Bloom Day List for January 2009

Thank you to all who participated in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day for January!

Indoors, outdoors, and all around, even in January, there are a lot of blooms to be seen. Here's the entire list imported from Mr. Linky.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Participants
1. joco
2. Gail
4. Heirloom Gardener
6. Dee
7. RobinL
8. Mr. McGregor\'s Daughter
9. Colleen--In the Garden Online
10. lancashire rose
11. Dave
12. Kerri
13. Frances
14. Birds \'n Such
15. carolyngail
16. entangled
17. Nancy Bond
18. Rose
19. susan harris
21. Racquel
22. Out of Doors
23. OutsideClyde
24. daniel Mount
25. Cannas and Bananas
26. Anneliese - CobraHead
27. Pam/Digging
28. Marie
29. Lisa at Greenbow
30. John Willis
31. Leslie
32. Sweet Bay
33. Kiss of Sun-Bonnie
35. Iris/Society Garlic
36. elizabeth
37. inadvertent farmer
38. Darla
39. Town Mouse and Country Mouse
40. Diana Kirby
41. Cold Climate Kathy
42. Sheryl Smith-Rodgers
43. Daphne\'s Dandelions
44. Jen
45. Mo
46. Mother Earth\'s Garden
47. Kanak
48. Lorene
49. commonweeder
50. Michelle Derviss
51. Robin/Garden Mentor
52. Linda Lehmusvirta
53. Kris at Blithewold
54. Cinj
55. Washington Gardener
56. Annie in Austin
57. chuck b.
58. Steve
59. Clatter Valley
60. Les
61. Molly at Life on Tiger Mountain
62. A Corner Garden
63. Michelle
64. Kathy and Skippy
65. Zanthan Gardens
66. Blunders with shoots, blossoms \'n roots
67. Diane
68. joey
69. Jean
70. Karen/Greenwalks
71. healingmagichands
72. Jessica at Snappy Garden Blog
73. AnneTanne
74. Dreamybee (Hawaii)
75. Tom\'s Green Thumb
76. Cheryl
77. VP
78. Jill-O
79. Arythrina/Metaphyta
80. MNGarden/Donna
81. Georgia/
82. Darcy at Bloomtown
83. Mary Beth/Cultivating Paradise
84. Lori
85. Layanee
86. Shirl
87. Catherine Kokoris
88. Hilery - So. Nevada
89. Michelle
90. Cynthia
91. kris at home (t.m.)
92. Country Gardener
93. The Gorham Garden
94. Idaho Gardener
95. Jan - Always Growing
96. Grace Peterson
97. totally inept balcony gardener
98. Cheryl in Austin
99. Debbi
100. Waterlilies
101. Nancy's Garden Spot, Houston
102. Shady Gardener
103. Pam
104. Kylee at Our Little Acre
105. Melanthia
106. fransorin
107. Beckie
108. Laura at Moomin Light
109. linda
110. debra
111. Randy
112. rosella
113. Kristy \'Greenthumb\' Guthrie
114. Deb
115. Marty Ross
116. Karen - An Artist\'s Garden
117. Robin at Getting Grounded
118. Chloe\'s Garden
119. Ewa in the Garden
120. Renee's Roots
121. Cindy, My Corner of Katy, Part 1
122. Cindy, My Corner of Katy, Part 2
123 Lydia Plunk
123 Chookie
124. Deirdre

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If you add your name later, I'll go back and export and update the list again so it is complete and no one is missed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more blooms to check out!


  1. Carol, I have a feeling that somehow you missed me :(( in your list. I am 7th in the comments of your GBBD post.

  2. What a wonderful turn out!! Especially for January. Great meme, thanks for hosting it.

  3. I am feeling a little peer pressure here, Carol.

    Robin Wedewer

  4. Wow 119! That's a lot of posts.

  5. Thanks for the round up, Carol -- that's an impressive lot of postings!

  6. whew we know what you will be doing for some time. I hate to hear that Mr Linky isn't working for you. Thank you for all your hard work.

  7. Incredible. Thank you for a marvelous job done! gail

  8. Hi Carol, somehow I thought there wouldn't be as many since it is the middle of winter for most of us. What will the number be come spring and summer? This just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am waiting to read about it in the New York Times! Thank goodness for Mr. Linkey!

  9. What a great turnout for January! Who would have known there would be so many posters? Here I was getting ready to drop out for the winter too. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  10. Forgot to do this on Thursday: I don't have much: Lenten rose outside and paperwhites and one lovely red geranium inside. Maybe the 0 degree lows have an effect? And that's in North Carolina!

  11. Fantastic turnout for January!

  12. Thanks for admiring my orchid. I can't really take credit for it's blooms, I bought it that way just a week ago! LOL I hope I can continue to keep it healthy.

  13. It was a wonderful turnout for January, and thank you again to everyone who posted.

    I've been down the list and think I visited everyone who left their url on Mr. Linky. I also fixed a couple of bad url's, once I found the post and I added a few late entries at the end.

    If I missed YOUR post and didn't leave a comment, it wasn't intential, please let me know.

    It's wonderful to know there is so much blooming around the world.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  14. Hi Carol, mine was a bit late and so was missed, I think!

  15. Carol — Thanks again for doing all this work! It really made mid-January something to look forward to, instead of dreading, up here in the cold zones.

  16. I am so sorry I missed January's GBBD! I am getting ready for February's...which is just a few days away...I'd better get hoppin';)


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