Putting Some Hoe in Your Holidays

What better way to put that “hoe” in the holidays than giving a hoe or some hoe related items to your favorite gardener or yourself?

I think any gardener would be delighted to find one of these hoe items under their Christmas tree...

A Cobrahead Hoe. I was so good last year that Santa got me a short-handled Cobrahead Hoe for Christmas and now I don’t know how I gardened with it. It’s perfect for weeding, digging, and furrowing. (You know, furrowing. As in making a nice straight furrow to plant some seeds in.) There’s also a long-handled Cobrahead Hoe, which is a little harder to wrap and hide under a tree.

A Circle Hoe. This is a great hoe for the vegetable garden or really any garden spot where you want to chop down the weeds, without disturbing the roots of the plants you want to keep or moving the soil around too much. This hoe also comes in long handled and short handled versions.

Hoe Calendar. For those gardeners who really do not believe they need a hoe to garden or already have some good hoes, how about a Hoe Calendar? This particular version offers a different hoe each month, perfect for hanging in the garden shed, kitchen or office.

Hoe and Other Gardening Tools Christmas Tree Ornaments. Nothing says “I’m a gardener” like hanging miniature gardening tools on your Christmas tree, including a tiny hoe. These tools would also look good on a wreath, in any season.

West Country Gloves (for Hoeing). These gloves look like they would be perfect for hoeing, which, as some of us know, can be hard on your hands. (Dear Santa, I’ve been very good and kept up with all my hoeing this year, for the most part. I would like a green pair in “medium” if I am still on your “good” list and you still are trying to think of something to get me for Christmas. Love, Carol)

Hoe Hoe Hoe! I’m at the end of the row on this one. I hope, whether it is a hoe or something else, that every gardener gets a hoe-lot of good stuff for the hoe-lidays!



  1. Hmm..my hoe broke and I need a new one...I'll have to ask Santa.

    Did you see Crafty Gardener's "Hoe hoe hoe!" Christmas sign for her garden?


  2. Maybe I am not using them "correctly" but I got a pair of those gloves this summer and I do a lot of digging and scrabbling around in the dirt with gloves on, and I have already poked through two of the fingers. I might email them about it, but I just thought I would pass the word - I love them, but I think they are designed for only moderate usage.

  3. Carol, you never cease to amaze with the 'hoe' posts! Actually, I really like your idea of minatures for tree or wreath decorations Another use would be to use them on gifts-tied in with the bow. Happy Holidays or in your case Happy Hoedays!

  4. My neighbor gave me a set of ornament-sized garden implements last year. I am glad you mentioned them. I have them in the bookcase where I keep my garden books so I need to get them out. Hoe hoe hoe, Happy Hoelidays.

  5. Carol — I'm for the tiny hoes and other tools on the tree. I posted a photo of just such a tree earlier this morning in A Gardener's Christmas Tree. And I'm jealous of your dusting of snow. We are in the midst of a storm that started Monday night and will end tomorrow morning with about ten inches of snow. Wind is blowing and snow is coming down like mad. Time for more coffee.

  6. Years ago, I gave my veggie gardener grandmother an apron that said HOE! HOE! HOE! It came back to me after she died, almost worn out, so I cut out the bib with the words and have them around here somewhere. I need to do something with that, maybe make a pillow.

    My long handled Cobrahead, Cleo, is one of my favorite tools.

  7. There should be a little hoe in every garden. I'll be adding one to my Christmas list.

  8. Ho, Hoe, Ho. Merry almost Christmas to all of us (gardeners).

  9. My ancient hoe needs replacing for sure. And I have been good this year...

    I've also had issues with those gloves. What I loved about them was the way they closed around my wrist so I didn't get dirt in the gloves. Unfortunately my fingers poked holes in them within a season. :-(

  10. HOED ON HERE! What's all this hoe hoe hoeing?


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