Around My Garden This Week

Around my garden, the blood root, Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex', finally bloomed its best earlier this week.Already these blooms are gone. I did some reading on them and found out that the seeds of the blood root are spread around by ants, a process called myrmecochory.

If you can figure out how to pronounce myrmecochory, you can make it your new word for the day and impress all your friends. An example sentence might be "I'm as busy as an ant performing myrmechochry". Context would be if you were moving a lot of stuff around. Or something like that.

The crabapple, Malus 'Guinevere' has dark pink buds that open to white flowers.
'Guinevere' never shows signs of disease, keeps her foliage a beautiful dark green all summer, and rarely produces any actual crabapples. I can and do recommend this variety to others.

Now, this is a tulip!I don't know the name of this double-flowering tulip, but it reminds me of peonies in bloom. It's planted near a Korean Spice Viburnum, V. carlesii, which I declare to be one of the most fragrant flowers of spring, other than lilacs of course. Remind me to plant many, many more double-flowering tulips this fall. In fact, I think I might actually order some now, and then forget about them until they show up on my doorstop this fall.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing once again the blooms of the silverbell, Halesia carolina 'Arnold's Pink'. This morning, I'm going to stop by the Starbucks near where I work, the one that is going to close its doors for good today, and pick up a load of coffee grounds for my little silverbell to help acidify the soil around it. It likes acidic soil and the soil around here is not naturally acidic.

Then I plan to weed, mulch, finish the last of the garden clean up and begin planning for my Gardening Vacation, which starts in two weeks.

That's a little bit of what's going on around my garden this week and my plan for the weekend. What's yours?


I never fail to learn something new when I pop onto your blog! That is some beautiful tulip
I was just thinking that that tulip looked like a peony. Beautiful. I am going plant shopping with my Sister today. I am going to an auction of a nursery going out of business tomorrow with a friend. Busy busy watching the flowers grow.
Unknown said…
Beautiful blooms. I sprinkle my coffee grounds and tea grounds around my gardens too!
Nicole said…
Well Carol, you are certianly as busy as an ant performing myrmechochry! I also adore that beautiful and delicate tulip.
acorn said…
I think your beautiful tulip is 'Angelique'. She is an oldie but a goodie and has survived for years in my garden - something few tulips can do!
I love the double tulips. Why don't I have any? Hmmm...need to start a list for next year.
Today I plan on getting into the garden, do some more weeding, maybe pot up some tubers.
Kathy said…
Myrmechochry doesn't happen with the double flowering bloodroot, because it is infertile and produces no seed. However, it is the same method by which colchicum seeds are dispersed, and I believe trillium as well.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Funny I should read this today, having found a band of carpenter ants roaming my kitchen counter. A loose outlet cover was allowing them to venture into the house. I did not see them performing amazing acts of myrmechochry, however.
Sandra said…
I've never had much luck with tulips but yours is gorgeous. I saw a bed of those 'peony' tulips at a botanical garden once and fell in love with them. Your double bloodroot is wonderful too. I'm used to only seeing to woodland single variety.
Small plants with massive flowers!!... justice and fairness provided by nature.. cheers. ~ bangchik
Catherine said…
Yes, I agree with Acorn - I think that's definitely Angelique - one of my all time favourites.
My Sanguinaria 'Multiplex' bloomed too! And it has a second bud. The bad news is that only 1 of the 5 or so plants will bloom this year. I help the ants by cutting off the seedpods just as they open and shaking them around where I'd like to have plants.
danger garden said…
A Gardening Vacation? I must have one of those...sounds like a fabulous idea!
Layanee said…
Love that new word! I will look forward to seeing that sweet pink of your Halesia. Mine is a few weeks off from blooming.
MA said…
My first thought is the tulip is Angelique. Buy more. Lots more.
Kateri said…
Wow, I love that double blood root. I didn't know that there is such a thing.
Annie in Austin said…
Love your new word, Carol!

Andy in Ontario tells us how to say it:

"Trout Lily has a fascinating seed dispersal mechanism - its seeds are dispersed by ants through a process called myrmecochory (pronounced "mirme ko ko re")."

'Guenevere' has completely won my heart.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
donna said…
Loved learning about myrmecochory and like the idea of those little industrious ants contributing to the beauty of blood root. Saw some BR about to bloom while walking in the park a few days ago. Thanks for the new word.
Unknown said…
Beautiful pictures! I wish our crabapple had bloomed like that. Maybe next year. Those tulips look great!
EAL said…
The double white (with green highlights) tulip is also great. It might be called mount tacoma. These are generally fragrant too.