May All Your Comments Multiply As Blooms In Your Garden

Two days after bloom day, and I have new blooms to share that were only hinted at when I posted what was blooming in my garden on the 15th for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

The first is a newly opened bloom on the Star Magnolia, Magnolia stellata.

This magnolia bloomed magnificently last year, but really didn’t start blooming until early April, and peaked on April 9th. So far only two blooms opened today, but many more are threatening to open. This could be one of those years when the Magnolia blooms get zapped by a frost or freeze. I hope not, but it is a definite possibility this early in the year.

The second bloom is the first daffodil. This is a happy bloom to see, and there will be many more in the days ahead. And even if we get some frost or snow or sleet, these daffodils will make it through in pretty good shape. This particular daffodil has no name that I know of, so I'm calling it 'Sunny Side Up' because it looks like a fried egg, sunny side up.

And finally there is Chionodoxia, Glory of the Snow, that is suddenly just there.
I hope these blooms don’t take their name literally. After the nice days we’ve had so far this week, nothing would be glorious about more snow. Nothing.

What is glorious is the overwhelming and growing response to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

I’d like to thank everyone who joined in for bloom day this month. Wow, almost 150 bloggers left a link on Mr. Linky! Wow. In the past, I tried to visit each blog and leave a comment, but with that many, well, that’s a lot to visit.

But I hate to see a bloom day post without a comment, so can everyone help out? If you posted for bloom day, will you be so kind as to go back to the Mr. Linky widget and find the two blogs listed before you and the two blogs listed after you, and go visit them and check out their blooms, then leave a comment to let them know you were there. If you are one of the first on the list or last on the list, just pick a couple of blogs you don’t recognize and go for a visit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this and for making Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day such a success and a lot of fun, too.

“May all your comments multiply as blooms in your garden.” (A sentiment only a garden blogger would understand.)


I'd be happy to do that, Carol! What a great way for us to find new blogs to visit...I hope you plan to incorporate this every month. After all, soon you will want to spend lots of time in the garden and you shouldn't be expected to spend days reading over 150 fun as that would be!
You started something wonderful with GBBD Carol. It takes me about a month to get through all the blogs. I go at it by reading my regulars, then when I have time I read a couple new ones and I finally get through them all about the time to post again. Ha...

Love seeing your newest blooms. I planted some Chionoxia (sp) last fall but it hasn't popped up yet. I hope I didn't plant them too late or something. Our magnolia had a couple of bloooms on it today too. Yipeee...
That's a good idea, Carol. I'll do that, too, because I realized I wasn't going to be able to make it to all of them, either. I found some more crocus blooming today, and lots more perennials greening up the last couple of days, here in my 5b Nebraska yard.
Gorgeous Stellata!! Nice idea on the commmenting. How wonderful that there were so many link- ers. Thanks for doing this.
That is a great idea. I got discouraged knowing I couldn't visit each link, but visiting other blogs is the whole point.
What a lovely day we had today in Indiana! I now have blooms!I have daffodils, irises and crocus blooming today.
I didn't see an email address for you, but am letting you know here, that #29 is a website that goes into detail how some group views things of Christianity. There is nothing about gardening on it. #32 was a blog with the latest post being from 2003, and it was not about gardening. I hope not too many were like that. The others I looked at were great, and they had from 8 to 30 comments.

Sue, from A Corner Garden
Carol Michel said…
Thanks, all, I'm happy to hear you like the idea... Sue, thanks for catching those. One was just mis-typed, so I'll re-add it at the end. The other was an old blog.

Mr. Linky allows me to delete entries, but not edit them. If anyone else finds a link that isn't quite right, let me know. You can email me at Indygardener at gmail dot com

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Rose said…
Carol, What a success story! I'll be sure to visit the blogs before and after me as you suggest; 150 must be a new record!

I'm amazed your magnolia tree is beginning to bloom already. We had one at our previous home, and it usually didn't bloom till late April. Even then, it seemed every other year it would get hit by frost. I hope yours is able to reach full bloom and that you can enjoy it for awhile.
Anonymous said…
Since the list of participants is becoming too long for us to visit every site, maybe it would help encourage more commenting if the list could be subdivided into groups that interest us? For example, if you just asked everyone to include their state or country or climate zone in their link, it might help us find the blogs that interest us most, so we would have time to comment at least on those.
Anonymous said…
I've already visited and commented on many of the blogs and loved doing it, but will be happy to do a few more. On my first GBBD, I had a few comments and that made me want to try a second GBBD and now I'm hooked. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.
Anonymous said…
That is a great suggestion, Carol. In the beginning, I could visit all the bloom day posts and leave a comment on each. Now I cannot do it, sadly, for I want to see them all. This is a welcome way for everyone to have visitors. Thanks for the idea.
Daphne Gould said…
Wow 150 that is amazing. Last month I visited everyone that had posted by the evening, but this month didn't have time. Spring is such a busy time. Especially since we have been having such nice weather in the garden. But a couple before and after I can do.
Unknown said…
Congrats on the 150 people and on the great blooms you have now. Going to visit the four right now!!
Gail said…
Hey there! Fantastic idea! 150 Carol that is amazingly wonderful! ...and thank you for hosting Bloom Day! gail
Your magnolia is very pretty. I had visited quite a few of the blogs listed but had missed a couple near mine. Great suggestion to go back and see some more blooms!
JGH said…
Wonderful suggestion! It's terrific to have such great participation but 150 visits is pretty near impossible! Having us visit our Mr. Linky "neighbors" pretty much guarantees that we'll discover someone new, too. Thanks for all you do, Carol.
Shey said…
Nice blog. I love gardens and flowers. Beautiful photos too.
Scooby said…
I know this is off topic, but I wondered if anyone could help me. I, too, live in Indiana (zone 5), however I think maybe Carol's zone 5 is a bit kinder than mine, as I'm waaaay north, right by the southeastern edge of Lake Michigan. Over the last few days of nice weather I was doing recon in the garden (so MUCH to do this spring!!) and found some strawberry plants up. They were covered by leaves from the fall (admittedly, that wasn't intentional, I just got lazy), and I wondered if, since they're up on their own, should I uncover them by cleaning up around them or leave them covered until we're safer, weather-wise? I would appreciate any help!!
Carol — what a great response to a great idea! And how thoughtful of you to figure out a way to spread the comments around. I hit some regulars, plus each month I try to visit some new folks and GBBD is a perfect introduction.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for setting up that little schedule as I always start at the top of the list and then peter out as time constraints rear their ugly heads.
VP said…
Carol - already done and dusted before you asked! :)
VP said…
Carol - I've just been looking through your comments and saw what you said about Mr Linky. I've used it a couple of times and found that I can edit what people have entered - it's especially useful where people have linked to their overall bog URL instead of the particular entry or if people get in a bit of a kerfuffle with their and want e.g their name changed.

If you login to Mr Linky and take the widgets option, you should be presented with a list of Mr Linky posts you've set up. Select the relevant post and you should then see a list of everyone who's left a post. There's an edit option next to each post.

Hope that helps!
Anonymous said…
I went and visited several. I always look forward to bloom day. May all your blooms get through spring without snow upon them.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
Ah, your spring blooms are bodacious and delicious, Carol! Just the thing to send winter packing.
Kerri said…
150 is an amazing number of participants, Carol, and that's a great idea. I can certainly manage 4 visits, and hopefully several more.
Lucky you to have magnolia blooms and the other 2 lovelies to perk up your 'almost spring' garden!
Jean Campbell said…
There is a problem on some blogs with commenting where the comments are embedded rather than appearing in a pop-up window as yours does.

I just changed mine back to the pop-up. I made vain attempts on several Blogspot sites and could never get the comment window to work. Then I realized mine didn't work, either, if you're a Blogger user.

Reading on Blogger, it seems this has been a problem for months. The current 'fix' is to use the pop-up window rather than embedding.
garden girl said…
What a wonderful idea Carol. I'll be happy to visit a few more Bloom Day posts!

Your newest blooms are beautiful - hope those magnolia buds and bloomed don't get nipped.