Garden Fairies Guest Post: New Camera!

Welcome to May Dreams Gardens, where the Gardener, Carol, bought a new camera. We garden fairies decided to share some of the images because normally Carol doesn't include a lot of pictures in her posts.

Fairy posts are kind of complicated to put together, by the way, which is why we don't post very often. Some of us are typing, some are dictating, others are on the look out for Carol. But we managed to put together a decent post while she was sleeping off a long day in the garden.

Here goes...

Some of the common lilacs are starting to bloom.

We like to have parties around the lilacs in the spring, just because they smell so good.

Another fun place is under the flowering crabapple.When all the petals fall, we gather them up to make fancy party skirts. A garden fairy can never have too many party clothes.

This is Bleeding Heart.When a boy garden fairy wishes to propose to a girl garden fairy, he presents her with a bleeding heart bloom. Last year this didn't bloom very well, so it is good to see more blooms on it this year.

We are really watching the buds on this Carolina Silverbell.When these bloom, we like to steal a few for party hats. Did we mention how often we garden fairies like to party?

Be careful around the Vinca.After a long night of partying, you might find a garden fairy or two snuggled down under this ground cover, "sleeping it off", so to speak.

The star flowers are another fairy favorite.Come to think of it, all flowers are fairy favorites!

We really like these parrot-type tulipes.This is another good place to hide during the day.

Carol took a lot of other pictures, but some of them are of compost and boring stuff like that. We'll let her write those posts!

Oh, by the way, Carol's new camera is a Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS "point and shoot", and it's green.

Posted by the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. So nice. Judging from the flowers, your zone 5 is about 2 weeks ahead of my zone 5b/zone 6a. Forsythia blossoms have been straggling into bloom this year - not busting out. Lilac buds are still plumping up.

    The crabapple blossoms are gorgeous. Do you make jelly from the fruits?

  2. Dear Fairies. It is delightful that you took the chance to post while Carol is sleeping it off, I mean trying to recoop from all her garden activities. It looks like this new camera is going to be a hit. I would love to see all your party outfits. You will have to do a fashion show some time. Happy spring to all of you.

  3. Good morning, garden fairies. You did a wonderful job capturing all these images and putting them together here. I bet Carol will be surprised but also pleased with your work. She's going to have fun with her new camera, and I can't wait to see more pictures of her garden. By the way, if any of your relatives need a place to stay, I have several nice party sites in my garden, too. And could you possibly be the ones who moved some of my crocus bulbs??

  4. very beautiful. I love the crab apple blooms. They have always been a favorite of mine.

  5. Looks like the new camera is a good one. I like how the Bleeding Heart flowers are in focus, while the foliage is not. The fallen Crabapple petals can be nearly as pretty as the blooms on the tree. I'm not surprised the fairies enjoy them.

  6. A green camera- perfect! Tell Carol to get plenty of rest, now that spring is here and she has a new camera, there will be plenty of work for her to do! Make sure you help her as much as you can...and when your done, could you come by for a visit?

  7. Ahh, Lilacs, what a lovely fragrance they have. Love the parrot tulips. The new camera is working beautifully.

  8. I'm glad Carol didn't catch you or else I wouldn't know to be careful around the vinca minor. All the flowers look beautiful, no wonder you live in her garden!

  9. I know Carol must be in heaven with the lilacs blooming and with a new camera to take photos of the beautiful garden this spring...Just imagine the tomato photos she will show us! gail

  10. Fairies .. tell Carol I just bought a new camera myself today in fact ! .. so this is a funny post .. Mine is an Olympus 590 26x optical zoom .. so I hope to be zooming all over the place : )
    I can't imagine smelling lilacs yet .. we are very far behind but rain is helping .. and once we catch up .. look out !! LOL

  11. Hi to Carol's fairies, you guys did a great job and that new camera is tops. We love our Canon point and shoot too. All the photos are sharp and the colors rich. Sounds like Carol needed a rest if she didn't hear you clattering and clicking around the computer. I hear you about the love of parties and hope to see you again in Tennessee around the middle of summer?

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments... Interestingly enough,that crabapple doesn't produce much fruit, so I don't try to make jelly.

    And some of you seem to be trying to lure my garden fairies away! I'm sure there are plenty in your gardens, leave mine alone.

    Otherwise, who will post for me on my blog when I'm tired?

    Thanks for having fun with me and the garden fairies,

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  13. OMG!! So beautiful flowers pictures you have taken... I too love to capture spring flowers picture with my digital camera which got from CompUSA... I have good colelction of them!!

  14. Congratulations on the new camera. My lilacs are just beginning to bloom!


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