Five Hoe Questions Answered

It's hard to believe, but yes, really, there are aspects of my hoe collection that you might not know about it, that I now feel compelled to reveal.

(If you are new around here and are scratching your head wondering about this "hoe collection", well, check it out now, and then come back for the rest of the post.)

Here are five more questions about the hoe collection, answered as honestly as I can answer them.

What do you do with all the hoes in the winter time?

Winter is a time of rest here in my zone 5 garden, so the hoes just hang around in the garage, mostly, waiting for spring and their chance to get out and go to work again.

Are there some hoes that you don’t really use?

Oh, yes. A couple of my hoes are pretty worthless in my garden and so I don’t use them. But I don’t talk much about that, as I don’t want one hoe to seem like it is better than the others, though I think it’s obvious I have a few favorites.

How often do you hoe in the summertime?

A gardener never tells all! And the weeds know if they talk, they’ll meet the business end of a hoe pretty quickly. Let’s just say that I hoe when I need to.

Will there be another Garden Bloggers’ Hoe Down next spring?

I think that the hoe down was a once in a blogging lifetime event, so we probably won’t do it again. But stay tuned, as there may be another special spring-time blog posting party. Think “lawn mowers”.

Do you still hope to get some more hoes?

Yes. I never thought I’d end up with as many hoes as I have, but there will always be room for one more. If you ever see a new hoe for sale that you don’t think is a part of my hoe collection, let me know so I can check it out. I’m always interested in the latest and greatest in hoes!


  1. This is quite a collection, but then a gardener can not have to many. I am always on the look out for the perfect one!

  2. The good thing about hoes (it seems to me, at least) is that don't take up too much room in the garage or wherever you store them. I am into watering cans and have stopped buying because it's hard to squeeze another one into the garage when it's time to put them to bed for the winter.

  3. That's an amazing collection! :)

  4. Lawn mowers...a natural for the second special event!

  5. Have I seen a photo inventory of each and every hoe in the collection? I mean, how would I know what hoe to get you as a gift if I don't know what you already have or what you might lust after? Please advise.

  6. A hoe inventory . . . I love it! Never reveal all your secrets about hoes Carol. It keeps them coming back for more.~~Dee

  7. What a chuckle! That's great to have a collection like that. Enjoyed the reading too.

  8. My daily chuckle...thank you!

  9. I don't use use a hoe, because my garden is no-till (sfg), anyway -good post. BTW, I got something for you, so maybe you can identify your maple. Here's the link.


  10. Maybe as a sidebar, you could post pictures of the hoes you don't have and wish you did. That way if the Hoe Fairy decides to visit you, she'll know what to bring!

  11. Oh my, be careful of what you say. YOu wouldn't want one of your least used hoes to get a complex and be totally useless.

  12. I think I need to add to my hoe collection,Carol, because the weeds seemed to laugh at my attempts to weed the vegetable garden this summer.

    Darn, I missed "Do Nothing in the Garden Day"! But that's ok, because I didn't do anything yesterday in the garden anyway--much too rainy and nasty to work outside. I do hope tomorrow is better, though--I haven't taken a single picture for Bloom Day, and it's going to take some time to hunt down something blooming!

  13. Titania, I have several hoes that are close to perfect, but I can always use more!

    Ms. Wis, my hoes take up a good part of a wall of pegboard in my garage, some are double hung on the same hook even.

    NancyBond, Thank you, it's the only hoe collection I can find on the web.

    Leslie, Yes, Lawnmowers will somehow be a part of a special blogging event next spring.

    MA, Click on the link to "hoe collection" in the post or on my sidebar, and you'll see each and every hoe I own.

    Dee, RedDirtRamblings, And the hoes have many secrets, too!

    Darla, Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the collection.

    Gail, You're welcome and please come back for bloom day.

    EngineeredGarden, Thanks, I will check out that link and maybe figure which tree is which variety.

    Cindy, MCOK, There's a hoe fairy? I've always dreamed that there might be...

    Lisa at Greenbow, Honestly, you can't get much more worthless than some of the hoes I already have.

    Rose, Definitely, every gardener can always use one more hoe!

    Thanks all for the comments.
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  14. Hi there, what I delightful post! I loved seeing the hoe collection! What an incredible showcase of ingenuity and innovation around such a seemingly simple tool.


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