Orchid Bud, Bloom Day Update

Why is it that I can never remember the common name of this orchid?

I can remember Ludisia discolor, its botanical name, but I can’t remember its common name of jewel orchid. I always want to call it a velvet orchid, because its leaves look like velvet to me.

I remember for awhile that this is a jewel orchid by repeating it over and over and over.

Jewel orchid.
Jewel orchid.
Jewel orchid.

Then I read about them and invariably, someone mentions their ‘velvety leaves’ and I’m right back to thinking of them as velvet orchids.

I’m going to stick with Ludisia discolor because for some reason, I can remember that.

This is an easy orchid to grow. Mine has been growing for years in a mix of bark and peat in a west window. I water it with the same frequency as my other house plants, which is maybe a bit more often than I water most other orchids. If it gets too dry, some of the lower leaves dry up.

My velvet jewel orchid is just now starting to form flower buds, like it does every year at this time. I’ll see the blooms sometime in January, hopefully in time for the January bloom day post, but definitely not by the 15th of this month for the December bloom day post.

Is everyone getting ready for their December Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day post? For those who are new to this, I’ll repeat the rules here.

Wait, there are no rules.

That’s one of the secrets of bloom day, or any Internet meme. Keep it simple and don’t have a bunch of complicated rules

All you need to do to participate in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is post about what is blooming in your garden on the 15th of the month, or thereabouts, depending on your personal schedule. Then leave a comment on my bloom day post so we can find your blog and check out what is blooming in your garden.

I know that ‘no rules’ makes some people a little apprehensive. But really, no rules is the rule.

To further convince you there really aren't a bunch of rules, I offer these guidelines in the form of questions and answers.

When nothing is blooming in my garden, can I post about other aspects of my garden that I find attractive? Yes, of course you can!

Do I have to list botanical names? No, of course not. In fact, if you don’t know the botanical name of a flowering plant, and you want to find out what it is, post a picture of it for bloom day and ask for help identifying it. I bet someone will know and leave you a nice comment with the name.

Do I have to list every bloom? No, it’s your choice to list as many or as few blooms as you’d like to share.

Can I include plants blooming indoors? Yes. We'd love to see what you have blooming indoors. You can even post about indoor plants that aren't blooming!

Should I include a picture of my hoe? Only if you have a nice one or you missed the garden bloggers’ hoe down and need a reason to post a picture of it. However, I think having a nice hoe you want to share with everyone is reason enough for a separate post.

My bloom post will be up early on the 15th, and as promised, this month we will use Mr. Linky to make it easier to leave a link to your post. And remember, it is finally winter here at May Dreams Gardens, so I’m really anxious to see some posts of gardens where there are still blooms, any blooms, even one bloom!


  1. Carol,

    I can promise at least one bloom...maybe two but the freezes we are having have really knocked everything! You would think it was winter! Gail

  2. Oh yes, seeing ANYTHING bloom would be a treat just about now :)

    I've wanted to try growing an orchid and this jewel orchid sounds like something I just might be able to handle!


  3. Of course, now I am also going to be calling it a velvet orchid (mistakenly), that is, if I ever see one.
    and speaking of orchids, I'd better order mine that came to me as a gift and I bet it wishes it were at your house instead. But I'm trying...I'm trying!!!

  4. I just bought a Jewel Orchid yesterday - and it's full of buds. I think the leaves are beautiful enough for growing this orchid. I'm glad you find it easy to grow - sounds promising!

  5. Eventhough there has been some frost here I still have a few blooms outside.

    Love your velvet erm jewel orchid, it's very pretty and I can see why it should actually be called velvet. ;-)

  6. Unless another even colder freak front moves through, I'll have lots of blooms for you come Monday!

    We used to sell that orchid at the nursery where I worked ... I never knew its common name either!

  7. Your jewel orchid is gorgeous. I'm glad to know that inside plants are fair game for Bloom Day. I was actually wondering whether a December posting on pansies would be too banal, then the deer came through last night and chomped every blossom (they must be full)--settled that dilemma, anyway. Can't wait to see what everyone else puts up!

  8. Cute post. I have plants that I can't remember the names of too. Thanks for the no rules rule. I appreciate it.~~Dee

  9. LOL, on a botanical hike once, I kept repeating Symplocarpus foetidus to myself, in an attempt to memorize the botanical name for skunk cabbage. I thought it worked, but I just had to look it up again! Some things I remember quickly; others, not so much.
    ~ Monica

  10. No rules is the best rule of all. If I had just one little bloom, I'd post it. But, I have none - except for a white flowering weed near the bird feeders. But, Oh, I do have a hibiscus tree in the sunroom with dried up blooms. It's still green and living...and also draped in multi-color twinkle lights. LOL!

    Clever post, Carol :o)

  11. Thats the frustrating thing about common names, someone in a different area of the world may call it something completely different. I am calling it absolutely beautiful! I still love using the latin names, I have been asked for to many black eyed susans throughout the years, only to have the customer say, "oh that's not what I wanted."

    We did sell your beautiful orchid in the Nursery at one time, but they froze over the winter when the owners did not turn on the heat.

  12. My BBBD post is set to be put on my blog at midnight, my time, in Nebraska, an hour behind you, I think. I'll come back in the morning to fill in the Mr. Linky blank.


  13. Ah,Carol...you and your hoes! LOLOLOL!

    I love these jewel orchids, but I don't have one. I've not even encountered one in all my greenhouse and garden center forays. I'll keep watching for them, because I want one! Congrats on the flower bud!


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