The Society Has A Christmas Meeting

Members of the Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, Lore, and Superstition (SPPOTGWLS or “the Society”) recently held a virtual Christmas party.

The meeting was called to order by me, the self-appointed president. During the brief business meeting, all voting members present in person (me) cast ballots for new officers.

It was unanimous that I should remain as president and secretary/treasurer for the coming year. I am pleased to accept this responsibility and will do my best.

The Society then got down to the business of celebrating the season.

First up was discussion about the weather, with members reporting both usual and unusual weather events.

Elizabeth showed stunning pictures of her white snow covered garden. All agreed it was most festive, but really, isn’t it always like that in Buffalo, except of course, in the summertime?

Kathy, always helpful, provided wonderful information on the benefits of snow as a warm blanket for everyone’s perennials and Mr. McGregor's Daughter talked about how long the winter has been already.

All the Austin garden bloggers were there, and could hardly contain themselves because they had real snow this year. They know that snow means moisture, and all of their gardens could use that. Pam and Diana were among several who showed us pictures.

Not to be out snowed, Jan in Louisana showed pictures of her recent snowfall as well.

At this point, everyone was getting a little antsy with all the snow and weather talk, so we turned our attention to the entertainment of the evening.

Frances led off with a riveting presentation of her yule log. In the interest of safety, other members stood ready with hoses and fire extinguishers, in case Frances got the idea to actually light the log, and not just the candle stuck in the hole made by the woodpecker.

We also looked over the beautiful amaryllis that Cindy from Houston has recently become obsessed with and Lancashire Rose told us all about robins and Christmas in England.

The Society then gathered around the piano to listen to Annie in Austin sing both of her Christmas songs. After a round of applause, it was story telling time.

First we heard Carolyn Gail tell the story of a most memorable Christmas in Alabama.

Being president and all, the group then politely listened to my Tale of the Christmas Cottontail, again, which makes the most sense if you also know the Story of the Halloween Hare. I also retold the story of the Christmas bell, which got everyone in the mood to share pictures of their gardening themed Christmas ornaments.

A few announcements were made. Robin(Bumblebee) reminded us about the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count, Mary Ann provided a Christmas list for the beginning gardener, and I reviewed five handmade gifts for gardeners, should any members want to burn the midnight oil working in Santa’s workshop right up until the last minute.

Refreshments of cookies made by Mr. McGregor's daughter were finally served while Dee reminded us of the true meaning of the season.

The meeting was then adjourned with a personal note from the President wishing all a Merry Christmas and reminding everyone that it is way too soon to panic about seed orders, as we haven’t even completed Phase Two of Winter Gardening. There will be time enough in Phase Three of Winter Gardening to read cover to cover all the seed catalogs and browse all the seed company websites, and then order seeds.

And if we order early, there should be enough seeds for everyone. If not, I call dibs on any I want!!

Minutes* submitted by
Carol, President, SPPOTGWLS

*Should any members or other readers have corrections or additions to the minutes (perhaps I didn’t link to a holiday related blog post that would be of interest to all), please note those in the comments below.


  1. That flower isn't real. I just thought you should know.

  2. It's not???? How could you tell Fenghar?

    Carol, since the meeting is over, can we get back to the party? The Christmas PARTY???!

  3. Oh the weather outside is frightful.... So glad to read the minutes of the meeting of The Society Carol. It is a fine thing to read during this season of Merriment.

  4. Madame president I came by to say:
    May the Spirit of Christmas leaves its blessings on the hearts of you and yours! hugs NG

  5. Hi Carol, a good virtual time was had by all. We do give you the pat on the back for your excellent work as president, no one else could do it better! Just a note, the yule log is sitting on a flameproof mat just in case the candle threw a spark or something. A blast from the hose really wasn't necessary! :-)

    A very Merry Christmas to you and thanks for the link love.

  6. It sounds very festive. Thanks for the links. I'm off to visit the two or three I missed.

    Merry Christmas.~~Dee

  7. I'm willing to share any seed I get with you, Carol. They always include more in those little packets than I'd ever have room for in the garden.
    I've been so busy with holiday preparations (read "cookie baking"), that I need to catch up on some of these posts. Thanks for listing them. I'll have an actual Christmas post up soon with a photo of the most beautiful homemade flower cookie in the world. (Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.)

  8. This was a great idea for a post. :)

    I enjoyed the wintery virtual tour. I especially liked the Christmas gardening ornaments. They are beautiful.

  9. Like MMD, I've been baking cookies & to mail to our far-flung family members instead of reading any blogs, but couldn't miss this fun virtual meeting, madame president, especially since you let me play the piano!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. I'm sorry I missed the meeting, Carol, but I've been too busy buying last-minute gifts and making cookie dough for my granddaughter who's coming over later to help me bake cookies. Besides, the weather has been too awful to travel very far lately.

    I enjoyed Annie's Christmas carols, though, and second MMD's motion that winter has gone on long enough!

    Merry Christmas, Carol!

  11. It must be lonely at the top . I'm not saying its nepotism but you are beginning to remind me of Chicago politics where the motto is " Vote early and vote often " :-)

    The weather-related posts were wonderful. Thanks for including my Christmas memory. I think Jan had the most unusual one since it only snows in Louisiana maybe once in a century.

    I'm looking forward to visiting and reading all the members blog posts.

    Thanks for hosting the Christmas gathering, it was fun. Was that eggnog spiked? If so I could use another drink. Put another log on the fire while you're at it.

  12. It's nice to make the rounds of all the holiday posts. Thanks for being our guide. Snow, snow, snow everywhere it seems. I know it's a trial to those of you who have to live with it but it does seem very picturesque and festive.

    Stay snug and warm. And be sure to keep writing up those meeting notes.

  13. Madame President,
    It appears that the after-meeting party is in full swing, and to that I add a hearty "cheers" to you for your fine work this year. My feet are quite tired after our nationwide garden tour, so I think I shall prop them up by your fire for a bit. Tell me another story, will you? And get me another drink while you're up?

  14. Merry Christmas, Carol!

  15. Sorry I was late to the meeting but I am doing my best to catch up on all the Christmas posts and many more that went before. Merry Christmas Carol.

  16. Carol, your fetish for acronyms makes me laugh :o)

    Hail to the acronym queen, queen of hoes and gardening at its best!

    Merry Christmas to you and the ones you love, Carol.


  17. you can find all article about gardening on my blog. pleasure to visit your blog

  18. Oh, you crack me up! I love reading your posts.

    Anyway, I just stopped by to say Merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
    ~Angela :-)

  19. Hiya Carol,

    Best wishes for the season.

    Your Christmas Card is here.


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