Happy Do Nothing in the Garden Day

I declare November 12th to be Do Nothing in the Garden Day.

Because I still have a lot of garden clean up to do, I've been feeling pressure to get out there in whatever daylight is left when I get home from work, no matter how bad the weather is, and do something, anything, to prepare for winter.

(And did I whine about mention that it has been cold and dreary this last week?)

Well, enough of that. There is enough pressure in life to do this or that or something else without adding to it yourself.

So I give myself, and you, permission to do nothing in the garden on this special day I've designated.

I send gardeners everywhere greetings on this Do Nothing in the Garden Day.

Happy Do Nothing in the Garden Day!

I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to hear what "nothing" others did.

Then after I enjoy this special day, I'm going to need some "Get a Lot Done in the Garden" days, plus a day to take pictures of whatever blooms are brave enough to hang on for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the 15th.

But I'll think about that later. I don't want to spoil my Do Nothing in the Garden Day with thoughts of how much I still need to do in the garden before winter really arrives.

Happy Do Nothing in the Garden Day!


garden girl said…
enjoy the day off Carol!
Yep, I will be doing nothing in the garden today because I have to work today. I would prefer to be at home enjoying the last of the leaves falling. Enjoy your day. Nothing will be blooming here this month in the garden. I must fix that.
Anonymous said…
I'll go a step further and declare that, if you got everything done in October that you needed to, then November should be "Do Nothing in the Garden Month!"
Rock rose said…
Do nothing in the garden would mean do something in the house so I think I am unlikely to be joining you Carol.
Unknown said…
Thank you. :) The pressure is off for today! I have plenty of dead vines that I can see from my window and I've been feeling guilty that I haven't cleaned them up. Well not today! Maybe this coming weekend they will be laid to rest. hehe
Cindy, MCOK said…
I should be able to celebrate this most auspicious occasion as its creator intended, given that we had major thunderstorms rolling through the area in the wee hours. It's wet out there, and then some.

Not to take away from the importance of your holiday, but today is also my 25th wedding anniversary!
Terry said…
Cool! A reason not to go out and rake the leaves that have completely covered the front yard!
Kathy said…
This correlates well with Kathy's First Law of Gardening: if it's not fun, don't do it! (Conceding that gardener's often have a strange idea of fun.)
I just told my husband yesterday that this might be the year when we just don't get the pond cleaned out before winter. He's still hoping to do so, but was thrilled that I realized it may not happen. And now we have an official reason (besides the rain that's falling here). Thanks for letting us off the hook.

I was still thinking about walking around to see what — if anything — might be worth photographing for GBBD. But now I'll wait another day at least!
EAL said…
The problem is that very little of what I could do in the garden is fun at this time of year. We celebrated this holiday by having someone else pick up all our leaves and bag them for the city compost collection.
Anonymous said…
I'll try to stop myself today, but I still have all those bulbs to plant.~~Dee
And didja change your name to Scarlett 'I'll think about that tomorrow " O'Hara ? Sounds like a good day to do nothing. Those leaves and chores can just wait until we are good and ready.

I haven't raked a leaf yet this year. I'm sorta hoping they'll all fall down at once. Meanwhile, thanks for the extra holiday, Carol.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes you just need a break.
Gail said…
I love these forced holidays! gail
Thank you - I'll be happy to do nothing!
It's been so cold & rainy, it's been hard to get things done. I hate trying to rake wet leaves. I hate trying to rake leaves wet with snow even more. Let's hope we can get done what we need to before it comes to that.
TC said…
A great day for us spavined gardeners!
Carol Michel said…
Thanks to all who enjoyed this new holiday and left a "holiday greetings". Now we hope for a nice "Get a Lot Done in the Garden Day" sometime soon!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens