Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

My wishes for you...
May 2009 be your best year yet, both in and out of the garden.
May you find time for all the gardening you've ever wanted to do.
May you have blooms not only for bloom day, but every day throughout the year.
And may you make peace with whatever rabbits dwell in your garden.
Let's all make 2009 the Year of the Garden!
Embrace the new year!


Wonderful wishes! And I wish you the same, especially about the rabbits. And isn't every year the year of the garden?
Kathy said…
I like the American Horticultural Society's motto: Making America a Nation of Gardeners, a Land of Gardens
Happy New Year to you too, Carol! On to the Year of the Garden!
Carol, I hope 2009 brings you many wonderful gardening pleasures. I look forward to reading about them all!
chuck b. said…
Happy New Year! Thank you for being such a champion of the garden blog. You are an inspiration and constant delight. Best wishes for a fabulous 2009.
Thank you for the good wishes Carol. I hope you have the Best New Year possible.
Les said…
To you, I wish the same.
Stacy said…
The Year of the Garden sounds grand! count me in! :)
kate smudges said…
Hope you have a wonderful and joyful New Year! Your Amaryllis is gorgeous ... looks to be a Lemon Star. Lovely!!
Rock rose said…
Thank you for your good wishes. happy New year Carol and happy gardening in 2009.
Sue Swift said…
Happy New Year to you too Carol. Look forward to seeing what 2009 brings to your garden.
Anonymous said…
Hey Carol, When you write your mission statement, please send it to me. Also include your zone and URL. I'll put them into a collection to post. It should fun, sorta like GBBD is! Helen www.gardeningwithconfidence.com

If you don't mind, please help to spread the word.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Carol and thank you for the new year wishes. We started two bags of compost this morning with our neighbor's leaves that came to visit our shrubs. (Ha) and placed a new 'family' rock in the front. Susie
Katie said…
I don't have rabbits. Can I make peace with the rolie polies?

Happy New Year Carol. Best wishes for May Dreams Gardens in 2009.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Happy 2009, Carol ... I hope it's a year of gardening gloriously for gardeners around the world!
What? You don't have a link to tell us how to make peace with our rabbits? ;o) I don't even know how many rabbits I have, but they take their share of my lettuce.

I'd also like to know how to make peace with squirrels. We've been feeding them along with the birds, but they prefer what we provide for the birds.

Happy New Year,
Molly said…
My new dog can catch rabbits. Now if she'd just stop burying the bodies under the pillows on my bed!
Kevin Curtis said…
Hi, Happy New Year to you too. :)

To the year of the garden. Cheers.
Great sentiments, Carol. A very Happy New Year to you as well. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the windy city for Spring-Fling.
Mary said…
I wish you a great garden year and peace with those wascilly wabbits.

Happy New Year, Carol!

Anonymous said…
Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you too.
Nutty Gnome said…
Hi Carol,
Happy New Year from the chilly UK! I'm new to blogging, but love gardening and I think your site is great.
I've just started doing a blog about the trails and tribulations of building a Japanese garden, but I also now grow organic fruit and veg - which is where I came across your site. I'll look forward to getting lots of helpful tips!

Long may we continue to enjoy the fruits of our labours!

Liz - aka Nutty Gnome