Hoped For Visit From The Easter Bunny

This weekend, we begin the Easter season with a much anticipated visit to our gardens by none other than the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny’s visit is pivotal in the yearly cycle of the garden.

The stage was set back in December, at Christmas time, when the Christmas Cottontail visited gardens on Christmas Eve and hopefully scattered seeds and planted bulbs to bloom at Easter time.

Until the light and warmth of spring coaxes a few plants to bloom, we gardeners really never know for sure if the Christmas Cottontail decided to honor our gardens in those dark winter days, or if we got skipped for being bad.

Whew, it is good to see those blooms this spring! I have tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, bleeding heart, violets, vinca, and dandelions blooming now, so I think I might have ended up on the “good list”. The Christmas Cottontail, who is known for a great sense of humor, always sows seeds for a few of dandelions just to remind us that as good as we think we are, we could be better.

Now that I see flowers in bloom in my garden, I feel confident that the Easter Bunny, who we know brings the best candy to gardens with flowers, will visit early Sunday morning.

Later in the afternoon on Easter, I’ll be hosting a big egg hunt in my backyard with all my nieces and nephews participating, so I hope that the Easter Bunny plans to hide a lot of plastic eggs full of candy and money here at May Dreams Gardens. We need enough for everyone to find a basketful, yet still leave a few eggs full of candy hidden in the garden to be found later by the Halloween Hare.

This leftover candy is important because we all know that when the Halloween Hare visits our gardens in late fall, he can wreak havoc and cause all kinds of mischief if he doesn’t find candy left over from Easter! He also likes to see a few late blooming flowers, and not just mums. The good news is that ol’ Hare isn’t that smart and will take Halloween candy if there is no Easter candy left. So I’m not too worried about all the eggs being found because I can always scatter around a few pieces of Halloween candy when the time comes.

These three bunnies, the Christmas Cottontail, the Easter Bunny, and the Halloween Hare, teach us that there is cause and effect, that we should take care of our gardens, and be as good as we can be. They show us that there is a cycle to life and joy to be found in all seasons, especially Spring time and Easter time.

And with Spring’s arrival, we can put last year’s garden behind us and begin again with a new season.

I hope all are visited by a very generous Easter Bunny this weekend, and have a glorious Easter Sunday and season!


  1. Oh dear. Welcoming bunnies into the garden. You know what happens when you do that. Forks and spoons start to grow in the garden. I hope your egg hunt goes well.

  2. I hope so too. It looks like you'll be visited for sure. I don't have a lot of flowers right now, but I do have plants. Lots of beautiful, green plants, and some with burned foliage too. Hope they don't scare the Easter Bunny away.~~Dee

  3. Good news about the blooming flowers...GBBD is going to be fantastic this month! Three revered bunnies!...The rest are cute if seen in a neighbor's lawn and reviled if found in mine! Happiest of Easter celebrations!

  4. Happy Easter, Carol! I'm not suprised you have so many flowers in bloom - everyone knows you are a good gardener. While the Easter Bunny is welcome around here, the rest of its relatives are less than welcome. My garden is bursting into bloom just in time for Easter.

  5. I wish when I was a little girl I had had an aunt like you, setting up a fantastic Easter egg hunt for me, my siblings and cousins. I only had one aunt and even I think my 5 cousins were a handful, so I don't hold it against her.

  6. Happy Hunting tomorrow! Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you another bag of Rolos!

  7. I have flowers too! Crocus and snowdrops, Hamamelis and....HELLEBORES! Yup, Ivory Prince survived again. NO wascaly wabbits anywhere to be seen. But I'm glad everybunny is welcome at your place, Carol, and wish you a happy Easter!

  8. Carol,your garden is further along than mine-violets?? Maybe in a week or so here. Hope you get a great visit from The Easter Bunny and that you have a wonderful time with your egg hunt.

  9. Happy Easter Carol. I hope your Easter party is a lot of fun. We had to do ours yesterday, in dallas, because of the promise of inclement weather today--and they were right.

  10. Happy Easter Carol! Sounds like a fun time at your house today.

  11. Happy Easter Carol. I am glad the Easter Bunny is generous with its eggs in your garden. We want the Halloween hare to have plenty of seed eggs to find.

  12. Lovin' your three bunnies, especially the Halloween Hare as that's my favorite holiday. Glad you've been "good" this year!


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