

Yeah, some of these plants look really sad and droopy right now.

Oh, and did you see who moved into that perennial border over there? That’s right, the thistles!

You’re kidding, thistles?! Once those thistles move it, it’s darn hard to get rid of them. Surely she’s not going to let them stay through the winter? It will ruin this place for us garden fairies.

Yeah! And she needs to get that truck over to the mulch store and get a few loads of mulch before the snow flies.

Hey, this is a guest post. Did you take some pictures? A good gardening blog post has to have a few pictures.

Yes, I managed a few pictures, but I hope folks realize we’re garden fairies, so the perspective is a bit different.

Here's some asters in full bloom.
She got these from her aunt, I think.

Oh, I remember, that's when some of those new garden fairies that live up there under the locust tree showed up. I bet they were stow-aways.

Here's the last of the corn.Really, this corn is so far gone, it wouldn't even make a good fall decoration at this point.

Oh, yeah, remember when those raccoons showed up and tore through that corn? We were sure hiding that night and wasn't Carol mad the next day when she saw what they had done?

Here's a nice pepper ready to be picked.
Run! I hear her coming this way. I think she sees that pepper and is finally going to pick it! Oh, and she's carrying a hoe. Maybe it's finally the end for some of these weeds!


  1. Dear Garden Fairies, do not disparage your Garden Maven. She will be trolling the garden with hoe in hand reclaiming the calm weed free space for you wish. It is amazing how a little cool weather will coax a human back into the garden.

  2. Ha! Now if we could just train those darn fairies to do something useful in the garden, instead of just flitting about and lolling around... :)

  3. You know little fairies, it wouldn't hurt if you'd pick up a little hoe every once in a while.

    Maybe if you had a hoe in your hands every now and then you'd be less uptight. Goodness knows Carol can use your help. Sounds like a win/win to me.

  4. Dear Carol's Fairies,

    Please get the word out to the fairies in my garden that they need to post for me once in a while!

    The Head Gardener, Wit's End

  5. Thank you, fairies, for your perspective on the garden. Perhaps Carol doesn't see that lovely green pepper below--it would be nice if you picked it for her. And if you are magical, couldn't you make those darn weeds disappear??

  6. Your fairies are very entertaining! :)

  7. You fairies need to be nicer to the new fairies that came with that beautiful Aster. They're taking good care of it.

  8. Dear Fairies who live in Carol's garden, Give her a break. It's been a long season with plenty of strange weather! She will find that pepper and it will make a nice addition to a tomato sauce or salad. But now that I have your attention: Could you communicate with the fairies who live at the bottom of the way back backyard at C&L to do a rain dance! Thanks,

  9. Do all gardens have fairies or am I doing something wrong? Or is it just too darn hot and dry for them here. There were loads in England when I was a little girl so I think they prefer the damp gardens.

  10. Hello there Indiana fairies, have my Tennessee fairies come up there by any chance? The gazebo has been empty and the mosses are brown and dried up with no rain for weeks and weeks. And I thought thistle was a fairy favorite too. ;-> I know Carol will be a good hostess, but we miss our wee folks.
    Frances new url


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