The Watering Can

I’ve wanted one from the first time I saw one in a catalog. A Haws watering can. Preferably green. Definitely metal. With the brass rose. No cheap plastic knock off’s, please.

This is the ultimate in watering cans.

To the non-gardener, it may not look any different from any other watering can.

But it is different. A gardener can tell that it is special, just like a golfer knows which putter is the top of the line or a fisherman knows about the ultimate in fishing poles.

It’s a design perfected in the late 1800’s, before spigots and hoses, from a time when water had to be carried to the plants. It’s well balanced and not as heavy to carry as one might imagine, even though it holds 2.4 gallons or 9 liters of water.

My family got it for me for my birthday. It was the only gift I suggested, if you call emailing one of them with the exact link to it “a suggestion”. And most of them were there when I opened it, curious about what was so special about this watering can.

There were ooh’s and aah’s as I opened the box and pulled it out.

Yet still they wondered what made it so special.

When I placed the brass rose on the spout, my youngest niece proclaimed I had it on upside down.
No, I explained I had it right. The holes go up so as you pour the water out, it’s like a fountain, and the water comes down like rainfall.

To show them, I took it outside for a test pour, even though it was in the low 20’s. My older sister and younger sister assisted so we could capture the moment forever on video.

Here it is for your enjoyment. I’m the one speaking first, spouting some odd gardening gobble-de-gook. Then my sisters chime in more rationally.

Now do you understand what is special about this watering can?

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Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more. I lucked into a Haws during a closeout sale, and everything else has been retired.
Now...about next Christmas.
They also make a wonderful galvanized flower vase, with sturdy handles, that goes from garden to table, and just looks, well, great.
And don't get me started about trowels...
I want one too! I don't want to wait til I turn 50 to get one, either. Gentle rain...
The creme de la creme of watering cans. You are one lucky garden girl. Can't wait to see it in use next summer.~~Dee
Molly said…
I have a small galvanized Haws, 4 litres, I think, given to me by a friend who was moving into a condo. I'd love the 9-litre one!
Karen said…
Hooray for useful gifts (and good hint-takers)! Hope you enjoy your watering for many a summer.
Kristine said…
totally awesome! I love the internet and all the things i learn every day! thank you
Darla said…
Okay, so what's wrong with me? I have not one watering can to my name. Have been looking at them and have not been impressed as of yet............What you have is impressive!
Layanee said…
You scored! It's a beauty!
I have seen these in magazines and drooled on the pages. This is the first time I have seen one in action. Congratulations on receiving the BEST watering can ever. No wonder you had such a Happy Birthday. See it doesn't hurt to enter your 50s.
I always knew what was special. They are the Mercedes of the gardening world.

Enjoy it, you deserve a good one.

Kathleen said…
Me too! I'm new to your blog and I like you already. I love to make rainbows with a Haws. They are the best!
Kathy said…
Now you need a second one to balance the first when you carry them. You need to have one in each hand, with equal amounts of water in each, so you are balanced. I think I read that in the Lee Valley Garden Journal.
Anonymous said…
Oh, it's lovely indeed, in a way only gardeners can appreciate. I'm shopping for a new watering can myself, but for indoor use. I'm tired of filling my cheap plastic one over and over as I water my home full of plants. I need something bigger, but still attractive, with a small pouring spout suitable for indoor use. It must hold lots of water, but not cost an arm and a leg. And no plastic! I won't be leaving it sitting out, so I'm not quite sure why I don't want a plastic one! I just dont.
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah...!
Annie in Austin said…
Love the video of Aunt Carol's new watering can in action! It looks very classic and the way the rose distributes the water seems so perfect for hanging baskets. Congratulations, Carol!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
As a watering can kind of gal, I congratulate you on this most wonderful gift! It is a real thrill to own one of these. Mine live on the deck all summer and I use them all the time — partly because I love the way they feel. Tell the family to start saving for next year's birthday because nothing beats carrying a matched and balanced pair!
Anonymous said…
Carol, I'm segueing the conversation to your favorite topic - hoes - so that I can pass this site I just found along to you:
Perhaps there is a new addition waiting there for you?
HelenJ said…
This is just wonderful - I want one too!
Cheryl said…
I've got a case of watering can envy :~)
Ohhh I want one! Great post
It's a beauty indeed! Congrats on successfully "persuading" your family that it was the perfect gift for a gardener turning 50! That reminds me, have you gotten your SGAFO membership pin yet? Probably not ... it usually takes a few weeks for their master artisans to handcraft them. It's something for you to look forward to!
Ann D. Travers said…
Wow! What a beauty. You're right. A true gardener can spot the worth of that can a mile away. Lucky, lucky you. That's going on my birthday wish list for sure.
Robin Wedewer said…
Is that you hiding behind the watering can? Wearing green? Again?

You put a smile on my face. What a wonderful and understanding family you're in!

" gentle rain." Ah. The stuff of dreams.
Oh, I've been wanting a Haws forever! You lucky, lucky gardener, you! b-day is coming :)
And they even have a baby pink one!!!
Gail said…
I have wanted on since I first heard about them..I love the brass rose. gail
It was a privilege to witness the unveiling of the "surprise" gift! I'm so glad it meets all of your watering needs and desires!

Happy Birthday,

The Youngest Sister
jodi said…
SOoooo glad you got one, Carol! They're fabulous, aren't they? but my favourite watering can is a hammered copper one that just makes me so happy to look at it. Please don't tell my Hawes cans that. They don't like their feelings being hurt.
Cabs said…
What a great "suggestion!" Good to get back to the blog world a little lately. Thx for sharing.
Carol in Massachusetts
Lancashire rose said…
What a great gift. I have a traditional Hawes can which I have had for years. I have always wanted that rose as i know they do a gentler watering job.
Frances said…
Oh, I have always wanted one of those too, but wondered if the greatness of it justified the cost. Now I know, yes, it does. Do I have to wait until I turn 60? I do need to send some emails out. Thanks for the terrific video, it was spellbinging!
Anonymous said…
Carol just have to say I love Haws watering cans too. I thought I better come over here and post that you are not the source of my recent theft of info. I didn't even know you posted about a watering can. It is a very special watering can indeed.

This probably makes no sense at all to you. But it might to others and I don't want them thinking that about any of you guys.
Jane said…
At Cottage Garden Companion, a Haws is named! Mine is named "Ne Plus Ultra." hugs, Jane
I had a Haws watering can and I made a fatal error. I left it outside during the winter where it could collect water and then it froze and the water burst the seams. I decided that I did not deserve to have anything so wonderful if I couldn't take care of it and did not replace it.

It was a fabulous watering can, though. Until I ruined it.
vertie said…
It's beautiful! I want one too. Maybe I'll make a gentle suggestion in several years. Sounds like you had a great birthday!
EAL said…
It's beautiful. I don't use watering cans that much any more, but that would tempt me.
There really could not be a more perfect gift. Congrats! It is lovely!