Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - January 2009

Welcome to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for January 2009.

Here at May Dreams Gardens, snow and very cold temperatures in the teens and single digits ruled out the last hope for finding even a tiny frozen bloom outside. I didn’t have that much hope anyway, after many icy cold days in December.

But I went outside, just in case, and looked in a few places to see if perhaps there was a stray bloom on Vinca minor or a crocus leaf popping up by the front step.

Instead I found these snow-topped sedums, which for today I’m calling Snowdums. (Groan)

I also found out that snow doesn’t always conceal as it covers everything; sometimes it reveals what is really going on in the garden.
All those tracks in the snow tell me that rabbits or other critters did not simply pass through my back yard, they stopped to cavort and play a bit. Snow does bring out a playful sense in us, doesn’t it? At least it does right after we shovel off the drive, feed the birds, throw some ice melt on the front walk and check for closings of school, work, or a favorite activity.

Fortunately, I embrace house plants so I have a few blooms and buds inside where it is nice and warm.

Fading fast are the Christmas cactus and the first two Amaryllis that bloomed for the holidays. The faded blooms are still there only because I've been too lazy to cut them off.

Blooming now are the Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia milii, pictured above, and three pots of Oxalis regnellii triangularis. I can always count on Crown of Thorns for blooms any month of the year, which explains its other common name, Forever Flowers.

Budding up is what most of the blooming plants indoors are really doing right now. Instead of saying “you should have been here last week” , as many gardeners seem to do when giving tours of their gardens, I should say “you should really stick around another week or so to see the real bloom fest of January”.

Did you know that buds are hard to photograph inside? They kind of blur into the background. For that reason, I’m only posting a picture of the bud of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) ‘Blossom Peacock’.

It’s a nice fat bud that ought to be in full bloom in about a week, give or take, maybe by Wednesday.

There are also buds on Narcissus ‘Grand Soleil d’Or’, Jewel Orchid (Ludisia discolor), and another orchid (Stenosarcos Vanguard). I call it by the common name of Chicken Foot Orchid because that’s what the flower looks like to me.

And of course, I have a dozen hyacinths "on vase", which should make a wonderful display in February.

Now after seeing my few indoor blooms and buds, I really am ready to see what is blooming in other gardens in January. Please show me some blooms! Give me something to cling to until spring! Or commiserate with me if you are in a cold place, too. I'll even settle for pictures of blooms on upholstery, if that's what you've got.

It’s easy to participate in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Just post on your blog about what is blooming in your garden on the 15th and then come back here to leave your link in the Mister Linkey widget below along with a comment to entice us to come for a virtual visit.

Oh, and another reason to leave a comment? Mister Linky isn't being very cooperative this bloom day and doesn't seem to be showing up. I've sent an SOS to him, and hope for resolution soon.

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” – Elizabeth Lawrence


LostRoses said…
Carol, I was going to say I have nothing blooming, but then you mentioned Crown of Thorns. I have three of those on my desk at work and they're blooming! Does that count? The only reason they're alive is that someone else waters them.
Anonymous said…
Wow, look at the bud on that Amaryllis Carol! It could be any day now, hope you post a picture when it finally opens. Happy GBBD!
Carol — I love the snow on the sedums. Mine are buried so you've got me beat. I'm so glad you are willing to do all this work for GBBD. I'm looking forward to staying warm and visiting lots of garden links.
sweet bay said…
Lovely picture of the amaryllis. Even though it's too cold for flowers outside, it sounds as though you have a lot going in the house to help keep the gardening spirit alive during the winter.
joco said…
Hello Carol,
Hope you manage to keep warm indoors at least.
Lots of evergreen in my garden, but no colour to speak of. So I am cheating with recycled posies from last summer to cheer myself up a little.
Shady Gardener said…
Hello, Carol. It seems we share the same snowy scenes. I do have a couple of blossoms indoors, but I hate to rely on posting about them again. My post is up for tomorrow. I'm a little "green" about your amaryllis! ;-)
Ewa said…
Carol, For the first time in my Garden, in Poland, I don't have anything blooming outdoor, but indoor blooms cheer me up!
Hello, Carol. I would love to join in on the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! I have one lonely pansy in my little greenhouse that is happy as can be- and has brought me some winter joy. I tried clicking on the Mister Linkey and it takes me to a page that says 'This account has been suspended, please contact billing/support department' Can you email me and explain how it all works?

And also, I have already posted 2 posts about the same little bloom- can I use my post from the 14th- I'd hate to post yet another one for that one flower! I'm sure everyone doesn't need yet another photo of it!

Your photos are beautiful- I didn't grow an Amaryllis this year, so it is so nice for me to see them.
chaiselongue said…
Your Amaryllis will be beautiful next week! And your snow pictures are lovely. Even though we don't have snow, we don't have many blooms either, but what we have are on my blog. Thanks for hosting Garden Bloggers' bloom day.
Anonymous said…
Hi Carol
Thanks again for hosting this beautiful regular on your blog - it's always so lovely to be able to see what people are up to in their plots around the world.

If anyone is interested, we're in the height of summer right now, so there is plenty of green here in South Africa. (Although, since we never get snow, I am a little bit jealous of all that lovely white covering up your garden.)

You can see what's blooming here:
VP said…
Hi Carol,

I thought the winter weather would deprive me of outdoor blooms for Blooms Day, but luckily there were a few plucky flowers cheerfully posing for us this month.
VP said…
PS There doesn't seem to be Mr Linky available, so I suspect you'll have people's links and blooms day addresses in here as usual.
Nan Ondra said…
Looks like you're ready for some amaryllis action very soon, Carol! My post is up at Hayefield. There's a surprising amount of color here in frozen Pennsylvania this month. Happy Bloom Day!
patientgardener said…

Hi My GBBD post can be found at the above link
You demonstrate well, bloom where you're landed, the winter landscape is one big white bloom! Thanks again for this great idea.

Frances said…
Hi Carol, I laughed at you flowers on upholstery option, never thought of that. And the cavoting paw prints were pretty cute, what was going on in that circle dance? I have only a few blooms outside, so glad that you are allowing buds too!

Bloom Day January 2009-Few But Faire

This month's scan is here:

Thanks Carol!
Alan said…
Hi Carol,

We may have to look a little harder for color in our garden this time of year, but if we take the time to do so we can find it.

Here is my post (copy & paste):
Les said…
I hope you can stay warm and that all of your plants survive the single digits to bloom another day. I am serving a few leftovers from my garden for this month's bloom day, but there are also a couple of new things. Thanks for hosting.

Daphne said…
I too have noticed the tracks of my nemesis in the snowy garden - the chipmunk. Though I have nothing blooming inside, since I failed to embrace houseplants, I do have one beautiful bloom outside.
Daphne's Dandelions Bloom Day Post
Carol - I thought your "Snowdums" were great, not a groan but a giggle from me :)
Not much showing at my place either, but there is some sings of hope.
My post is here
Pam/Digging said…
I have an amaryllis in bud on my windowsill too, Carol. The hyacinths sound like pure pleasure when they bloom.

I have some outdoor blooms. Not many, but there's a few in the new-baby garden. Bloom Day at Digging
Gail said…
Hi Carol,

Is it ever cold outside... even colder tonight...I have crocus bulbs trying to put forth some bloom in the kitchen window! ...let's see if they cooperate...They won't have the fragrance of your hyacinths, tho! There are a few witch hazel blooms that I hope survive the cold snap!

Happy Bloom already have a crowd!


It's really cold here too, but I found a few snowdrops peaking throught the snow:

-Heirloom Gardener
Hey Carol, I'm truly grateful for bloom day this month. It made me focus on the few houseplants I have blooming instead of the frigid temps outside.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
Like you Carol, I only have houseplants blooming, but my post is up anyway. I was hoping my amaryllis would finally makes it's appearance in time for GBBD, but no luck. Soon though!
You know, Carol, I always feel a lot more playful BEFORE I shovel the driveway. :-D You've got a really big bud there. I bet that's going to be a fantastic bloom when it finally opens. I'll happily commiserate about the cold. How cold is it in Chicagoland today? So cold that school has been cancelled. Now that's cold. BTW, Mr. Linky is working again.
Colleen said…
Yay! I have January blooms! I'm so excited :-)

Although, I have "Snowdums" too---they count, right?
Dave said…
That's a very interesting cultivar of the sedum. It may also be known as snowcrop, I'm not sure though. It doesn't thrive here in TN. It might only bloom once each winter. ;)

It's a tough month to scrape up blooms! Although I did manage to find a dandelion.
Anonymous said…
Love the Snowdums. :) And you'll have to photograph that amaryllis when it opens...they're so lovely.

My offering for this month is up. :)
Kerri said…
Carol, you probably won't recognize me this early, but yes, it's me...on time! :)
I like the idea of 'forever flowers'. Must look for a Crown of Thorns.
Can't wait to see 'Blossom Peacock'. What a lovely big bud she has.
Wish I'd managed to snatch up some hyacinth bulbs while they were available, but....I'll just have to enjoy yours.
I do have Snowdums though :)
Thanks for once again hosting all this Bloom Day fun!
Happy Bloom Day from the frozen tundra...well, upstate NY, anyway. We're pretty frozen here too!
Entangled said…
We don't have enough snow to show every place the critters have been, but I found they've been nibbling on crocus shoots. But snow = playful? Snow just doesn't make me feel like going out to play the way it once did. ;-)

Happy Bloom Day! (Mr. Linky seems happy again too.)
Rose said…
LOL, Carol--did you steal my photos?? I have a similar picture of my snow-covered sedum on my last post:) Today I have an amaryllis, too, though mine doesn't have the bud yours does yet--looks like you will have a bloom very soon!

Today required a little ingenuity--my post is up, but I, too, am hoping some gardeners around the world have some REAL blooms to warm up all of us Midwesterners.
susan harris said…
This GBBD has become a monthly communal lovefest over plants for people like us and man, do I need it in January.
Of course I have no blooms, so I wrote on GardenRant about using a bar graph for recording bloom dates.
outofdoors said…
Okay, so California is a little different. But why not have winter, spring, fall, and summer all at the same time?
I have an actual outside bloom on a cold cold cold, did I mention it is cold Bloom Day.
Kim said…
It's time for us Floridians to step up and share all of the great wintertime blooms in our gardens!
Daniel Mount said…
Ooops I forgot to plant an amaryllis this year. I know it's all about the flowers but i love your Snowdums. Here everything is covered with post-flood silt , not attractive in the least.And it gives you no excuse to hunker down with the garden books and drean of May gardens....D.
Anneliese said…
Yes, I do know that it's hard to photograph buds inside -- I attempted to take a picture of an orchid bud, but it just wouldn't happen. I settled for a non-flower.

It's currently -14F, with colder temperatures expected tonight...
Leslie said…
I like thinking about the rabbits enjoying the snow...maybe thinking the garden is theirs right now. I've got my post up with what's blooming...for those who want to do a little winter day California dreaming!
MacGardens said…
I've responded to your great tradition with my first contribution to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day by singling out some of the Orchids in bloom while we wait for the ground to thaw out here in Maryland :)
I see now that I should have entered my name as MacGardens (instead of John Willis) in Mister Linky's form, but I'll know better next month -- jw
Iris said…
Your dramatic amaryllis bud is more exciting than most of my few outdoor blooms--love that green glow. Thanks for hosting! My post is now up.
Jean said…
Oh I do hope you get Mr. Linky to cooperate. It's so easy and such a wonderful service Carol!

I am sorry that so many of you are shivering and have no blooms. I have at least a few, living down south, so check it out. But I must say, I too am cold! It's still below freezing here and lots of wind but thankfully none of that rough snow you are experiencing. Well, at least the rabbits enjoy it. :-)
Darla said…
Yes mam it's cold!! I am in North Florida, with some blooms left outside, we are flirting with the teens for the next couple of nights. I am determined to continue to cover what I can and see if I can save some flowers until spring. I have to get a Crown of Thorns!!
Town Mouse said…
With unusually high temperatures in the low 70s, I wish I could snuggle up and look out on the snow...Instead, I'll be out and about, hand watering all that's drying out. But I did find time for bloom day, such a great thing to focus on what's beautiful and not on the chores. Thanks so much Carol!
Diana said…
Carol - houseplants are great in the winter, aren't they. Love that giant bud on your Amaryllis. I have one that tried to die over the holidays and now seems betterm but no sign of a bud -- I am jealous! Loved the tracks in the snow and the Snowdums. There you are, making lemonade again!
I am so happy you have Bloom Day for us Carol. It will be fun zooming around the world looking at blooms and reading thoughts about blooms to come in the colder places, like here.

Those bunnies will keeping their nests full of other bunnies to keep you occupied this spring.

Happy Day.
JGH said…
Hi Carol - I enjoyed your post, especially the photo of "what is really going on in the garden". Noticed the trackmarks are in the shape of a circle, so I'm picturing some sort of full moon wiccan bunny/chipmunk/squirrel solstice chanting thing.

I attempted a post at
Lorene said…
Hi Carol,
I heard the projected temps for your area are going to be COLD!!! All the more reason to garden virtually in the hearts and posts of the greater blogging community. Damn glad to be able to play!
Kanak Hagjer said…
Hi Carol,
What a delight to be able to see all those blooms from around the world every month! I've just joined but somehow the link isn't working for me. So I've prominently placed the GBBD link on my sidebar. I hope that's ok. For now.

Loved 'snowdums' and the fat bud too! Happy GBBD!
Pat Leuchtman said…
Carol, Once again I have to thank you for inventing Bloom Day. It was really how I discovered the support and pleasure in the blogging community. I don't have much in the way of blooms, but I actually have 2 posts today, one a humorous letter and photo sent by a friend.
Annie in Austin said…
Things are tough when even the inventor of GBBD can't make her plants perform on schedule!

I don't have many flowers, but winter in Central Texas is not winter in the North. Here's my GBBD post.

The tracks in the snow are very cool, revealing secret visitors to your garden. With no snow, what walks around my garden at night must remain a secret!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Whoa - the word verification is spelling out the last name of a girl from my high school. Wonder how she is?
It's all about indoor blooms this time of year isn't it - for us anyway. Though I love your shot of the snowy sedum. I was too wimpy to go out and look for a pic like that myself... Thanks, as always for hosting GBBD!
Cinj said…
It looks almost tropical down there after you take a look at my thermometer. I didn't even dare to step outside today to snap any pictures. The attempts to take pictures of the deer tracks in my yard from the dining room didn't work out very well. I suppose some of that has to do with the broken camera view screen I am still working with.

Not much for blooms around here, but I'm sure glad my plants are tucked under a thick blanket of snow on a day like today!
No snow here - yet. Don't want to jinx things though! My small pond is well frozen over -- poor fishies look trapped. I'm glad to see all the color and blooms in warmer parts of the world.
Kathy said…
Just one lone flower here:
Last January we had a thaw at this time and I saw the tips of snowdrops. It is an entirely different kind of winter this January. No wonder I regret not having more indoor plants.
chuck b. said…
Good morning, world. 56 links already and it's JANUARY.

Happy Bloom Day!

My festivities here.
Steve said…
Hi Carol--The only thing blooming outside are ice crystals. The flowers, what few there may be, are all indoors.
Molly said…
Nothing's blooming on Tiger Mountain but I'm trying to get back in my posting groove, so I didn't let that stop me.
kathy said…
HI Carol, My amaryllis looks just like yours today! Stay warm!
Michelle said…
Carol, Happy GBBD! It almost seems like a holiday. Such fun to see all the different blossoms.
Sue said…
Mr. Linky is working now. Whew! I am #62! I know what I will be doing this evening! I like your forever flower. Nice snow tracks, too. I mentally took some track pics on our shed roof and driveway the other day, but it's too bad they wouldn't export to my computer.

The days are getting longer. Yea!
I've been watching your weather on the news and can't begin to understand how you guys survive up north.

I tried to find as many flowers as I could blooming today at Zanthan Gardens. January is probably our least exciting month as far as flowers go. But at least we don't have snow. Or frozen ground. Or gloom.

Try to stay warm and keep dreaming of May.

Thanks so much for starting this- I think I've figured out how it all works! This is too fun :)

Anonymous said…
living in northern alberta, all I have 'blooming' are snow laden gardens of snow diamonds and a few snow capped seedheads :) Enjoy!
joey said…
Carol ~ Thank you for hosting this cheerful day. These colorful blooms are a welcome feast for many snow-white eyes.
Jean said…
I think my comment didn't show up. I'll not repeat myself. Thank you for hosting this fun event.

J-Dog said…
ohhhhh CRAP! You remind me that I have NO idea where my christmas cactus is.... probably left it in the yard... frozen dead as a door nail
Wow! This has gotten very popular, hasn't it? It has been way too long since I participated.

Your snow looks lovely. We have been very cold here but virtually no precipitation to speak of. If this keeps up, I'll have to water the shrubs on the next warmish day.
Anonymous said…
I only learned about 'Garden Bloggers Blooms day' a few days ago (through a German gardenblog), and decided to participate: Since october 2007 I published a list of the blooming plants in my garden on the first of each month, but I can as well do that on the 15th...
(Garden with lots of native wildflowers in Belgium, blog in Dutch)
Cheryl said…
First, I just wanted to say the amaryllis looks like it's going to be GORGEOUS. Looking forward to seeing it when it opens. I'm trying to grow one for the first time and it only has two floppy leaves on it.

My contribution for Bloom Day is a bloom on a volunteer Bachelor Button that started growing with the lettuce I transplanted from the garden to grow inside. With a -30 wind chill outisde, it was a nice surprise to see this growing.
arythrina said…
It's not a pretty sight outside in Indiana right now? Or maybe it's just because my eyelashes want to freeze shut when I go outside! brr...
MNGarden said…
I would choose to join in GBBD in January on the coldest day of the year, but I have a warm heart. :)
Blooming quince on view at blog -
Lancashire rose said…
If you ever get to the bottom of the list- I don't have a single flower in bloom in the house. I'm missing out. Thanks for posting the bloom day.
Mary Beth said…
I think this is the first time I have ever posted on the 15th! - but when I linked, I made a mistake in my webaddress, thus I am listed two times . . . Sorry, Carol, can you remove the first one? Mary Beth
Layanee said…
Kudos to you Carol...this is a great link and a wonderful way to see blooms! Yay!
shirl said…
Hi there Carol :-)

Yes, the snow does give away any visitors. I never thought of rabbits running around gardens in America pre blogging!

All buds at my end with only a couple of flowers but... I've a couple of videos bursting with blooms for you this month :-D

Mr Linky is a great idea - planning on trying it myself next week. I hope he listens to you ;-)
I think this is such a great idea. I found blooms I didn't know where there.
Hilery said…
I made my first Bloom Day post this month. What a great idea! I love getting to see the blooms all over the place. Definitely a bit different from the Southwest Desert.
Lee17 said…
I like your snowdums! They are very beautiful ;)

And I like Mr. Linky - for no other reason than is is fun to just say Mr. Linky.
Cynthia said…
Hi Carol,

Thanks for always hosting GBBD. I can't believe it, I actually remembered it was today and was able to get my post out! Kind of funny though that I should remember in the dead of winter when the garden is fast asleep! LOL

I just love the pic of the bunny tracks. I can just picture them out there skipping around. I never got around to planting an amaryllis this year as I have done in years past. Look forward to seeing your's in bloom.
kris at t.m. said…
Hi Carol - I'm chiming in from home too (I'm #53 from work...) It's amazing what's willing to bloom indoors this time of year isn't it? Thanks for hosting! Stay warm!
I'm here in the cold deep freeze of Ontario, Canada, but have a lovely scarlet amaryllis in bloom. Just gorgeous on a night that's supposed to get to -20C. And dare I admit that I still have three Christmas poinsettias on the window bench?
Sarah Laurence said…
Carol, for once your garden looks my mine. It's cold in Maine too. I haven't posted for GBBD. These days I'm blogging more about books and snowy woods. It's nice to see the southern and indoor blooms at other blogs on this frigid day.
Darcy said…
Not much in terms of blooms, per se in my Portland garden this month, especially with the recent harsh weather that we've had. But if I take a moment to look I can always find beautiful plants at some stage of life. I appreciate foliage and texture of all sorts and I especially appreciate a plant with a graceful demise such as offered up by the allium and phlomis seed heads.

My Bloom Day post:

Along a similar vein I've posted my first podcast where I interview a local horticulturalist about dealing with the aftermath of recent cold spell. We talk about Phormium in particular:

Happy Bloom Day! Carol,thanks so much for hosting this great tradition.
Darcy said…
Not much in terms of blooms, per se in my Portland garden this month, especially with the recent harsh weather that we've had. But if I take a moment to look I can always find beautiful plants at some stage of life. I appreciate foliage and texture of all sorts and I especially appreciate a plant with a graceful demise such as offered up by the allium and phlomis seed heads.

My Bloom Day post:

Along a similar vein I've posted my first podcast where I interview a local horticulturalist about dealing with the aftermath of recent cold spell. We talk about Phormium in particular:

Happy Bloom Day! Carol, thanks so much for hosting this great tradition.

(sorry for the duplicate comment, goofed on the links my first try)
jodi said…
Sadly, as I have lamented elsewhere, I have no blooms indoors or out. We too are in the deep freeze so I declined to go outside and photograph seedheads covered in snow, though I did admire the 'frost' flowers in the stained glass window...does that count? Didn't think so. :-)
Jan said…
I finally got my GBBD post up. Here in the Gulf South we are lucky to have some blooms to share with those gardeners who have been experiencing such record low temps.

Always Growing
Anonymous said…
This is a fantastic idea. Kudos to you! Love your begonia. (I love all things pink.) Since I'm a newbie I'll post on the 16th this month, if that's okay. Wow. I see my name already. Cool.
Your amaryllis looks much healthier than mine. It stayed in the box too long. Thanks again for hosting GBBD.
Carolyn gail said…
I see you've got a record turn-out for GBBD . That's great. We so appreciate your sponsoring this every month and it seems to make the winter more endurable by seeing what every gardener has in bloom either indoors or out.

I've got my post up.
Kylee said…
Here I am...trailing in at the end, as usual. I forgot about my Crown of Thorns! It's tucked away in a corner of a south window and I totally forgot about that one. I don't have much, but I didn't expect to have even the one fabulous bloom I've got, so I'm grateful!

Yep, I'm commiserating with you on this frigid evening!
beckie said…
Carol, your Crown of Thorns is so pretty-very delicate. Can't wait to see the Amaryllis. 'Peacock' sound so interesting!

I am late but I finally have a bloom day post up. Great turn out for this month!
Chookie said…
Poor Carol! I should have something up for you in a few minutes.
MLight said…
We actually have a few things blooming in NC, though they'll probably be gone after the cold snap.

Thank you!
garden girl said…
Hi Carol, you're a heartier soul than me trekking outdoors to capture those snow-covered seed heads on camera!

Typical for me, I'm a day late with my bloom day post. We actually do have a few things blooming indoors on this frigid January day. Thanks as always for hosting Bloom Day!
Hi Carol, love the animal track photo, especially. One day, I'll remember GBBD in time to actually post about it. February is looking good...
Great post Carol. I love the photos of the snow capped sedum. Sorry I'm a day late with my entry. Better late than never I reckon.
Rosella said…
I just added my little blog entry for Bloomsday, and Mr. Linky seemed to be in a good humour. After I unfroze from being outside looking for flowers, I came in and posted a couple of veryveryvery old pictures from Indonesia, where I had a tropical garden. Unfortunately, they are somewhat dark but just looking at palm trees and rice terraces has made me feel warmer, and confident that spring will come again. Sometime.
Marty Ross said…
Hello Carol: I am a new (slow) blogger and I just posted my latest blog today about flowers on my windowsill in Kansas City on Thursday. I hope to contribute more on Bloom Days in the future. We have Hamamelis mollis blooming in the garden, very reluctantly the past couple of days, but bright yellow all the same. With regards, Marty
Oh - Carol, Mr Linkey is here now, he wasn't when I first left a comment, so I have added my link.
116 bloggers in bloom in January - amazing!
Warm regards
Lydia said…
Greetings from a zone 9b gardener- Southern California. Great idea for Garden Blog Day. Have posted afew of the flowers beginning to bloom. Enjoy!
renee (reneesroots) said…
Carol, I finally posted my bloom day photos late last night. Love your snow covered sedums! Wish I could trade you a few days of sunny warmth for some of that snowy cold.
~Deirdre said…
I have declared my lonely little daffodil to be worthy of a Bloom Day entry! ...even though it was fashionably late.
Mustafa said…
They look so beautiful.. Oh man, I'd love to have my garden.. At least I post articles on flowers. LOL
Beth said…
Carol, I would love to join to Garden Bloggers Bloom day.

I love flowers. Gardening is my hobby.